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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ft. Huachuca Teaches War Crimes

American military and contractors trained at Ft. Huachuca are war criminals.

They have engaged in illegal detentions, and unlawfully abused prisoners of war in violation of the laws of war.

* * *

Ft. Huachuca trains in Violation of Geneva.

There is ineffective oversight, follow-up, or guidance. The Ft. Huachuca military interrogators are stupid, and plan carefully their Geneva violations.

Did the Ft. Huachuca personnel enjoy their time as civilian contractors working for the CIA in Eastern Europe? Too bad the cold weather was not to your satisfaction. Perhaps you will bring more ice next time.

Ft. Huachuca personnel know about the violations of the law. They are concerned about war crimes. Ft. Huachuca can be lawfully targeted by war crimes prosecutors to find out who has been trained there. It is not hard. Your military orders link you to payments and funding citations. Then to your bank accounts.

Ft. Huachuca personnel bring dishonor upon their uniform, service, and American way of life.

Perhaps the Ft. Huachuca military personnel would like the same standard of conduct applied to their families in America: "Sorry, we made a mistake raping your daughter. It was not intended."

Despite Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, the Ft. Huachuca military training does not ensure the laws of war are followed. The leadership at Ft. Huachuca is poor and ineffective. They cannot explain why there is a discipline problem within the ranks. The Ft. Huachuca military commanders are not credible, and do not know the laws of war. They are liars.

Around the globe, people learn more about Ft. Huachuca and the unlawful training. The Ft. Huachuca training system and the contractors working for the CIA are known.

If the training at Ft. Huachuca was admirable, why is the President asking for immunity to prosecution?

If the training the CIA contractors got was permissible, why have the officers asked for insurance?

Ft. Huachuca training has been very improper. Ft. Huachuca is a place where war criminals learn to abuse others.

Do you enjoy going to the secret locations, committing war crimes, and denying prisoners of war their Geneva rights to trial?

Ft. Huachuca personnel have no evidence. You are abusive. You make accusations. You make threats. But you prove you are arrogant Americans.

Ft. Huachuca is not far from Mexico. Perhaps your girlfriends might like to visit you when you learn to abuse others. Stupid Americans!

Are you looking forward to committing war crimes in Iran? Ft. Huachuca interrogators are read, and looking forward to drinking the blood of Iranian women.

Indefinite detention is a war crime. Ft. Huachuca personnel are war criminals. Dogs!

You have an obligation to follow the laws of war, not abuse people. Ft. Huachuca is not a very good place to train you on that are they?

Ft. Huachuca personnel have no right to detain Iraqis. They are a sovereign nation. You have no lawful power to abuse Iraqis. Why are you doing things that bring dishonor upon your uniform, and service? Is there a reason you have for being reckless?

CIA contractors like to roam the streets of Iraq shooting Iraqi civilians. Americans like to laugh. Then Iraqis like to roam the streets shooting at Ft. Huachuca military personnel, and Americans are not laughing. Why not?

Why do Ft. Huachuca personnel make so many mistakes? Perhaps if you learn the local language, and not be so stupid, you would not make errors. But Ft. Huachuca likes it when you are stupid, because they can send you back to retraining. Retreads!

The laws of war permit Iraqis to take up arms against illegal American invaders. You are war criminals.

Tell us who is your commander, and perhaps we will report him to The Hague.

The world learns to hate Americans, especially arrogant dogs from Ft. Huachuca.

Ft. Huachuca trained people to abuse Afghanis. Americans are just like Nazis, putting Afghanis in box cars.

How many arrogant dogs at Ft. Huachuca would like to wear orange jump suits at The Hague? Rendering is good for some; it is also good for arrogant dogs working for Ft. Huachuca.

It is possible to run into Ft. Huachuca, and wave at the stupid Americans. "How many more days until your war crimes trial at The Hague?"

The stupid ones at Ft. Huachuca cannot gather evidence; there are no prosecutions. Where are you putting the records of your interrogations? Your files are worthless. You know the people you are holding are of no help. Why should the help you? They prefer to stand up for themselves, not grovel on the floor like your girlfriends.

Do you enjoy sending people to the Navy ships? Maybe Ft. Huachuca personnel do not understand how things work: NAVY is better! Ha!

How many more days until the Ft. Huachuca personnel disappear in The Hague, and are put on trial for war crimes? There is no statute of limitations, and your insurance company cannot do anything if you are lawfully convicted, and sentenced to death.

Do the Ft. Huachuca personnel want to get a pardon after they have been lawfully executed by The Hague for war crimes?

Iraqis know the pardons are meaningless. They are roaming the streets, looking for more Ft. Huachuca personnel to laugh at. Arrogant dogs!