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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Rushed DoD contracts can be fixed: DoD Whistleblower credibility rises

DoD would like the world to believe that the Iraqui contracts are stuck as they are.

Remember the DoD SES worker who got smeared for whistleblowing over the Iraqi contracts?

DoD absurdly she was moving far too slowly.

Well, here's a surprise: Today, we find out that contracts can be undone, meaning DoD has no basis to complain.

* * *

If you can undo something, then you can craft a contract the opposite way: A legal one that is open-ended, and allows for future renegotiation of the details.

But DoD didn't want that: They wanted it open-ended, but unsupportable before the court. That's called an unlawful contract.

DoD doesn't like the law. They like fast contracts, problems, and disasters they can blame on those who dare notice reality.

* * *

If you can "take the time to do it right," then there's no reason DoD had to "rush something" that was wrong.

However, the results self-evidently show the contracting, however rushed, is flawed: Look at the delays with the body armor: American enterprise is unable to support a national mobilization needed for sustained combat operations on the ground.

We're in major combat in Iraq, and still unable to get armor for troops and vehicles. What's up with that?

Answer: It's called a bad plan, bad contracts.

The Iraq armor-issue is called a failure of planning, execution, and contracting.

* * *

Today's news is that DoD's credibility is further undermined. The DoD whistleblower's standing is rising.

Contracts can be done correctly, then modified. DoD doesn't like that reality to get disseminated.

They only like news that will turn you into sheep.

DoD has no credibility.