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Thursday, October 13, 2005

RNC now blocking info to their own members

Drudge has a doozie:

Sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT that conservatives demanded that the White House and its allies release copies of the testimony, but their demands were ignored.

This is a good sign.

First, we now know that the inner circle within the RNC feels under siege.

Second, we know the leadership no longer trusts its own.

Third, the membership is now feeling the full consequences of the Patriot Act, stonewalling, and roadblocks of the FOIA.

Fourth, this is a clear signal that the RNC leadership looks with greater respect to AlQueda than its own members.

* * *

Just a few months ago, there were reports that the White House was having negotiations with AlQueda.

This means, in light of what Drudge is reporting, that the White House would rather sit down and talk to the "ones we are fighting" than in their own inner circle.

If you've been reading this blog, this is not news.

What is news, is now the blogosphere has embraced this reality: The fissures within the RNC are to such a level, that the members must now make a choice:

Are they treated better by the DNC or the RNC?

The key will be for the DNC to recognize this opportunity, and embrace the RNC disaffected.

Remember, the goal here is not to get outraged at the White House. The key is to channel that energy into developing strategies to reach out to those in the RNC who have suddenly woken up.

They are now feeling the full force of what they have supported. And it is the job of the DNC to reach out, to listen, and to be there.

Provide that welcoming support, and be there as the RNC membership simply need an open door and safe place.

The RNC membership have much to say.

Be there to listen to them. You will learn alot.

Then you will be able to use that wisdom, insight to your advantage.

To prevail over tyranny, you must know the tyrant better than the tyrant.

Take the time to learn; and take the time to be ready to take advantage of what continues to unfold.

* * *

The following statements are absurd:
A source close to the Bush administration says, "the process requires the White House to prepare documents to turn over to the Senate Judiciary Committee and only after the committee has had the courtesy of receiving them are such docs made public."

If anyone in the WH wanted to leak this information, it would be made public, or to the RNC.

Also, keep in mind what the DNC does in the House Judiciary Committee. I have copies of data that show, that despite ongoing Judiciary Committee investigations, the DNC was leaking information to outside sources.

It remains to be understood, whether the House Judiciary Committee staffers, as did the Vice President, did release information that was related to an ongoing Congressional investigation, and was not supposed to be disclosed.

* * *

These are matters potentially related to Congressional Ethics, and raise reasonable questions whether the standards impose on the Cheney, Libby, and Rove in re Plame, should not also be imposed on the Congressional staffers who have leaked information about ongoing Congressional investigations.

Either Congress was lying about the investigation and it was a ruse;

Or the media have misrepresented the conversations and there was no investigation;

Or the standards imposed on Libby, Rove, and Cheney are not being also applied to those on the Congressional Staffs.

Either way, we have evidence that conversations, leaks, and disclosures did take place despite requirements that those ongoing investigations be kept confidential and not disseminated.

The RNC has a reasonable question in their mind: Why is the White House not revealing information that the Congressional Staffers have access to?

* * *

Recall also that it was the RNC access to DNC data files that prompted the Secret Service to review this information.

Recall that the Senate Judiciary Committee thought it would be appropriate to call in the Secret Service, as the Judiciary Committee has oversight of the FBI.

In turn, it remains a question whether the Secret Service has, or is engaged in an ongoing investigation related to leaks from the House Judiciary Committee to specifically named individuals in the media who were other wise not authorized to have access to this information related to an going Congressional investigation.

* * *

The lesson is twofold:

A. If the White House "really wanted to keep their own membership informed," it could do so. It has chosen not to.

B. The asserting that they "must follow the process" doesn't stop the White House, RNC, or DNC from leaking information, even information to related ongoing investigations.

It is absurd to believe that the RNC membership should put up with this non-sense from the White House.

Rather, the RNC should know that, despite the DNC practice of leaking information about ongoing investigations, the White House is using the excuse of a "process" to not do something that the RNC membership should reasonably expect.

* * *

The message is clear: The White House has run out of stalling option's; it has no choice to turn over documents; and it doesn't have the time to keep its rank and file informed of what is going on.

The RNC membership do not have a clue what is going on, they are being kept in the dark, and there is no plan within the RNC leadership to keep their own membership informed of what is happening, why, or what to expect.

In short, the RNC rank and file are no more effectively organized than a mob.

They don't know what to do, they have no plan, and they have no plan to get a plan.

All the DNC has to do is recognize this situation and work to provide structure and leadership where the RNC proves incapable.