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Friday, October 14, 2005

Choosing to transform

We've got more anecdotes that the pre-9-11 problems are not only entrenched, but have been embraced.

America is drifting into the cloud. A battle will rage over what must be done to remedy these defects and transform America.

* * *
Drudge talks about the continuing investigation into the bogus threats in NYC.

* * *

Think back to 9-11. Someone was telling others about "what was going to happen" prompting DoD, DoJ and other officials to not travel.

Yet the rest of America was in the dark.

* * *

Supposedly there was a "big investigation" and a "big plan" of what to do next, and "never again."

Well, it looks like the problem of "people knowing things, but taking no action; but privately acting on that non-public information" continues despite the big government plan, review, and 9-11 "woe is me, we need to do better"-sham investigation.

* * *

Bluntly, if this "lesson learned form 9-11 about leaks but inaction" continues despite the "lesson of 9-11", then we have a bigger problem.

How many other of the "obvious lessons of 9-11 that we all knew about" still are waiting to continue in whatever situation, crisis, or convoluted event?

* * *

The answer is, unlike Pearl Harbor, 9-11 didn't translate into an effective catalyst for internal reform.

We simply, self-evidently from Katrina, moved the chairs around on the Titanic.

* * *

The entrenched, corrupt, and bastardized culture that got lazy in the post Cold War days is still there, faced no catalyst for real change.

* * *

Pearl Harbor changed the psychology. There was a mobilization.

9-11 reaffirmed what failed: The existing culture was used to invade Iraq.

The entrenched problem is arrogance and blaming, not responsibility.

* * *

The culture will either change on its own, and the society will self-correct.

Or the entrenched problems will continue to fester, surfacing in the "next crisis of the week."

* * *

The existing problems with the entrenched system that failed in re 9-11 still exists.

The question is what event will be the catalyst for real leadership to transform America.

We can either choose to transform voluntarily, or we can wait for the catalyst.

Self-evidently, Americans embraced fascism after 9-11.

The issue will be whether the required catalyst needed to assert the rule of law can be tolerated.

What may be required as the necessary catalyst to compel public demands for the rule of law, may be the very catalyst that could jeopardize the American system.

A necessary catalyst for change may not be sufficient; the required catalyst could prove fatal.

America shows it is reluctant to reform.

Leaders, if they exist, shall inspire a desire to ensure that transformation occurs.

Will that transformation come under the treat of tyranny, further entrenching the blaming an excuses; or will America simply choose to assert the rule of law and compel the Congress to remedy the existing defects.

Self-governance demands that we freely choose to rise above what we have, and remedy what is defective, not require constant reminders which are shunned as if they were a speck of dust on our shadow.