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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Prissy Patriot: Thank you for your kind remarks

Thank you for your kind remarks, I thought I would post my thoughts here so that others could read them.

I thought I would take the time to acknowledge the attention you have given.

Lately, it looks as though things have taken a turn for the better:

  • The President and Vice President appear to be under greater pressure to resign;

  • The RNC appears to be fracturing and there is internal conflict.

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

    My goal in writing this blog was to call attention to some issues that I felt were not getting enough details or insight. I think I have accomplished that objective.

    Clearly, I'm not taking credit for it; I just sense that there's "not as much need" to point out things that have now become "overcome by events." It looks as though many of the things that I have noticed and were "worried others weren't noticing" are now becoming self-evident and obvious in the form of public documents.

    Unfortunately, in my desire to "bring attention to things," I have raised expectations of some in the blogosphere that I "be a certain way" or "do certain things" or "write on specific topics" [blah, blah]

    This is just a place I write; when others have talked about similar topics, I thought others might want to know about what I was thinking.

    I've learned that that isn't the case, but that's their problem. People like to have a mirror of "what they are already thinking," as opposed to "Something that is different."

    I do care care about making sure that people all over the world, if they want, can get access to information I want to share. Unfortunately, my desire to "share" has been, by some, viewed as an effort at something else. Their loss.

    I thought I would take the time to write and let you know that it is nice of you to take the time to read the blog.

    Over the past year I have learned many things. And I am learning how to improve my writing. As of late, I have found it useful to break up my thoughts into groups. Also, I learned recently about editing.

    Up until this point, I had taken the blog to be simply a place to dump down thoughts without much editing.

    However, it appears as though given the higher profile the blog has gotten, I've fallen into a crowd that expects things to be edited. Darn. I had the impression people liked to "see what someone was really thinking." Apparently not; many still want things "highly refined and edit."

    And all this time, I just set up this blog as a place to "try out" what blogging is all about. LOL

    I've learned alot about people, writing, and how to express things.

    This is far more than I could have imagined a few months ago, when I first started the blog, I was still learning about computers and how to write.

    Today, although I have much to learn, I have learned more about writing, and the interesting thing about editing.

    I still like to rant and talk about my concerns; and I still like to free flow my ideas out for others to see. I thought it would be interesting for others to at least "get to know my ideas" without attracting attention to myself.

    I sense that these goals have backfired: In that I've attracted some unusual amount of attention from Washington.

    Oh, well.

    I have no desire other than to simply write, and call attention to issues and express myself on various topics.

    But, in the meantime, I suppose I still have to wrestle with the idea of "How much time do I want to spend" on each piece.

    There are old blog spots that I have re-edited and rewritten; and sometimes I just add things later as I find them.

    Overall, I have missed being able to post on the Conyers blog; but I've given up trying to post there as I don't get responses in my e-mail requests. I'm not going to grovel.

    Oh, well. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to provide the content and links in a more visible place.

    I like posting on the Raw Story. It's nice, but I don't go there as often as I used to. I like the feedback I have gotten from the editor at Raw Story and the comments I have read in your blog. It is interesting to read what others are thinking about the issues and points I have raised.

    It is interesting to read in the blogosphere that "people don't care." It's strange, being in the RNC and a Republican that when someone really just "looks at things as they are," that we can see there are issues.

    I don't look at myself as a Republican; I put that aside, and I simply hope that the world knows that not everyone has gone nuts. But it is interesting that, despite some seeing what's going on, that there's a constant whine of, "Nobody gets it."

    Sure, we get it. We just didn't think people "out there" understood the dilemma: How to speak out, get change, but not get hammered.

    It's interesting how, despite people being different, they still expect others to fit within a very narrow channel of "what is to be expected."

    After reading my blog, I would imagine that others have been surprised.

    Well, if you enjoy reading the blog and have suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them. Right now, I'm not clear whether I'm going to continue along the current track.

    Maybe I'll change some things.

    Anyway, I just thought I'd let you and the world know that I was thinking of you and have appreciated the time you have taken to review what I have written, as convoluted as it has been.

    Thank you, and best wishes to you.

    Now, here is your exclusive. Any other blogs or media covering this story have not been authorized.