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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Impeachment: The circle is shrinking

It's getting clear that the situation within the RNC is getting unstable.

As Fitzpatrick makes progress on fleshing out the details, it's time to also think about where things are going in terms of plans and options.

At this juncture, we can only speculate on the details Fitzpatrick may uncover.

But there are bonafide calls and echoes of "what are the alternatives?" Namely: Suppose the RNC were to implode, and by the upcoming, or next election after that, the DNC were to regain control of the House, Senate, and White House.

Putting aside the great uncertainties between now and then, there are two tracks that need to be addressed.

First, the impeachment and law enforcement track. Second, the what is the way forward track.

The problem with the second, is that unless we have the specifics from the first, we really can't say for sure "what are the alternatives."

At this point, given the vacuum of information, we can only guess "what might be a credible solution or way forward." In short, by couching most things in secrecy and silence, this Administration has done a real number: Not only made a mess of things now, but made it more than slightly difficult in articulating where do we go.

For anyone to credibly develop "a solution," they really need to know one basic thing, which is clouded in uncertainty: Where are we?

With respect to Iraq, 9-11, and what's really going on with the American intelligence system, I'm not convinced you can go to a single person with the "right answer" on what is currently going on.

This doesn't mean that "this information cannot be eventually gleaned, dissected, and then thrown on the table" for purposes of saying, "OK, this is where we are, and this is what we need to do."

* * *

What's needed: A plan to "get a plan" that considers the dynamic volatility in the RNC given the Fitzpatrick grand jury investigation.

At this point, it appears the President and Vice President will either be impeached [not necessarily convicted, or removed from office]; or they will both resign.

What we do know, is they will be suffer more political damage going forward; while at the same time the RNC is going to fissure into more factions:

  • Those who want to defy the rule of law;

  • Those who want to bargain;

  • Those who want to call it quits, and admit defeat; and

  • Those who want to change the RNC, and hand this mess over to the DNC to wallow in.

    * * *

    The common thread: The RNC wants to avoid responsibility and hand this mess over to the DNC as quickly as possible, which is exactly where the focus should be, regardless the outcome of Fitzgerald.

    But don't take the bait.

    It needs to be a clear theme within the DNC that this mess is the responsibility of the White House, RNC, and the toads that have blindly gone alone with this without asserting the rule of law.

    * * *

    Let there be no mistake, these threads are not unique to the RNC; there are those in the DNC who would also like to rewrite history.

    I have been amazed and outraged to hear of the voting irregularities in the 2000 and 2004 elections; at the same time it has been disingenuous of the DNC and their spin doctors to suggest that this "voting problem in America" is something that is unique to the RNC machine.

    On the contrary, if you simply look back to Alan Cranston and the Keating situation in California, you'll see that the DNC has been involved in irregularities.

    The point is that the forces of progress and reform need to advance the cause of the constitution and the voting rights, regardless what is causing the problem, or which side of the aisle you're standing.

    * * *

    We do know that within a few short years the Voting Rights Act will come up for renewal.

    There's some confusion about what this really means. There needs to be a better public understanding of what the Voting Rights Act is all about: It's not to protect the right to vote [that's the 15th Amendment]; rather, the voting rights act is the enforcement mechanism.

    The issue before us isn't whether people should or shouldn't vote; but whether the Federal Role in preserving the 15th Amendment needs to be specifically directed by statute, or whether enough time has elapsed since the abuses of the 1960s to justify the belief that "no Federal Role" is needed in overseeing how the states adjust their voting procedures.

    * * *

    Some have asserted that the "abuses of 2000 and 2004" warrant continued oversight; while others say, "the oversight is not needed."

    Indeed, if we are to believe anything [facts, at this point are scarce], one could conclude that the voting discrimination in 2000 and 2004 was not based on factors under the purview of the Voting Rights Act, per se. Rather, the violations are more general, not specific to a protected class.

    A contrary view is that the discrimination was, in fact, based solely on the desire to discriminate against specific minorities; thus, because of the abuses, the Voting Rights Act not only needs to be repassed, but should be broadened to include all the states, not just those which have suffered historical race discrimination.

    As an opposing argument to the latter point, some assert that any call to broaden the Voting Rights Act would be unconstitutional in that it would be a challenge to the inherent States' Right to regulate voting within their own jurisdictions.

    * * *

    Soon the Iraqis are going to vote on their Constitution. America needs to be patient with the results. Recall our own history.

    At the same time, the US needs to clean up its own act.

    To be clear, we did not invade Iraq to free them; we invaded them for a "to be understood reason" which Fitzgerald will soon uncover.

    It is premature to banter around the "legacy in Iraq" as either for or against what the US should or shouldn't do with the Voting Rights Act.

    * * *

    Bluntly, the same forces of absurdity and "rally around the cause" that we've seen in the RNC, are now restless within the DNC.

    The DNC membership has shown, when they perceive an advantage or lack of consequence, to engage in the same abuses, rewriting of history, and selective application of made up rules.

    The choice before us is not between the RNC or DNC.

    The choice is between the Constitution and Tyranny.

    Given Fitzgerald's progress, and likely unfettered access to justice, regardless the outcome, it will soon be self-evident that the Constitution will soon suffocate this Tyrant.

    * * *

    The issue will be: What next; how do we proceed; and what is to be done. As with the points that I started: There is much to be uncovered and that remains unclear.

    Now is not the time to take either the RNC or DNC bait of: "Coming up with a plan" or "being specific with what we will do." We don't know what the RNC has locked this country in; what needs to be undone; and what the facts are.

    In short, the best message the leadership from either party can offer to your constituents is: Ultimately, will rely on the Constitution as our guide, and "this is our plan to get a plan."

    Any more details at this point is simply offering more of the proverbial "soda in the water fountain" promises. Avoid those, as the population will soon grow weary of the "same old."

    * * *

    All should be aware of the dynamic situation we are in: Both sides are posturing for position, but both are attempting to move not based on facts, but passed on perceived advantage.

    It is likely the short-term gains will backfire. Now is not the time to say, "Aha," as your excitement will soon turn to exhaustion with each successive revelation.

    I can only suggest that one pace themselves.

    If you choose to assert a short term advantage, know your premature movement could very well backfire.

    * * *

    The key is to focus on Fitzpatrick. He needs the nation's support. Indeed, he continues to make progress.

    Soon, it will be time to make informed decisions. At this point, let the sirens of doom and opportunism play themselves out.

    Know that those you may have feared, loathed, or detested on the opposite side of the aisle have served as a useful distraction from those on the same side of the carpet, all too willing to engage in the same abuses, but by another name, with equal self-righteous-justification.

    They too shall paint great stage art hoping to distract attention from their poor craft. They have taken the bait, danced about in the name of serving the cause, but they've only succeeded in annoying the experienced stage manager and hands, eager for opening night.

    * * *

    Caution is warranted. With uncertainty, former allies change masks and play the part of cunning foe.

    When they transition, know that they know their role is not well connected to the through line. They are not grounded with less familiar opening night shoes.

    Theirs may be but a minor part, which later appears as a far more ominous force in another scene.

    The lights shall soon dim, signaling the play is about to begin.

    The wonders of live theater.

    Choose your seats and roles wisely, there shall not be a second showing.