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Sunday, October 09, 2005

White House and FBI use the ~wrong search words" excuse

I don't buy the arguments. There's a way to go back through old commands and see whether the "range of seraches" are credible.

There's a chance that the documents were available under fairly benign searches.

I was reviewing the Newsweek article explaining why documents weren't provided in re Rove/Plame.

Curiously, the FBI used the same excuse not too long ago. This on top of their problems with the FBI I-drive: Discoverable documents not provided to defense counsel; and the problem with the SAIC computer system that apparently isn't working.

Consider the roadblocks: Even if you can get the documents in the system, people may lose them.

Didn't that happen with the Judge Roberts files at the Ronald Reagan Library?

Missing documents all over the place. But where are they?