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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Draft War Crimes Indictment: Senator McCain

This is a draft war crimes indicement against Senator McCain.

[May be pudated without notice]

Ref McCain is coming unglued, showing his vindictive, abusive side: Alleged war criminals do that when they are cornered, and have no defense.

Ref Fatally asserts DoD maladministration problems well known, but Members of Congress did nothing to review, end, or mandate adjustments.

* * *

1. Senaor McCain is a senator from the State of Arizona.

2. Arizon is where Ft. Huachuka is located.

3. ISIS corpoation which conducts interrogation training in Arizona is associated direcly or indirectly with former military officials which Senator McCain is associated.

4. Senator McCain and others on the Senate Intelligenec, Senate Armed Services, and Senate Judicary Comitteees alelgedly worked with private contractors to immunize them for illegal Geneva vioaltions between 1997 and 2006.

5. senator McCain allegedly has attended briefings, has memoranda, and other documents related to requests that known Geneva violations be ignored, not investigated, or otherwise not enforced.

6. Senator McCain alelgedly knows, or shoul dknow, based on his experience in Vietnam what consstiutes inhumane treatement.

7. The Common Agreement between the Senate and White House on prisoner treatement is alelgedly unlawful, a grave breach of Geneva and fails to communicate clear policy what the Geneva requirements are.

8. Senator McCain has alelgedly failed to exercise due diligence while senator. Rather than review the illegal CIA detentions, Senator Grham and others allegedly ignored teh misconduct, failed ot investigate, and ahve accepted policies and legislative langauge that substatially falls short of the Geneva reuirements.

9. Senator McCain has allegedly worked with prviate contractors, former and curent military officials, and others to secure Congressional language that wold not enforce Geneva.

10. Senator McCain has allegedly failed to ivnestigate the GEnvea vioaltions in Eastern Europe; and failed to investigate conduct that the senate-White House agrement woudl illegally permit, in vioation of Geneva.

11. senator McCain has allegedly failed to review teh reasons why teh legislatiove langauge was requiested, nor reviewed allegations, details, evidence, or other alleged conduct which would reaonably prompt the contractors to seek this legislative langauge.

12. Senator McCain has sent an incorrec signal, sign, and communicated to the public in a misleading way. Contrary to his statements, the agreement in no way meets the Geneva Conventions; rather the Senatoar knows or should know that the agreement falls well shor to fthe Geneva requirements. The Agreement as crafted woudl permit additional grave breaches of Geneva.

13. Senator mcCain is allegedly reckless in his failure to investigate GEneva vioatlions. Senator McCain because of his pbuilc trust, standaing, experience, and involvement with POW issues is presumed to have an authortiative position on the matter. Senator McCain has allegedly exploited his public standing, asking the public to bleive tha this acceptance of the unalwful agreement shoudl be accepted as lawful.

14. Senator McCain has no lawful powr to exericse Article III judicial review. The Senator has no legal basis to immunize anyone, nor can he agree to a policy, or engage in a course of conduct that fails to enforce the law.

15. Senator mcCain knows, or shoul dknow, the Genvea conventions. HE has allegedly exploited his public position for personal political gain, while allegedly being reckless in his public duties, and has failed to craft langauge taht would bar all inhumane treatment, as otherwise is required under Geneva.

16. It is a grave breach of Genvea to craft langauge, forualte poilcy, or otherwise fail to ivnestigate allegations of misconduct. Rather than rview the alleged illegal conduc tin Easter Euroep, Senator McCain has crated illegal langauge that would illegally permit unlawful act. Senator McCain has allegedly been reckless in the perofrmance of his oath of office. Rather than efnorce th law, or ivnestiate, he has assented to illegal langauge which would permit additional vioaltiosn of Genvea.

17. Senators McCain's alelged reckless conduct in no way communicates that he is erious or has timely taken action to repvent war crimes. Rather, he has failed to ivnestigate and review the allegedly illegal contractor activity withi his own state of Arizona.

18. Senator Mccain's alleged illegal coduct, if proven true, brings dsicredt upon himself, the Senate, the Untied States of America and his distinguised miltiary service in the Untied states Navy. If convicted of all charges related to his alleged involvement and failure to prevent GEneva violations, the senator if lafwully adjudicted by an ARticle III judicial war crimes tribiunal should lawfully be senteced to death.