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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Why the AlQueda letter is bogus

Drudge linked to an interesting article about another letter.

If you read it closely, you'll see who the real audience is: Americans, not AlQueda.

Black Propaganda is creating information others believe is from someone else.

In this case, the letter is written using "ran" form Vietnam. That's squarely designed to appear to American cowboys: "We don't run."

Vietnam has been over for years.

* * *

If the DNC was foolish, they'd blindly think this was about them:
"Things may develop faster than we imagine," Ayman al-Zawahri wrote in a letter to his top deputy in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. "The aftermath of the collapse of American power in Vietnam _ and how they ran and left their agents _ is noteworthy. ... We must be ready starting now."

Now, the bait DoD is using is to prompt the DNC to jump in too early.

* * *

The letter also incorrectly presumes that there "would be" a void.

This is another ruse.

There already is one; and has been one since day 1.

* * *

Also, to presume that America will "suddenly" do anything would ask that America do the impossible: Move quickly, despite showing in Louisiana it is led by buffoons, requiring many months to awaken from a coma.

* * *

To suggest this is a "battle in the media," is an illusion. There is reality on the ground: There aren't enough troops.

No amount of blogging, news releases, or DoD smearing is going to change that reality.

* * *

Also, no Arab is worried about "winning" the battle for hearts and minds; in their mind, it is self-evident the "battle for hearts and minds" has already been won: Allah, in their minds, is on their side.

This is not a notion insurgents care about.

Rather, these phrases are intended to strike a chord with the intended audience: The doubting DNC and RNC who are wavering.

Curious how these plans "just happen to show up" as the polls for Bush are plummeting.

* * *

I also doubt that anyone would put into writing a detailed "13 page plan," of any sorts.

Remember, we're not dealing with a mechanized, or centrally controlled army.

We're dealing with a group of people that are loosely organized.

* * *

If we are to believe that this "letter is real," then we should have two things: information on whether the letter came from [which we don't], and an appropriate plan to secretly exploit this information [which, by revealing the information, shows we are not doing anything secretly].

Moreover, if this plan were "real," we should be able to do two things, neither which should be publicly commented upon: Action to mitigate the real plan [which is impossible if you tell the enemy you know their plan]; and a second front to not only defeat the plan, but pretend you don't know the truth [which is impossible, given we've now leaked "the plan."]

This was the same flaw with the recent NYC bogus alert.

* * *

Recall the Bombing of Coventry and Ultra, the secret machine that decoded the German information.

Despite knowing what was in the plan to bomb Coventry, the Americans and British agreed to do nothing.

Coventry was bombed, and the Nazis never realized the code had been broken.

In fact, because Ultra was never disclosed, the U2-intercepts in the North Sea continued, and the US was able to effectively counter act the Nazis on all theaters and in all areas of combat operations: Land, sea, and air.

* * *

As you review the current "AlQueda letter," recall the secrecy of Ultra and Coventry.

American war planners are not one to tip their hats.

Rather, they will only move when it is their choice.

However, by "revealing the plan," Americans are doing exactly the opposite of what was done in Coventry and Ultra.

Ergo, there is no plan; if there was one, nobody would be talking about either the plan, or what the risks were. America would be feigning ignorance of the plan, and moving effectively to undermine it, all the while feigning ignorance about the source.

* * *

If the current ALQueda plan were real, we wouldn't know about it: America would be keeping "the knowledge of the plan" a secret.

But America is publishing the plan.

If the plan is real, then AlQueda can now "adjust," which gives the US an out: "Oh, we though we knew what was going on, but someone leaked the plan, so we have no clue."

Watch, within days, they will find a scapegoat to take responsibility for leaking "the super secret plan," and behind the scenes they will be given a promotion with more responsibility.

* * *

The current "AlQueda plan" is designed to appeal to American emotional fears of being called a chicken. This is stuff of the playgrounds, and a Texas town, not something that people on Main Street Should take seriously.

But, given Americans like to have their sound bites and bloc-links in short pieces, rest assured, that despite the "new era of the internet," DoD will put the cabosh on anything resembling logic or a sound discussion of the flaws with their disclosures.

DoD also has the goal of baiting the DNC to "act as if they can learn from ALQueda," and "fill in the imminent RNC-leadership vacuum."

Make no mistake, the real war is against the US Constitution, and to bait the alternatives to the RNC to jump in before the facts are known.

* * *

DoD and the American intelligence community have no credibility. They've already shown they will kill to avoid accountability for an unlawful war.

It means nothing to them now to fabricate black propaganda to pin the "blame for an ineffectual response to the RNC power vacuum" on the DNC.

DoD hopes to lay the foundation for a counter-parry by the RNC against the DNC.

DNC should not take the bait, and do what they should have done before the Iraq invasion: Press hard for details, and demand to know why DoD is releasing these confidential details.

Look who is promoted. They have been rewarded for being an RNC stooge.

* * *

They've lied about WMD; they've smeared Wilson; outed Plame; and trashed Sibel. It means nothing to them to spew forth non-sense to bloggers.

You are pawns.

Congratulations, you have been well-trained to ignore what you most need to notice: The obvious.