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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Alleged American War Crimes Archive

This is an archive of the blogspots, links and other information related to alleged American war crimes planning, policymaking, organizing, and implementation; and alleged failures to prevent war crimes.

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Legal Theory
The US ignored the Geneva Conventions, and illegally asserted because something was or was not torture it fulfilled its legal obligations. The Standard is Geneva; the US failed to meet the Geneva Standard. [ Summary Charts ]

Ref Legislative retroactive grants of immunity for war crimes are illegal assertions of Judicial Power.

Ref It is frivolous to argue that something is or isn't torture, when abuse is the Geneva standard; and the prisoner treatment is abusive.

Prosecutor Contact Details

Ref ICC Prosecutor

Ref German

Ref Milan, Italy


Ref Geneva Conventions: All inhumane treatment of prisoners of war is forbidden.

Ref Nuremburg, Ludwigsburg: Civilian contractors may lawfully be executed many years after committing war crimes.

Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal: Civilian leaders in policy making positions may be indicted for failing to prevent war crimes when they had the power, obligation, and means to investigate and prevent illegal Geneva Violations.

Ref Judges Trial: Judicial Officers, Attorneys May be Prosecuted For Illegal Opinions, failure to enforce law.

Section 2441: War Crimes

Ref Title 50: POTUS legal obligation to report NSA violations.

Ref Title 28: AG Obligation To Report violations of statute

5 USC 3331: Oath of Office

Ref Detailed Statutes implicating Members of Congress in alleged failure to prevent war crimes that they knew and should have investigated and stopped; or when they realize they were not notified, as required under Title 28 and Title 50, they allegedly were negligent in not asserting their oath to investigate and prevent what they had the power to prevent, document, and report to appropriate authorities in the US Attorneys office, DoJ OPR, and the Inspector Generals in the Appropriate departments.


Ref Members of Congress have illegally asserted powers outside Article I. Failure to Enforce A Congressional Rule Does not Immunize Alleged War Criminals

Ref Congress May Not Make A Law Affecting Ongoing Litigation. Congress Has No Article III Powers to neither Immunize Anyone For War Crimes, nor exercise Article III powers to interpret Geneva, nor deny anyone the right to challenge unlawful activity.

Indictments and Alleged Defendants

Ref Draft Indictment: Alleged War Crimes

Ref Draft Indictment: Members of Congress Alleged Complicity, including Pelosi, Senators and Representatives

The following people, organizations and entitles are innocent until proven guilty. The following links go to detailed information related to their alleged involvement, complicity, or failure to prevent war crimes.


Here are sample discovery plans related to the war crimes investigation.

Ref Summary Pelosi alleged failure to prevent war crimes, failure to assert 5 USC 3331 oath in re Title 28 and Title 50 planned violations of the law which were known and not prevented; or not reported as required. Pelosi and others allegedly did not review the failure of the Attorney General and President to document the planned violations of the Geneva Conventions. Her alleged recklessness materially failed to prevent war crimes, and stop funding for things that should have been investigated, and documented to the US Attorney, Inspector General, which Pelosi and other minority leadership were in a position to do, but they allegedly failed to do so.

Members of Congress

Allegation: Failure to prevent illegal war crimes planning, Geneva violations; failure to investigate and prevent illegal war crimes; continued appropriations for illegal activity

Ref Alleged Defendants depart the stage (l-r): McCain, Warner, Graham.

Ref Senator Graham

Ref Senator McCain

Ref Senator Gordon Smith [OR]

Ref Senator Specter

Ref Senator Warner

Ref Representative Pelosi

Ref Representative Conyers

Ref Rep. Jones [ R - NC ]

Executive Branch Personnel

Allegation: Complicity in Alleged Illegal War Crimes Planning, failure to prevent, obstruction of justice.

Ref Vice President.

Ref Secretary of State Rice

Ref Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld

Alberto Gonzalez

Ref DoD IG

Staff In Position to Advise, But Refused to Prevent Article 82 Violations

Ref Bard Dayspring


Allegation: Illegal opinions, failure to prevent war crimes, formulation of unlawful policy, failure to enforce Geneva Conventions.

Ref Charles D. Stimson, DoD

Ref US Attorneys fail to assert their oath of office, ignore patterns of conduct which support war crimes; fail to investigate patterns of conduct which relate to war crimes; provide illegal excuses not to gather evidence of war crimes; refuse to enforce Geneva Conventions.

Ref Jeffrey Addicott, Dean, St. Mary's University School of Law.

Ref Addington: Alleged illegal war crimes policies, alleged complicity with illegal legal opinions on war crimes

Ref Berenson: Alleged failure to prevent illegal war crimes planning, rendition, and illegal abuse of prisoners.

Ref Gonzalez: Alleged perjury

Ref Haynes

Keisler: Alleged illegal war crimes policies

Ref Viet Dinh: Alleged illegal policies related to prisoner detention, other outrages against civilians including alleged unlawful kidnapping

Ref Yoo DOJ Internal Deliberations

Members of the Court

Ref Chief Justice Roberts

Ref Bybee: Alleged Illegal Opinions

Commercial Entities

Ref Abraxas

Ref Affiliated Computer Systems


Ref Boeing

Ref Fleishman Hilliard


Ref Lockheed Martin


Ref Terremark

Ref Verizon

* * *

State Prosecutions

Ref Legal authority of state officials to assert the oath of office; use lawful force to end illegal war crimes; and lawfully bring Members of Congress and the President to justice for violating the Supreme Law.

Ref Legal options of State Officials to compel the President to protect the Constitution. Leaders who fail to consider these lawful options are hopeless and allegedly equally complicit with unlawful war crimes planning, policies, and implementation.

Ref Milestones for Litigation and Lawful Execution by War Crimes Tribunal.

State Efforts To End Illegal Federal Government Activity California Example Plan Checklist Governor Role

Ref State Prosecution of President

Ref State Attorney Disbarment Efforts: DoJ Staff, US Attorneys

Ref State Proclamations: Impeachments

Ref States may lawfully raise an army to subdue and arrest the alleged war criminals in the Executive Branch, end all illegal commerce supporting the American war crimes, and lawfully prosecute the President and Members of Congress for war crimes.

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The following are links related to flawed defenses.

Ref Ticking time bomb scenario.

* * *


Ref> GOP Proves it has the time to chase frivolous, illusory legal issues: PRoof they had the opportunity to enforce teh law, had legal counsel, but chose not to enforce the laws of war, as required.

Ref DoD Detainee Atty Makes Inconsistent Out of Court Statements [Basis for Disbarment Investigation]

Ref DoJ Memoranda: POWs were allegedly illegally photographed [retroactive policy on photography; shows lack of compliance with Geneva]

Ref Presidential Memoranda allegedly directing illegal abuse.

Ref Pearle: Not all lawful, non-military options exhausted before invading Iraq.

Ref Former Member of Congress website [Delay]

Ref Weapons allegedly placed near civilians.

Ref Illegal contract language to suppress disclosure of war crimes evidence.

Ref American White House counsel knew about, and failed to remove himself from alleged transfer of prisoners for illegal abuse in Syria.

Ref POWs abused without reason; punished to provoke them to complain; use POW complaints as pretext to engage in additional abuse.

Ref CENTCOM Public Affairs communications, allegedly in violation of Smith Act; computer system allegedly lined with war crimes and violations of FISA to illegally access and use information, subsequently used to illegally abuse prisoners of war.

Ref Bybee Memo: What they illegally permitted, then retroactively hoped to legalize, but violated Geneva.

Ref The memoranda.

Ref Military Commission Bill Draft Bill, Q's At End

Ref Congress approves legislation which does not enforce Geneva. Includes language giving US government employees and contractors funds to defend themselves before The Hague.

Ref CIA Detention Centers

Ref Ashcroft Memo reveals NSC discussion on Geneva and POWs prior to Feb 2002; evidence POTUS Eastern European detentions linked with unlawful objective to deny Geneva protections.

Ref Feb 2002 Memo

Ref FOIA On Rendition and Detention Center

Ref GTMO lessons applied to Eastern Europe: Evidence, monitoring, oversight, camp policies.

Alleged War Crimes Planning

Ref GOP Selected War Criminals

Ref Oregon Attorney-Client Monitoring Program

Ref Rendition

Ref Language providing US funds for defense during war crimes investigations and prosecution.

Ref DoJ Staff Counsel discussions with private counsel.

Key Legal Milestones

Ref Complaint against American leadership to German Prosecutor.

Ref Wolfgang Kaleck presents evidence to German war Crimes prosecutor.

Ref Immunity Denied to DoJ Staff, Prosecutors.

Ref US Congress Military Commissions Act seen as evidence US government and corporate officials not taking Geneva Seriously; analogy of Yugoslavia invoked to support prosecutions and lawful military actions against Americans in the continental United States.

Ref US Govt illegally claims evidence of war crimes, prisoner abuse is classified; subsequently discredited with revelations of White House order directing the alleged war crimes.