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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

US War Criminals Can Be Hunted -- NSA SIGINT Compromised

War criminals in the American military can be lawfully hunted down.

The NSA SIGINT support to Israel has been compromised. This defect can be used against the Americans.

It is time to compel the Americans to assent to the rule of law, or face a military blockade and lawful threat of military force.

* * *

Ref Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System.

It's one thing to be worried about suitcase nukes. Quite another to worry about a portable NSA-intercept system.

These can be easily deployed around the United States to prepare for a lawful counter strike against US military interests.

If the American government wants to wage illegal war, then the American government says that its territory may lawfully be used to wage a lawful counter strike to target and lawfully render American war criminals to The Hague or other international tribunals.

They wished this.