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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The fairies prepare their dance

Where would it have been otherwise?

Senate waves its hands before the flame

How could this have happened

What does it mean for us as human beings

Are we destined to be overtaken

How is the consequence of this action to be understood.

Then, the movie starts.

It ends.

The chorus continues.

Oh, dear, we have more problems
Oh, lordy, the lessons of 9-11
Oh, father, we are insecure
Oh, mother, our belts are loose
Oh, sister, we are unchaste
Oh, bother, we have spare change.

One Senator, beating his brow,
Points his finger at the leader

How dare you
How could you come before us
You promised
You told everyone and we believed you

Knocking the glass on the table
Water pouring over the photographer

She replies

Sexist buffoon!
Your laws are worthless.
You give me no coin to spend
You tie my hands with glue.
Then toss me to the tarmac.

Senator senses resistance,
adjusting tie, drinking water

It's been four years since 9-11
All this time
All these lessons
Pearl Harbor wasn't like this
NSA, security, and big protections.

Chief Spokesman adjusts hands
Towel in hand
Back in suit pocket

Senator, the wild one says,
I come before you
I grovel
I ask for your mercy.

Senator, unimpressed

I do not believe you, scoundrel.

Flames coming from eyes
Fire landing on table
Smoldering paper

Princess fairy, enters

The room falls silent.
All eyes fixed.
She floats.
Her wings slowly moving.
The light shimmering.
The Senators shimmer.

The photographers shimmer.
The light shimmers again.

She continues to float.
Some of the Senators are floating.

The fairy stops.
Hearts stop.
Breathing stops.

Will she do it again?

Guard! The Senator Shrieks,
We need a guard.

Look left.
Look right.

We see no guard.

Distraction hoped for.
Distraction desired.

We'll take a break.

I think this means the curtain
is stuck open.


I'm not sure where the word "shimmer" first came from; after I wrote teh above, I came across Jay's use of the word.

Then again, maybe he somehow got me to think about it without reading his blog.

Has that happened to you?