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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Iraq: No excuse for no armor

If reports are accurate, the FBI has evidence US cars are used by Iraqi suicide bombers.

Apparently, Iraqi insurgents are more adept than the US military in exporting material from the United States to support Iraqi combat operations.

* * *

We would never expect a beekeepr to tend a hve with only half a body suit.

* * *

US troops in Iraq are still without adequate vehicle and body armor.

  • Why do DoD and US contractors have a problem with exports, something the insurgents have creatively solved?

  • Will DoD contract with AlQueda to deliver armor to US troops in Iraq?

  • DoD already hired AlQueda for 9-11, why stop now?

    * * *

    Victory goes to those who more creatively solve impossible problems.

    * * *

  • Why keep fighting if you're not willing to win?

  • Why start something without the willingness to back the creative talent to solve problems?

    * * *

    A war of ideas means nothing when we only imagine victory, but the opponent actually does something.

    * * *

    Rome fell and the world yawned.

    America continues with an unlawful war, its power is ebbing, leadership entrenched, and the nation is no longer willing to exceed the capabilities of the enemy.

    * * *

    Getting armor to the troops isn't impossible. The enemy has already proven otherwise.

    Our current problem is a leadership problem. It is now blossoming into a larger failure of execution.

    Self evidently, we've already arrived at the next step: Chaos, confusion, and failure.

    What happens if we face a real crisis?

    Madmen, fools, and morons will scream. Then the curtain will slowly close on the American Empire.

    * * *

    One cannot sustain power when nothing is done to sustain what is required to continue.

    We cannot build a nation on laurels won in ancient battles.

    We must prepare for the new challenges, but this is impossible when we still cannot address the current challenges.

    * * *

    There is a lack of national will to continue. The continued efforts remain half hearted. That is not inspiring, nor will it prevail on the battlefield.

    Nor will it send a message that the American Empire is anything but a paper tiger.

    Indeed, it is. The American Tiger may have outlived the Russian Bear, but in the end both are no longer pre-eminent.

    We've lost to a nation who simply asserted its right to exploit our weaknesses, and we did everything in our power to let our weaknesses go unremedied.

    That is not a path to victory. It is a path to self-evident collapse.

    * * *

    America has exhausted its creativity. It is continuing to squander resources.

    We spend alot today, and the dividends have yet to be understood. We cannot address today's problems, and cannot credibly forecast what we might reap.

    * * *

    Americans know the Iraq war has no legal or moral foundation, and does more to inspire the world's contempt.

    We must preserve the resources most needed at home: Our military, and our rule of law.

    Both have been squandered by this President, with the advise and consent of his White House staff, including Harriet Miers.

    Find another nominee to replace Justice O'Conner, bring the troops home, and impeach Bush.