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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Choose Between Your Freedom and Fascism

The choice is fairly simple: Are you serious about your future? See more

America Blog had a good point: After the WMD-excuse proved phony, we supposedly went to Iraq because of torture; now America is debating when torture is a good thing. Gag!

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If you don't work your rear-end off now, you're going to kick yourself.

Here's what you can do:

1. Encourage your friends to reach out to the RNC, and listen to them: Consider their concerns.

2. Find people in your neighborhood who are leaning toward the RNC, and find out what they're motivated about.

3. Your job is to listen to them, and then understand the issues the RNC will hope to tap into in the next 6 weeks.

4. Whatever you find out, is what Rove and others will be using to tap into your friends in the DNC and also new voters who are leaning toward the DNC, but they hope to sway back to the RNC.

5. Discuss this article with your friends: Ref. This is what the RNC is doing. Your job is to keep the pressure on them, and encourage your leadership in the local parties to make personal contact with the RNC membership, and get them to shift to the DNC.

It's time the RNC leadership gets serious about making the best of their leadership: Are they doing what should be done -- and starting investigations -- or are they hoping the inevitable won't happen. Either way, remind your neighbors in the RNC (politely) that the war crimes tribunals and prosecutors are getting ready, and going after the RNC leadership, DoJ Staff, and CIA officers who have engaged in war crimes. Ref

Here's a sample of what you can do to shut down the RNC PR: Ref. More is on the way.

They're using lawyers to craft non-sense. Ref Just because someone is a lawyer doesn't mean anything. These Republican lawyers are alleged war criminals: Complicit, have failed to assert the rule of law, and have failed to remove themselves from illegal activity.

The Senate Republican lawyers have also been implicated for failing to protect the Constitution. They may be right on some issues, but they still can't be trusted to assert the rule of law. Ref

If the Republican rebellion were serious, the President would not have backed down easily, and the Republicans would have started investigations. They have started nothing, but continue with excuses. Ref

Gonzalez hasn't done his job. Ref. The illegal activity hasn't been investigated. Ref It's illegal to classify unlawful conduct. Those who are involved cannot hide behind executive privilege -- that is a sham excuse which the courts to do not recognize. The information related to the illegal activity is openly available: Ref

The RNC leadership is giving excuses for inaction. Their comments about war crimes are not credible. They have failed to remove themselves.

Their scare tactics say more about their fears, not our future. Ref

Their propaganda says more about their failures, than it does about our future. Ref

Their explanations are not believable. Their comments are only about their goal to immunize themselves from war crimes. This is impossible. Ref

Their plans in Iran are illegal. Their story doesn’t add up. They are relying on ignorance to justify committing war crimes. They have no evidence to justify their military targeting. This is a war crime. Ref

The rule of law is supreme, but the RNC leadership fails to understand their oath or take it seriously. Ref

There's no reason to trust this RNC leadership. They've actively supported illegal war crimes, and refuse to do anything to prevent the illegal targeting in Iran. Ref

Keep pressing the issues. Ref

Call attention to your points: Ref.

Keep focused: Ref.

Remind the RNC civilians: What the RNC leadership votes for is what they'll have to live with. Whatever the RNC says is permissible to be done, could be done to civilians during their detention before a war crimes trial: Ref.

If Republicans want American prestige, credible leadership, and national security, they need to have elected officials who will make those goals possible. This Republican leadership has failed. It's time to get new leaders who are serious about the rule of law, accountability, and solutions.

Have your friends personally visit republicans to talk to them about their voting choice. Share with others if you are finding strong resistance. The Republicans-voters aren't impossible.

Vote for the Democratic Party candidates.