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Thursday, October 06, 2005

President's delusion confirmed before National Endowment for Democracy

Same non-sense, same stupid audience: American Sheep.

Bush spoke before the National Endowment for Democracy. It was the normal diversionary, delusional non-sense we've heard in the State of the Union Addresses.

If only the President were as forceful about the American constitution as he is with Iraq's.


America is proud to stand for principles abroad, not at home; more concerned with alienating others than their own citizens.

We stand for principles, but we do not provide the requisite resources to ensure those principles prevail.

America stands with dissidents only if they are aboard, not at home; stands for reforms abroad, not within this Administration.

The President has a double standard, one for him and another for all those who do not blindly listen to God and do exactly what he says, even if it is unlawful.

The President considers every assertion of liberty as an invitation for oppression.

* * *

Who dares repress American citizens is not a leader or a President, but a tyrant.

One Question:

Would America be more or less safe with Bush in Charge?

Self-evidently, we are less safe.