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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tabloids Change Tune

Without warning, no less

Whose words are meaningless?

Shockingly, reports are surfacing suggesting that some in the media [ wait for it ] change their tune based soley on whether they "get the deal."

* * *

All the "things they say" isn't related to reality, but whether "they got the deal"?

All those things you told us after you lost the deal were . . . maybe . . . not true, just said out of spite, with a petit desire to be cold and callous?

Burst my bubble.

* * *

So much for relying on you for my daily news updates while I stand in line at the corner snack shack.

Yes, I enjoy spending alot of money on unhealthy, junk food [as opposed to junk non-food] that I can vomit all over myself as I wade through DoD's bullshit.

Keep the scales away from me, I'm blossoming.