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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The mysterious interest in counterfeiting

Drudge had an interesting link.

The timing is curious.

The Treasury Department has been planning new US security marks.

There's also alot of counterfeiting that makes its way from Latin America.

The issue is: If America was "so sure" there was a problem with counterfeiting, why isn't it going after the number one source of coutnerfeiting: Drug trades in South America?

The answer is that "the issue" isn't really counterfeiting [which is a problem], but the goal of poking the eye in North Korea.

If America was truly "concerned" about the issue of counterfeiting, it would go after the real problems which Sibel Edmonds can give you more information on: Drug money coming shipped through the Caspian Sea from Afghanistan: The Azerbaijan Hornet's Nest.