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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kick Lieberman Out, Hand Keys to GOP

Ref DNC should quit groveling, and call Lieberman on his threat: Kick him out, and let the GOP control the Senate.

As it stands, it doesn't matter who controls the Senate: GOP cannot make the DNC do anything; and the Senate isn't going to be ale to do much.

The GOP would still need the "magic 60" to do anything; time for the DNC, while it controls the Senate, to make permanent the rules protecting the minority; and ensure the Filibuster is protected against the VP nuclear options.

Senate DNC should prepare for Lieberman's departure, plan for minority status, and look to the leadership in the House to protect the Constitution. They've had two months to show they can do something; the real power is out of the Senate GOP and with the House Chamber.

The GOP has been a good teach for the DNC of what a minority party can do. Time for the DNC to show the GOP they've been good students, and defer to the Speaker in the House for real protection and leadership.

The Senate isn't manageable. Let the GOP bungle it more.

* * *

Yes, I understand that GOP control of the Senate hands control of the Judiciary Committee to the Senate, but who cares: The Senate isn't able to do what it needs to do as it is.

* * *

Until the DNC kicks Lieberman out and forces the GOP to take responsibility -- for what does or doesn't happen in the Senate -- the DNC is going to get blamed for the 2001-2006 disasters.

Time for the House (not Senate) DNC leadership to accept: The House has the power to zero-out funding;; the House cannot be held hostage to the threats of one Senator.

Even if Lieberman moves to the GOP, the DNC is able to control the House and not cooperate with the Senate.

This is no way for the DNC to be brow beat into cooperating with war crimes.

This is fair notice to the House leadership -- the Senate is not willing to stand up; and the way forward is for the House leadership to zero-out funding for GOP objectives.

* * *

The President is a war criminal. The President has no power to compel the House to provide him funds for illegal things.

If the House and Senate -- after Lieberman gets kicked out of the DNC -- cannot agree on a bill, the President, GOP, and Senate are the losers: They aren't able to control the House votes on funding.

If there is no agreement between the GOP Senate and the DNC House on budget issues, then that is a problem for the President:

1. This President has not managed the war;

2. Despite efforts to direct and guide him, he's ignore his staff and the statues;

3. The appropriate way forward is to impose strict guidelines.

America's government cannot be forced to assent to Lieberman's non-sense. Kick him out of the DNC and accept: The real power of budgeting -- and only control on the President -- is the House Speaker.

* * *

Until Lieberman is kicked out, the DNC is the Senate is going to grovel on matters that the President should be prosecuted for.

This is absurd. Kick Lieberman out and make his threat meaningless. Then the GOP will be stuck with what the DNC can do:

___ Not support the 60 vote;

___ Discuss issues in the House;

___ House action to talk about things the GOP Senate refuses.