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Sunday, June 04, 2006

David S. Addington Disbarment Project

The following information is an outline of allegations related to David S. Addington, Chief of Staff to the Vice President, for purposes of investigation into disbarment.

Authority: Hamdan

Summary of the Charges

Geneva Conventions are requirements. Article 82 imposes a legal duty on counsel to ensure the laws of war program is fully implemented. The President of the United States, as Commander in Chief, relied on the allegedly reckless legal advise Addington gave suggesting (incorrectly) that the laws of war, Geneva Conventions, and US Constitution and Statutes do not apply to the President. While provising principal advise to the Commander in Chief, Addington allegedly encouraged, planned, directed, and knew of and failed to prevent, violations of ARticle 87 in devising, planning, and coordinating plans, policies, and directives to ensure prisoners were mistreated in violation of the Geneva Conventions.


  • War crimes

  • Illegal abrogation of treaties, US Constitution

  • Unlawful conspiracy

  • Witness tampering

  • Obstruction of justice

  • Fraud upon agency, court

  • Conduct wholly at odds with DC Bar Standards of Professional Conduct

  • References, Documents

    Geneva Conventions

    US Constitution

    DC Bar Investigation Process

    8th Circuit Court Jury Instructions

    US Attorney Manual



    David C. Addington is the Chief of Staff for the Vice President of the United States and has served as General Counsel and chief legal advisor to numerous government personnel, agencies, and leaders. He graduated with distinction and honors from Duke University Law School, and is widely reported to be a pre-eminent literary and legal scholar and policy maker and advisor to the President and Vice President of the United States.

    While serving with distinction on the Iran-Contra Minority Committee in 1987, Addington is reported to have been the chief architect of the well researched and lengthy memoranda outlining the legal arguments in support of the Iran-Contra activities.

    Addington as chief legal advisor to the Department of Defense under then Secretary of Defense distinguished himself through outstanding service, commitment to the law, and an untiring devotion to the law. He also served and provided outstanding legal analysis and support to the Central Intelligence Agency where he well articulated many legal opinions covering issues critical to the nation’s security and national defense.

    Suddenly Things Changed

    Despite his familiarity with the DoD Directive 5100.77 Laws of War Program and Article 83 Geneva Conventions obligations as an attorney, Addington allegedly orchestrated, advised, and provided legal counsel to the White House on issues ranging from rendition, torture, war crimes, and domestic activity which allegedly violates the US Constitution.

    Addington is a well trained lawyer, and well familiar with his legal obligations under the DC Bar, and has personally visited with the Vice President the detention camps in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

    Addington is widely reported to have been a significant contributor to various legal memoranda allegedly supporting the use of abuse, rendition, and torture. It was only when the abuses came to light that the public understood Addington’s role in providing legal advise.


    Count 1: Alleged Violation of Geneva Conventions

    While principal legal advisor to the Vice President, Addington knew or should have known of 5100.77 and Geneva Convention Articles 3 and 82. These Conventions remain in full force. All belligerents are afforded legal protections. Addington allegedly encouraged, advised, and otherwise refused to stop allegedly illegal conduct that he knew or should have known was in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

    Count 2: Alleged Conspiracy

    While working in concert with his alleged co-conspirators, Addington with the assistance of Attorney General Gonzalez and other legal counsel worked in concert to violate the US Treaty obligations.

    Rather than showing any signs of contrition or remorse for his allegedly reckless legal advice, Addington labeled the clearly promulgated Geneva Conventions as quaint and allegedly refused to remove themselves after the misconduct and alleged illegal activity surfaced.

    Count 3: Alleged Obstruction of Justice and Witness Tampering

    Addington is widely reported in the open media to engage in allegedly unprofessional conduct, to include bullying and arrogant conduct. Despite well articulated legal arguments in support of the Geneva Conventions, Addington is widely reported to allegedly claim that the treaty obligations do not apply and that those who argue otherwise deserve to be exposed and face consequences.

    Despite knowing the ORCON classification requirements related to HUMINT, Addington allegedly worked in concert with indicted-Libby to devise a legal argument to justify retaliating against those who had material information related to alleged criminal conduct, illegal warfare, and unlawful abrogation of US treaty and statutory obligations.

    COUNT 4: Alleged Fraud upon US Government

    Despite full knowledge of the US Constitution 4th Amendment requirements requiring warrants and his well discussed Jackson test in the 1987 Minority Report which puts the President’s position at a low point, Addington allegedly recklessly argued the President could ignore the Courts and the Congress on matters related to the alleged illegal domestic monitoring program.

    Addington allegedly well knows the FISA requirements domestic activity is wholly disconnected from any exceptions under the Statutes. Addington allegedly recklessly engaged in conduct which by passed the court, and articulated in writing a process to circumvent the clearly promulgated agency review requirements.

    Addington allegedly counseled others to deprive the FISA court of full knowledge of the illegal domestic surveillance activity, and failed to ensure that allegedly illegal activity that he knew other attorneys practicing in the DC Bar was reported.


    The above allegations, if investigated and proven true, warrant consideration as a basis to disbar Addington from practicing law.