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Friday, February 23, 2007

Draft War Crimes Indictment Rep. Walter Jones [ R - NC ]

Alleged war criminal Walter Jones is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Please forward your evidence to the German war crimes prosecutor.

* * *


1. Fatal assertions implicate Members of Congress for alleged war crimes complicity; and alleged failure to prevent what they had the power to prevent, stop, change, or avoid.

2. Jones is reported to have stated, "Those troops were sent on a mission created by elected officials in Washington"

3. Ref Jones has fatally asserted his contention that Members of Congress have crafted a mission with they, as civilian policy makers, have the power to adjust.

4. Refusing to adjust what is illegal means Members of Congress, by Jones' assertion, are complicity with illegal warfare.

5. Jones statements outside Congress are not protected, and may be introduced before war crimes persecutors for purposes of establishing whether Members of Congress knew or should have known that they had anabilty to change policies related to illegal warfare.

Count 1: Alleged breach of Geneva Conventions

6. Duty to report, investigate, and document; failed.

Count 2: Alleged violation of oath of office

7. Duty to fully assert oath; failed.

Count 3: Alleged failure to prevent war crimes

8. Duty to review legal issues with counsel; failed.

9. Fatally asserted complicity with an alleged illegal mission.

10. Publicly asserted there were legal options which Members of congress knew existed, but were not exericsing to end alleged illegal warfare.


11. Jones has fatally asserted he and other members of Congress had the means to end illegal warfare but concsiosly chose not to end what they refused to review.

12. Lawful punishment on civilian policy makers who fail to prevent war crimes when is established by precedent. The law permits courts to impose like punishment for similarly situated policy makers who violate or reuse to prevent violations of the laws of war.

13. Nuremberg and Tokyo are precedents for imposing on civilian policy makers with the power to prevent, stop,andivnestiate war crimes serious legal consequences including the death penalty. If lawfully adjudicated and convicted of war crimes, the appropriate remedy and punishment for Jones is the death penalty.