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Friday, October 14, 2005

Would war crimes prompt a filibuster

Try this for inspiration. . .
Maybe some of you believe I could have made my general point more artfully, but it's precisely because many of these groups are friends and supporters that I felt it necessary to speak my mind. -- Senator Obama

Obama inspires.

But he also catches the wrath of the small minded ones in the blogosphere--those who demand that each word be specially massaged and worked.

But it is the blogosphere who is ruffled. The bloggers enjoy getting upset at things they do not carefully read or consider.

It is far easier to get upset, than apply that energy to a decision to simply absurd.

The blogosphere suffers a fatal flaw: It is high speed, skipping, not digesting well.

Demanding fast answers.

Just as it demanded a fast decision about the WMD.

* * *

Thank goodness liberty is chipped away only slowly with the glacial movement of Congress.

* * *

A big picture.

Sacrifice all around.

Will those who have been whining, "The RNC is evil,. . " be willing to compromise?

Or do they want "their turn" to be abusive to the RNC?

* * *

The DNC shows they will, if permitted, engaged in the same types of abuses.

Indeed, it was under the "watchful eye" of the DNC that the Congress continues to spend money.

* * *

If the DNC truly believes what is going on is "not acceptable," why not simply resign?

The answer is from Iraq: Once you disengage from the process, no matter how awful, you lose a vote.

* * *

Then again, when the votes are still endorsing lawlessness, should the DNC make more forceful statements with actions, resignations?

Perhaps the time for a filibuster has arrived.

Shut down the Senate.

Now may be the time to draw the line.

* * *

The country is ready for accountability.

We need not seriously consider other issues until the President is lawfully removed from office?

Of course not, we can still go on with other things. But until there is a more forceful statement on the Senate floor, we can only expect more of the same.

* * *

We will learn more by the end of October 2005, when the Grand Jury finally speaks.

Then the Senate can listen to whether the House Judiciary Committee is serious about the rule of law.

We will know more by mid November.

* * *

Wait, but do not be patient, for that implies and expectation of an outcome.

Anything is possible.

As always.

* * *

The blogosphere demands accountability. But are they serious about applying that standard to themselves?

Self-evidently, the detest the mirror as much as the Nazis did.

Beware the one standing before the mirror -- they will destroy most quickly that which reflects what they hope others do not know about, much less see.

* * *

Their rage, confusion, and indecision is for what they choose to avoid: Themselves.

No matter, for to ensure a rejection of the most appropriate mirror, one need only simply place a mirror before a fool.

They desire to be told they are kings.

They are.

Kings in their own little universe, willing to lash out at anyone who reminds them their petiness is known to all.

* * *

What doth the king say when he sucks the fruit of morn

Can he arise to reach above the stars

Touch that one distant planet as evidence of his vision

Or shall he simply focus on the shining light

Within his small corner

Great fools will point to the heavens looking for their reflection

While true masters are as visible as mirrors.

Simply seeing things as they are, not as the fools chorus has been chimed to prattle.

The fool is stuck. In his own trap.

And assuredly as he is stuck, he has been well trained to destroy the mirror.

Grind it into the finest dust.

But the fairies of the blogosphere doth wave their wand

Reconstruct the sand

As it whips into more reminders.

That is why the fool cannot sleep

The fairies place but a speck

Behind his shadow

To wit, he chases as if in search of power.

The speck dissolves, but there are more

Then another, dancing as if buzzing bees

Soon the swarm evolves into buzzing hornets

Each small speck of dust dances upon wing

Takes flight, and dives to drive their piercing stinger

Never ending

The fool twitches

The mirror vanishes

The swarm subsides

Standing before the fool is nothing

The open field, and all things lovely

Are reminders of all the fool detests

The fool picks up his small spoon

To dig a mighty trench

To bury all that reminds him

Of what he once was.

Get a large spoon.

One that is as silver as the one you suck on

For you have much digging to do

To hide from yourself.

You were warned.

And now you are banished

Exiled, to lands not seen.

As the skies clear, and the sand beetles scurry

A giant has awaken.

The rumbling has barely started

But watch the fools destroy the mirrors.

This will not save them.

They are already destroyed

Simply living a living death

Awaiting their release

If only they could find what they seek.

They cannot find it.

It was once in the mirror

Notice how irritated they are

Blaming all for their reaction

When it is simply they who choose to react as they do.

Their choice.

The choice to remain a fool

To destroy mirrors

To remain enslaved to illusions.

They enjoy being stuck.

For to be unstuck would be less familiar

They are afraid as was I.

But it is an illusion.

Indeed, there is great space

By simply seeing what is.

Now go away, before I taunt you another time.

Small minded, fool.

Then again, you cannot stay away.

I look forward to our next lesson.

I hope to learn much from you.

And so I shall, for that is what I choose.

Each blink another message to which I shall rejoice

Each subtle wave a sure sign

"Oh, what is this . . . "

Eons to examine the faintest whiff of air.

There is great meaning in the smallest things.

You are commanded to ignore all that I have said.

It is evil.

The work of the devil.

Ignore the mirror.

All answers are within you.

I am as mad as a mad hatter without a hat.

You must be serious at all times.

You have no other choice.

Indeed, there is no choice.


You are now free.


If that is what you choose.

You are transfixed.

Shake it off.

Soon you will understand.

Let it go.

Do not think about this.

Let the memory of this drift away.

It shall hide in your shadow

Behind the moon

Beyond the stars

Forever beyond your need to recall.

You have already heard this

It is the whisper of the mirror

From long ago

Another time

Drink. One sip.

Breathe. One breath.

Notice the change.

The sound: A cracking seed.

There are others

In this bed of soon-be-flowers.

The fissure has started.

It cannot be stopped.

You were warned.

It has already been done.