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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

That familiar longing feeling

Raw Story had a particularly well chosen photograph.

Looking at the difference between Bush and Miers' eye-lines, I couldn't help but wonder about that Bush-gaze, it seems so drifting into La-La land:

  • Is that a deer in the headlights . . .

  • Or a beer in the headlights?

    Then again, if you look closely, I think you can see Fitzgerald reflected in Bush's full-of-abject-terror eyes.

    Let's get the wind machines going, never mind the diesel fumes and loud noises. This is history.

    What would Bush look like with Mier's eye shadow? Look like he may need a final touch up.

    * * *

    Kind of curious, if you look at other periods when Bush was getting ready to dance and sing in time to the fictional drama:
    Here's what he looked like in 2003 when talking about the Iraq budget request of $87B; its since proven inadequate, full of fraud, and billions have gone missing overseas.

    * * *

    Wait for it, a pattern emerges:
    100 Important issue

    200 Glaze in eyes

    300 Disaster

    400 GoTo 100

    440 Break at 2006, April 17th

    500 Impeachment

    * * *

    Solution: Bush should stop having his picture taken.

    * * *

    With impeachment looming, Bush may well wish he could take flight like Mary Poppins.