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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bush as Wizard of Oz

It's more than news that this is happening; it's news that people find this surprising.

The Downing Street Memo was a script for the war in Iraq.

* * *

Another though occurred to me, which is related.

One thing I've been hearing over and over again in the blogosphere of "ignore the mainstream media" [MSM]"

Curiously, the ones calling for that sometimes are ones who then use the MSM as a guide to "what to comment on."

* * *

Let me give you an example. A few months back I was talking about the the Downing Street Memo, and my views on how an impeachment would fit in with things.

Then, out of the blue, some started saying, "Oh, that is old news" or "There's nothing here" or "there's no evidence" or "you haven't proven anything new."

OK. All I did was take the pieces I had, and put them together. Then, I blog.


* * *

Fast forward to present time. Now all of a sudden, people are talking about things I was talking about.


Look at that! The main stream media is now talking about it.

* * *

Isn't that interesting. One one hand we've got a chorus of people telling bloggers "not to pay attention" to the MSM; but whose right there, relying on the MSM, as a barometer for "when it is time to comment on it".

* * *

Here's my view: If you want to blame the main stream media, don't ever use it.

But if you're going to "blame the main stream media," you lose credibility when you subsequently rely on the MSM to talk about things that have, months before, already been raised, ignored, or dismissed.

* * *

You can't have it both ways. I appreciate the fact that some have a hard time clicking a link; I understand that some when they read my content have a very hard time with it.

That's something that I'm working on.

But I really find it amusing, when months after I've raised an issue, we hear a chorus of people getting excited about things I've already talked about.

* * *

To be clear, this "massive destruction of the RNC" isn't news. IT was foreseeable. I already talked about it.

This "big review" of Cheney was something that I was already talking about months ago.

The issue isn't one of, "I told you so."

The issue is: Don't lecture me about "how awful the MSM is," when it is the MSM you use as the catalyst for you to suddenly talk about something that, in my view, is old news.

* * *

Great! You've got RSS. You've got a news aggregator. You can get news feeds.

But don't pretend that you're some "big hot shot" blogger, when all you do is simply wait for the MSM to spew out on the newsfeeds similar topics, and then you post the links.

That's blogging, and if that's what you want to do, fine.

But you're no different than the MSM. Rather, you're just as bad: You're still waiting for the MSM to spew out their news feeds, but not taking the time to really think for yourself.

* * *

If you and your friends want to pat yourself on the back about the books you're reading, and the "great crusades" you're leading to save American, great. Enjoy yourself.

But you don't have credibility in my book when, after you've publicly berated a conclusion, you then turn around and, when the MSM prints it, you start asserting the "big conclusions and insights" that you have warrant special consideration.

Sure, you're doing a really good job a fooling people. But you better know, people like me know what you're doing.

* * *

If you want credibility, the time to speak out is when you realize things, not waiting for the MSM or other bloggers to give you a link to a news item.

The news is all over the place. All you have to do is use your mind, notice what is going on, and read between the lines.

But don't stop there. Your job is to use what you know.

How you do that, is up to you.

* * *

Blogging is what you want. If you want to blog and post links, great.

If you want to ignore independent thinking, fine.

But I'm glad that you've developed the habit of ignoring information because "you're so tired of that. . . "

Excellent. You have been trained well: To ignore foreknowledge, other views, and things that may not be consistent with your current thinking.

* * *

For people to berate the MSM, you need to really ask yourself: Why are you afraid of it?

If it was "that bad" why do you rely on the MSM for you to then say, "It's OK to talk about that."

* * *

I'm not going to give you specifics. You can go through this blog and find them yourself.

It's been up here for months.

Today, you suddenly want to celebrate, "Wow, look at what is going on."

No, actually you're celebrating because "now, it is safe to talk about what we've long ignored, but have known, but didn't know how to express."

* * *

I am here to present my views on what I see happening.

I appreciate the fact that others "don't want to hear it."

That is good feedback for me: It means that I'm doing something novel. And the worse it gets, the more it is going to hurt: I was right, I saw it, and many people didn't bother listening.

* * *

The issue going forward is: Will we listen next time, or do we need the MSM to give us permission to link to that subject?

* * *

If you're going to rely on the MSM to be your barometer of "what to talk about," then you don't have much credibility when you berate it, or other bloggers when they happen to talk about things before you do.

The next question is going to be: If you knew this all along, where were you with the solutions, and why isn't there a plan in place now that the world has finally awoken to reality.

Looks like you'll have to read my blog.

Here's a hint: It's there. Go find it.

The smart ones have been reading it.

* * *

Here's a special message for my fellow Republicans: Where the hell have you been all these years?

Free people, simply used their minds, spoke out, and you dared trash those who wanted to exercise their rights.

How dare you call yourselves the "big defenders of democracy."

You're toady, wimpish buffons for creating this mess.

Your silence has contributed to this disaster. All around this country, people are waking up.

This isn't news: Bush's popularity is in the tank. Why? Because you failed him, you failed the country, and you let down your fellow Americans: You didn't stand up to this, call for a speedy resolution, and get onto other things.

No, you've let this absurdity spiral into greater lawlessness.

How dare you start blaming those who dare use their minds for your inaction.

* * *

If the Republicans want to know "why they find themselves" where they are, they can simply look at themselves in the mirror.

Here's a hint: The same mirror is the one that was there for the German Nazis and SS to look at when the American and Russian armies trashed Berlin, and tore up the war machine.

You, the ones that are in the RNC, are the ones that allowed this absurdity to continue, and you were gleeful when the citizens were struck down.

We know what has happened. You've lied about evidence, you've smeared people.

There is no reason for the world to trust you. Nor should Americans.

I look forward to the day when America seriously discusses the issue of outlawing my party: To put the Republican Party on the waste heap of history.

You have disgraced history. You have trashed the lessons of Rome. You have put yourselves above the law.

And then you have the audacity to demand the world grovel at your feet.

* * *

This shall end. And the world will find out the truth.

Rest assured.