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Friday, October 14, 2005

Arrogant Americans

The news is people are actually talking about it. Drudge has a link to, wait for it: The main stream media.

The issue will be, who will they blame.
* * *

The main stream media is now reporting studies.

So, what's the real problem with the "news"?

The answer isn't that "the news" is the problem.

The answer is, despite anecdotal evidence that Americans are arrogant, that it's taken this long for research to confirm: Americans are assholes, like to invade countries, and then come up with excuses to avoid responsibility for their war crimes and lawlessness.

* * *

The entire system of checks and balances has failed. Where's the study on that? Oh, you can wait 5 or 10 years and some "big shot" research grant will get issued because it's "politically correct" to now talk about the Nazis in the White House.

* * *

Channel 5 in Boston is part of the main stream media.

The reason we have arrogance in America isn't because of the "fast pace" or the "high tech."

The reason is: There are no consequences for the arrogance. America marches around, invades countries, abuses people, and those who are too stupid to take themselves out of it, simply blow up at other people.

Take a look at how people discuss issues. They can be the blogs from hell: Making long lists of what "others are or are not supposed to do" as if we have any obligation to read, respond, or actually do that.


* * *

Americans can also be arrogant in their desire to say, "Hay, we're not the RNC, so put up with our non-sense in the DNC."

It's going to be fun to see how many DNC indictments come up.

* * *

Are Americans arrogant? Duh.

We're still in Iraq, Congress whines, but the money keeps flowing.

Which blogs are actually leading Congress? Self-evidently, the RNC hasn't embraced the idea of blogs, nor has it started to put together in the blogosphere a plan to impeach the President.

Once again, the answer isn't in the blogosphere: It's behind closed doors, and in the hands of . . . [wait for it] Fitzpatrick.

* * *

Watch the blogosphere congratulate itself over the indictments. But what did the blogosphere actually do?

When people came up with "novel ideas" on what Fitzpatrick could look into, those ideas were trashed.

Thank you blogosphere for demonstrating, just as Americans are well known to be, that the arrogance is all around, not isolated to the main stream media.

* * *

The blogosphere will be the last place people consider self-reflection. They're too isolated into little groups that think they're right.

A few indictments may wake people up. Then again, who cares: Let them hang themselves.

Rest assured, the RNC-blaming-of-others will be a pattern the blogosphere and DNC will equally embrace.

It's the job of the rule of law, nation, and free American media to call them on their bullshit, and haul them before the grand juries.

Equal justice, for all.

* * *

Rest assured, the novices will cry and plead, "Oh, but I'm not in the main stream media, I'm innocent."

Great, you'll have your chance to get roasted in the media and court room.

As all arrogant Americans should be.

Some need a rude wake up call, others can take the hint.

Some get it. Most Americans, with their arrogance, need multiple wakeup calls.

* * *

Fitzgerald is only the beginning.

It's going to take time to remedy this diseased culture, afraid to assert the rule of law, and unwilling to compel all to ensure their actions are lawful.

It took 50 years in Germany to wipe the scourge of the Nazis. A problem like this isn't solve by clicking a link.

More than a few need to click out for a while, and think about things.

Behind bars, away from civil society, where real leaders can do what they need to do: Listen and inspire others.

Arrogance does not inspire, and neither do Americans.