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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Buffet should start paying people to listen to him

Arianna has an interesting discussion on Buffet.

Buffet should be charged $7M for putting up with his non-sense.

Let's take a look at Buffet's "big record." Sure, he's the second wealthiest man in the world.

But there's a small caveat: Need to look what he's been doing lately.

AIG: Where was he?

His ethics guidelines are clear: Ask questions, stay involved.

I don't want to pay Buffet anything; I want him to give some honest answers, "Where were you and how did this disaster happen?"

Elliot Spitzer is still digging, and I'm not inclined to shed a tear if both Warren and Charlie end up with egg on their face.

They could wipe it off and make an nice omelette. I'd pay half price for that, just make sure it's warm and in a take-away box.

I'll be eating in another location. Far away from the Sage.