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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Alleged War Criminal Specter Inhales Rose Garden Smoke

Alleged war criminal Senator Specter, inhaling rose garden smoke, made a worthless promise to investigate DoD General Counsel's JAG-arm twisting.

* * *

Specter's words belie his long-standing poodle-like love affair with alleged war criminals. Rather than investigate the illegal detention centers, or abuse of power, he's promising he'll look into whether someone has or hasn't been twisted to say something about those matters.

The proper attention, if Specter was serious, would have been on the original abuse, not the White House side show. Even if Specter finds something, there's no reason to believe he'll do anything about it. At best, he'll draft a bill promising out outlaw already-illegal conduct, but do nothing when others violate that new provision.

It's time to investigate and prosecute Specter for his alleged failure to prevent the abuses and war crimes.

Maybe the court will "perhaps" (Specter's word) think about not imposing the lawful death penalty.