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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Vanishing Penguins

Was it there?

There is a dance going on between the RNC and DNC. There is a wider cloud of confusion.

For years the DNC and RNC has ebbed and flowed in their ability to play each other off against the public.

Each side is equally capable of manipulating the public, engage in abuse, and dissuade others from speaking out.

Each side is willing to violate an agreement; their promises of confidentiality are not to be trusted. They both equally desire power.

Both sides enjoy creating new unwritten rules. Without warning they will find any excuses to retaliate.

* * *

What we have now are forces that are emerging. There is not an entrenched security apparatus in the emerging DNC power base, but it is starting to find roots.

* * *

As we move forward, it is appropriate we learn more about the participants in these impeachment hearings.

* * *

Both the RNC and DNC have problems. The RNC is losing power; and the DNC, long locked out, is not read to lead.

A rejection of one party is not an endorsement of the second.

It is one thing to say that the RNC has a problem; it is a separate issue whether the DNC is suitable as an alternative.

* * *

Right now, there are new dynamics. New groups and interests are emerging. There are changes in how the existing players are interacting.

The time required to produce effective leaders exceeds the time to vote.

It is one thing to call out for the vote; it is another thing to have a plan once that victory is achieved. The DNC focuses on the vote, not on leadership and results.

They have been for too long locked out of leadership to effectively envision specific plans, much less criteria to evaluate progress. The DNC is not a monolith.

Given it's time from the stage, it will have to rely on the existing SES and lobbyists for advice and help on what to do. It remains unclear whether the DNC will truly cut the ties with those forces of influence that bring them to power.

This doesn't mean that influence is bad; it means that those experts in the legal, policy making, and governance are not home grown, but the fruit of the very entitles the DNC publicly derides. They will rely on the lawyers and consultants to provide legal advice, conduct strategy sessions, and finalize plans. This is not the work of just a Congressional staffer; rather, the existing infrastructure and entrenched bureaucracy is more likely than not to remain the same.

Although needed, if the entire system were to change, then who would support real change. Three are too many entrenched interests on both sides of the aisle to believe real change is possible.

Thus, calls for a "new way of approaching things" although interesting, are not compelling.

* * *

The goal of the DNC is to reacquire power, but it has little to say for how it will more or less effectively lead than those they replace.

To achieve the DNC objectives, they simply hope to fuel the fire of passion against the RNC. This is a no-brainer, and what will make them lazy. For, unlike "normal elections" [whatever that means] it is the clash of ideas that ensures the most prudent polices prevail.

Indeed, when the votes and debates are rigged as they were with wires and illusory WMD, so too will the DNC fall into the trap of focusing on the vote, and not paying attention to the, "What next?" issue.

The experts the DNC relies on to subsequently govern are no different than that which the RNC riles upon: Professional consultants, think tanks, and policy makers.

The common element to both the RNC and DNC is the entrenched system of gathering information, formulating policy, and monitoring results. Both parties are equally flawed in their approach; for if either were superior, they would self evidently have created lawful, prudent policy.

Thus, both the DNC and RNC machines are but at the head of the entrenched system of "translating information into results." IT is a trap to believe that either party has a more flawed approach.

What remains unclear is, despite the vast resources and communication available to both, why have the results been self-evidently worse than this country achieved almost 100 years ago. Despite modern industrialized society and the information age, it takes longer to mobilize troops and respond to problems.

This is not a belief problem. It is a problem with leadership. The RNC has the leadership position; and the DNC has no leader.

* * *

The problem isn't voting. The problem is the entrenched system that oversee the plans, however defect they are at the outset. This rests with the Senior Executive Service [SES], and the current methods used to train and ready personnel for challenging positions.

Each party may have lofty goals, but there are real doubts within the SES whether the DNC has the skills needed to effectively oversee the required transformation. One cannot simply expand government without linking that expansion to a better system of oversight and execution.

Prior to Katrina, both parties were present when the Louisiana data was pouring in. This is a joint problem, not unique to a party, but a symptom of an unresponsive system.

If too lofty of goals are pursued, the probability of success will fall. It is easy to dream of power; but try to implement solutions when they cannot be articulated.

* * *

The DNC's problem is that it has for too long relied on the "bashing of the RNC" as its barometer and reminder of what it needs to do.

Soon, the RNC will collapse, and the DNC will be left confused, no longer reminded of what it needs to do.

The DNC will, in the vacuum of uncertainty, run to the entrenched systems they currently deride. Those in the consulting and policy making world will be familiar with the current state of disharmony, than what we might ideally hope for in the future.

The current system, although it may be freed from the RNC chains, will still take time to adjust to the new masters. The DNC is not prepared to transform, nor does it have the power and credibility to command a swift change. That catalyst, 9-11, is from long ago.

It is likely, should the DNC prevail, it will flounder. It will be lost, only if it is let to drift. The SES, which remains entrenched, will not let that happen.

Changes in funding profiles will not quickly unharness old mares. It is not clear, given the enormity of the challenge, that the system can credibly transform as quickly as is needed. Regardless the pace, we only have one system.

* * *

The RNC does not look at the DNC as a worthy opponent. The RNC looks at themselves, however abusive they are, as being refined leaders. They regard the DNC as being a mob of drug-crazed hippies, who simply had a touch up. But the lighting, however you change the crew, does not suddenly bend in new ways.

* * *

The DNC is not ready for leadership. Nor can it handle criticism. It is still in its youth, taking each remark as a personal attack.

They are just as willing to create excuses, play victim, and rationalize retaliation. But the message doesn't change.

This is what is at the heart of the RNC fear: That the DNC, in their incompetence, will simply blame all on the RNC.

* * *

The DNC has been beat down under the Patriot Act. The DNC is not ready to handle:

  • leadership

  • responsibility

  • results

  • criticism

  • diplomacy

    There is not enough time to get out the "9-11 beat-them down-era" and then at the same time enable and ready their leadership.

    It cannot be done between now and the next election in 2006; and remains unlikely by 2008. But they may win, despite their unreadiness.

    * * *

    The DNC, because it does not have the time to mature, has to rely on the existing system of consultants, lobbyists, and entrenched SES.

    The DNC doesn't know enough of the details with the current flawed system to develop an independent plan, much less monitor the results and adjust to events as they unfold.

    They are overwhelmed simply because they choose to rely on RNC-beatings, rather than chart their own path, with a new vision and crew. They still lean on that which they deride.

    And this is their flawed source of power: It is called narcissism. They know they go to far, and then offer favors; then, when they feel threatened, they attack without warning.

    But the pattern is recognizable. They feign organization, but their ability to execute is flawed.

    When reminded over the legal requirements, they defend their innocence. Yet, is it not curious how quickly they run to defend that which need not be defended. No one has accused them, but defensive the be.

    * * *

    The DNC is readying their scapegoats. Those they trust for wisdom, guidance, and insight are the real workhorses. But rest assured, the DNC doesn't have the mechanism to secure that victory with a stable leadership.

    The DNC doesn't have an independent and novel mechanism to win, nor learn and embrace habits of new leadership; nor rally experts in a new way; nor develop more credible plans.

    They have the same flawed system. It is called America.

    * * *

    The RNC calculus is to stick with what is known, however lawless. Their view is that to change is worse.

    They know there is not enough time to execute the needed change, so they argue that it is far more prudent to stick with what is known, rather that move to what is self-evidently disorganized.

    * * *

    There are bleak prospects for real transformation in the American government. The entrenched bungling is at odds with the real requirements.

    The RNC has no credibility to lead; and the DNC has no leader with credibility.

    The DNC will have trouble with leadership and in addressing the flawed entrenched mechanism

    Although well known within the SES circles, the DNC doesn't know how to plan for the executive management. Although there are professional staffs and institution of higher learning, we've seen the results since 9-11: The flaws are not because of the party in charge. The flaws in execution are because of the system that remains a barrier to effective change.

    It is not likely the DNC will change from the existing management training and systems which failed us prior to 9-11; nor will there be some novel management system that will replace what is failed. There is not time to examine, once again, what is self-evidently flawed, and then replace it with what is not proven.

    This is an entrenched system, with people and systems that cannot change fast enough.

    * * *

    The DNC is just as willing to engage in "their approved/sanctioned abuse" as the RNC. The DNC has a growing sense of entitlement to engage in retaliation. They believe retribution, even unlawful, is acceptable.

    The DNC cannot handle criticism. They twist words to suit their paranoia. They feel any wayward comment is an appropriate catalyst to lash out, however unfamiliar they are with their opponent.

    This is their weakness. They do not understand who they are up against. They only understand what they've been mislead to embrace.

    * * *

    The DNC feels emboldened to retaliate. They will hope for the same results, however absurd, but use novel approaches.

    These new approaches are merely new routes to the same bonfire.

    The DNC enjoys retaliation, then silence. They have a hard time with modest dialog with those who are different or share another view.

    They have an entrenched habit of lashing out, especially those within their ranks their perceive as powerless.

    They do so, because like the RNC, the DNC leadership believe the masses have no other choice.

    But they do.

    * * *

    The DNC likes to intimidate, but call it something else. It self-promotes, but what real vision and plan is there? They call for investigations, but what new result and new outcome is to be expected?

    They offer nothing novel, just the promise of change. Then those within their ranks who dare to speak of specifics or challenge the lovely image of the future, are called to account with self-effacing apology for daring to express another view.

    Although the wise within the DNC dare to speak out about the challenges and the risks, they too are not specific with the details. But despite the lack of specifics by either the visionaries or the ones who raise questions, the masses simply want silence and demand accountability and good order.

    The DNC rank and file have for so long been disciplined by the RNC, that the DNC membership is now willing to impose that order on their own: To assert their love for the image, and hold with disdain within the DNC leadership anyone who dares waiver from the bold image.

    But where are the specifics? The masses will have none of it. Despite their hatred for this fascism, they have embraced it, and now trod upon their finest simply because "now is not the time to challenge."

    But if not now, when there is time to think, what will happen when they take power and there are real challenges and diversions?" They masses simply say, "We'll deal with that later, now is not the time to let ones eyes stray."

    When the leadership begins to stray or question, the masses in the DNC want discipline. Who is running the show when the leadership walks on eggshells, and apologizes for doing what it has been voted into office to do: To lead?

    * * *

    The flaw of the DNC is that, for so long, they have been beaten down, that they self-congratulate themselves simply because it is the fruit of power.

    But self-congratulation is not the same as recognizing what is worthy of recognition and acclaim.

    The trap the DNC have is that they believe they can rely on self-promotion and self-adornment as the basis for power, and then use that self-styled fanfare as the basis to justify and embolden retaliation, exile, smearing, and jumping to conclusions.

    Notice how easily they are jostled by a whiff of air approaching realism. They cannot have it, for now is "not the time." But if not now, when?

    * * *

    Notice how quickly they run to the aid of those who eloquently state something. But as soon as one of their own arrives at a contrary conclusion, however eloquent, then trash those who used the same approach once celebrated.

    The DNC is willing to use the RNC machine and method developed since the Patriot Act, but for their own efforts to smear, exile, silence, and intimidate.

    What's changed is that the focus of the intimidation has changed from government-centered intimidation, to one of intimidation by the foolish masses.

    The effect is the same. The only difference is who is targeted: Not them.

    They are no different.

    * * *

    The DNC's fatal habit is that they are used to, as a response, discipline, compliance, and defense.

    They are not ready to exercise the opposite: Novelty, leadership, creativity, exploration, and assertiveness for the rule of law.

    But it is likely they will, given their lack of experience, feign too far to compensate for what is not familiar. Ready to be swift disciplinarians for trifles; to develop novel rules to justify their self-loathing they blame on others.

    * * *

    There are forces which recognize the DNC problems and this opposition is awakening and emerging. The DNC, fearing leadership and accountability, attacks all other views as threats which much be snuffed out.

    However, this opposition self-evidently is stronger, otherwise it would succumb to the intimidation.

    The DNC is not used to questions and accountability, so are stunned when challenged. The opponent, like an unfavorable win, continues to keep the DNC off balance, unstable, and annoyed at the wind.

    But it was the DNC who chose to enter the sea lanes. As the water grows deeper, the wind simply does more to encourage the DNC to overcompensate, quickly exhausting the green crew in deep waters.

    Now they are vulnerable. And it is when the surprising wisp of air is not recognized as an imminent gale, that the DNC loses their focus.

    Suddenly, the air calms. The skies clear. Then the fatal blows strike, as the DNC overreacts. They are stunned, surprised by their own reaction.

    Then nothing.

    The waiting is the worst.

    * * *

    The wind doesn't stop. It reminds the DNC of the days when there were no winds.

    But within those winds, the crew hears echoes of other ages. When there were other battles raged. Now, they fall under the spell of their old masters.

    Now the crew gets compared to the old slave ships. Enough of that!

    But there was nothing about slave ships in the wind. Be still.

    The crew is restless, and the first mate imposes needed discipline.

    His flaw, is to focus not on the distant sea coast, but to organize the crew into perfect teams. They learn to eloquently sing to keep them in perfect harmony.

    Their self-evident flowing motions inspire the captain. Things are perfect.

    * * *

    The waves crash upon them, and the first mate begins to rethink his plans. He is now emboldened to abuse, engage in selective bantering with his favorites, and then pull out the cat's tail for those who notice the his bleeding, foaming lip.

    Those eyes. They are the eyes of a thirsty man.

    * * *

    What do we call this by any other name?

    These acts.

    The waves still rise. The clouds still gathering.

    The crew is unclear. Out comes the cat's tail, slashing the cheeks of once proud sailors.

    From his chin drips one running stream of sweat.

    Without warning he screams, "Paranoid."

    The crew is silent.

    * * *

    The storm awakens them. The sea water broken through where the seagulls had left a nest.

    The ships captain mistakes the booming thunder for cannon fire.

    "Cannons, left!"

    This is for real.

    The load the cannons, returning the fire from the heavens.

    The rain subsides.


    * * *

    "Mast ahead."

    Again, the first mate wipes his brow.

    The looking glass resting on his cup of tea. It tastes of peanut oil, not tea.

    * * *

    The captain reminds the crew to expect refinement. That a fair leader is one that can succinctly inspire.

    The crew stares straight.

    One dares blink. He smells the cat-tail.

    * * *

    The captain waves at the heavens, "We have defeated the foe."

    The crew, at the horse latitude, pulls with all its might.

    The rest on land.

    It has been a tiring year.

    * * *

    The island water is wretched. Fortunately, there is plenty of wood to boil it clean. It still smells of leathered gloves, but with sweat still biting the tongue. Just on one side.

    Very strange.

    The clouds have cleared. But one on the horizon.

    * * *

    The winds and seas are rough. The crew pulls with all its might.

    * * *

    "I would like to see the chart."


    "The chart."

    * * *

    It is the one behind the painting in the captain's quarters. It is never asked for, but in dire straights.

    "Here," the Captain says, "the land."

    * * *

    It was night when they first hit land, that land without a name.

    "We claim this . . ." and so it was theirs. Then they tilled the land, and sent the bounty back home.

    In exchange, the well placed statesman did dispatch favorable news.

    He would have his land. And be governor.

    * * *

    But things didn't change under the Governor. His only power was from the imposed smiles he spied, sipping his cup of tea. Not the taste of peanuts, but real tea.

    Governor dispatched his able servant, most trusted ally. TO froth about and talk of non-sense, as if a court jester.

    It was the part of the plan.

    * * *

    The princess spied through her cloak. She knew better. Had seen this before.

    Her father was a great legal scholar, reminding her of the ways of the court.

    "It is no different in that land, just cloaked with a different voice."

    Just as wretched as peanut-flavored team.

    * * *

    Wait, why is there a princess in a land with a governor?

    She's not known to be a princess. She's actually pretending to be something else.

    Like what?

    Not a princess.

    A king?

    No, Kings don't spy. They have others do that.

    Then why would a princess? She's not a princess, right now.

    Will she be a queen?

    * * *

    The slave ship loaded up the baggage and cargo.

    It was ghastly.

    They had traveled this route many times.

    The captain was especially unsettled, spraying spit on his broken eggs.

    "I hate breakfast."

    * * *

    "How is the crew?"


    "The crew. Have they finished?"

    As well as can be expected.

    "You idiot. We're late."

    There were no clocks. How did he know?

    * * *

    I think the old man is off his rocker. He's not willing to work with those he's ably led.

    He's not doing with others what he does on his own.

    He's only focusing on the image, not the details.

    Who would hire him, despite his experience?

    He has no experience.

    * * *

    She saw he was no different than her father.

    He had no special pass, nor access.

    "We've come this far, but no further."

    You've traveled this far
    Beyond your wildest dreams
    But you have not yet started.

    * * *

    They swept the deck with palm trees.

    Very rough.

    "They are the only brooms you will ever see again."

    "I didn't say we were stuck here."

    "Who asked?"


    * * *

    The clouds.

    Then the captains cries.

    "Enough of the thunder."

    But it has always put him to sleep.

    "We must move to put the thunder to rest."

    The shore was peaceful, lovely, and they were leaving.

    * * *

    The wind stopped.

    "How did we get here?"

    "You said . . ."

    "Did I ask you . . .!"

    He stopped breathing.

    * * *

    It was the same star, but over different water. The volcano proved to be another set of clouds.

    "I see no island . . . "

    They ran aground.

    * * *

    What are penguins doing here?

    "Why are we where the penguins should not be?"

    No penguins, Captain. Your boot.

    "I need breakfast."

    * * *

    He awoke.


    We've got some sponges.


    Mix it with the breakfast.

    * * *

    They opened up their folders. The DNC wasn't in the mood for training.

    "This is uttler pointless."

    How much are we paying for this?

    I don't care. We're not going back. Just more waste of time.

    "How much are the contract termination costs?"

    * * *

    We're going to shut this down. Its not working.

    You're only allowed to practice free speech if it is consistent with our definition of reality, what we consider worthy of entertainment.

    Forget what we said before, that doesn't apply to us. We're doing it for the right reasons.

    * * *

    There's alot of energy going into getting the vote.

    But do they have a plan?

    They have no mechanism to lead once they win.

    They have no comfort in dealing with both leadership, responsibility, and opposition. It is far to complicated.

    Who's asking for the explanations? Those without a vision.

    They're redefining the problem in terms that are solvable, not in terms of what is really wrong.

    All you have to do is read the letter, change RNC to DNC, and then see it for what it is: Its a flawed reflection.

    Yet look at the chorus that celebrates what is self-evidently prattle.

    Indeed, they’ve so used to embracing the divine guidance of the self-appointed leaders, that they've grown deaf, blind, and mute to see this is but non-sense.

    Their minds are in a vice, but they freely keep it there, enjoying the novel view.

    The simple things: They wave their hands for image, but the waving doesn't lift their wings. They have but arms, not used to lifting.

    Surprising how far they'll dig to find an answer, but now, its slipping through their fingers.

    Execution, like the RNC, is what the DNC has a problem with. They just don't like to be reminded that they're flawed in a different way.

    They pride themselves on "being different," but ask that we lower the standards, and raise our souls.

    But to what? They have no specifics.

    * * *

    Those boots were not penguins?

    The princess moved them.