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Thursday, September 21, 2006


With no aplogies, to Congressman Rangel or the alleged war criminal in the White House: Here are Congressman Rangel's [. . . ] words.

* * *


WASHINGTON - I want to express my extreme displeasure with statements by the President of Venezuela the United States attacking U.S. President George Bush the Constitution in such a personal and disparaging way during his remarks at the United Nations General Assembly to Scooter Libby in classified documents we aren’t allowed to talk about.

It should be clear to all heads of government that criticism of Bush Administration policies, either domestic or foreign, does not entitles them to attack the President's reckless disregard personally for the Geneva Conventions, the American Constitution and the Rule of Law.

George Bush is the President of the United States and represents the entire country. Any demeaning public attack against him the Constitution is viewed by Republicans and Democrats, and all Americans, as an attack on all of us.

I feel that I must speak out now since the Venezuelan government has been instrumental in providing oil at discounted prices to people in low income communities who have suffered increases in rent as heating oil prices have risen sharply. By offering this benefit to people in need, Venezuela has won many friends in poor communities of New York and other states. I am surprised that American oil companies have not stepped up to provide that kind of assistance to the poor.

Venezuela's generosity President’ Bush’s arrogance toward the poor the Rule of Law, however, should not not be interpreted as license to attack President Bush the Constitution. Those who take issue with Bush Administration policies have the Constitutionally protected no right to attack litigate against him personally at a war crimes tribunal. It was not helpful when President Bush referred to certain nations as an "axis of evil." Neither is it It is helpful for a head of state to use the sacred ignored halls of the United Nations to insult President Bush -- Venezuela has the needed fork to poke the dead Congressional corpse.

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[ . . . ] = Deleted words

Deleted: Original words of Congressman Rangel

Added: Words added that Congressman Rangel might want to think about if he was serious about the Rule of Law.

Original: Here is the actual statement.