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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

President Bush: We know

The nation pauses to reflect. The mood is somber.

But there is hope for. . .

* * *
Dear President Bush,

You've done a really good job at [I'm at a loss of words].

I was hoping to tell you how I pleased I was that [I cannot express it].

* * *

As we edge closer to the Holiday Season, and then into Spring, one thought should be on your mind:
Are we going to get a chance to see you run naked through the Rose Garden?

Come on! It will really perk up the blogosphere.

Want to see thorns on flesh, and be quick about it!

* * *

Ah, a visitor: The Ghost of Caesar.

Caesar, we are honored by your presence. What sayeth thou, Emperor?

"Beware the leader who runs naked through . . . "