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Friday, July 14, 2006

Constellation: Ludwigsburg

Ludwigsburg is where the Nuremberg trials continued, prosecuting over 100,000 Germans after WWII.

This is the precedent to establish a group in the United States that will similarly lawfully hunt down, and bring to justice alleged war criminals who serve as Members of Congress, attorneys, contractors, planners, military personnel, and others in the Executive and Judicial Branches.

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There is no statute of limitations on war crimes. Contrary to public mythology, the Nuremberg War Crimes trials were not limited to a handful of Nazi conspirators. Ludwigsburg, Germany was where German war criminals were prosecuted well into the 1990s.

The lesson is simple. There is not merit by any argument of the American Bar Association, Executive Branch, or DoJ Attorney Staff that the number of war criminals in WWII was small and finite. The attorneys making these out of court statements have one objective: To dissuade accountability for their war crimes liability in planning, organizing, directing, and failing to prevent war crimes that they knew, or should have known were grave violations of the Geneva Conventions and laws of war.

All attorneys have a lawful requirement under the conventions to ensure that the laws of war are fully implemented. The American legal community knows full well they have failed to timely ensure the Conventions were implemented.

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Ludwigsburg is important. It is a reminder that many decades after war criminals commit grave violations of international law; they can be hunted down worldwide and brought to justice.

The American legal community is well versed in history. They know full well that Germany following WWII was in dire need of civilian leadership, and there was great reluctance to prosecute those who the Allies needed to govern Germany. There is no similar restraint in 2006. America is populated by able bodied civilians, and there is no shortage of attorneys who are willing to fill the ranks of the war criminals who precede them.

The American legal community is well versed in economics. They sit on advisory boards for major corporations including IBM and AT&T. The legal community knows that there is no dire economic crisis, nor is there a shortage of personnel to fill difficult jobs. Even if the numbers of US legal experts who are ultimately indicted runs into the tens of thousands, there remain plenty of other lawyers.

The American legal community is well versed in defense policy. They know full well the laws of war, and serve as General counsel to major corporations like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and other defense contractors. Even if the war crimes indictments ultimately prosecute and put to death thousands of Americans for their unlawful contribution to grave violations of Geneva, there are many other American citizens who can be trained and far better accomplish what the war criminals have failed to do: Read the Constitution.

* * *

There is no comparison between the United States of 2006 and post WWII Germany. America is not, as were the Europeans then, facing a monolithic enemy to the east, and there is no imminent threat of an invasion by large standing Armies. There is no requirement that America, as it did after WWII, ignore the violations of the law in order to preserve manpower to face a greater threat.

No attorney or Member of Congress that has assented to, planned, and failed to stop war crimes is indispensable. There is an orderly transition process in place to train and promote those who have a marginal interest in the law and Constitution.

There is no economic crisis or emergency. There is no requirement that those who have committed war crimes be given special treatment or that their services must be put to use to face an imminent, grave, and larger national emergency. Rather, these claims are dubious.

There is no credible basis for any attorney in DoJ to assert that the matters relate to issues of privilege. Rather, the sole objective of the Executive Branch attorney is for one thing: Not to protect the nation, but to avoid consequences for their reckless attack on the US Constitution, and defiance of their oath of office.

There is no need to limit the numbers of potential defendants to a finite number; nor require that the prosecutions and investigations end by an arbitrary date. There is no need to rush. Anything the American legal community says that suggests there is a "grave emergency" is merely fanciful thinking by those who have committed war crimes.

Leadership isn't simply achieving objectives; it is also being sensitive to how those objectives are achieved. Results and means are equally important, especially when it comes to matters of the Constitution and the rule of law.

There is no valid basis for anyone in the American civilian community to believe that nothing can be done. Rather, the legal community has one objective: To make you believe that nothing should be done. They are wrong, and equally reckless in failing to assert their oath, protect the Constitution, and ensure their freely chosen professional standards are fully implemented.

The American legal community and Members of Congress have failed to provide leadership, and recklessly ignored the laws of war. The lesson of Ludwigsburg should not be missed: The rule of law shall prevail, there is no statute of limitations on war crimes, and ultimately Members of Congress and the American Legal Community shall be forced to face justice at a war crimes tribunal.

You wished this.

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