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Friday, October 14, 2005

Arrested Attorney Owns Hot Air Balloon, Aircraft, and Piles of Dead Pigeons

A southern California attorney was arrested for keeping dead pigeons; no information on why he didn't go flying or take a break in his hot air balloon.

There are some strange ocean breezes in California.

Attorney in Los Angeles-area appears to have an issue before the bar.

* * *

All that ocean air, and that wasn't enough to help clear his mind. Rather than take to the skies, he'd rather pile up dead pigeons.

Here's the curious thing, following his PO Box:

  • Gerard Redmond Enright Jr. lives within yards of the California coastline;

  • Owns a 1969 hot air balloon, N10NS, 50001630; and

  • Has a PO Box for a 1946 415-C Eurcoupe.

    With a bird-management problem like that, I wonder about the quality of his casefiles and workproduct.