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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

War Crimes Indictments Package

This information relates to the international war crimes investigation underway. The information relates to war crimes allegedly committed, and not prevented, as required under the Geneva Conventions.

The target of the international war crimes litigation and investigation are individual Members of Congress, the Joint Staff, DoJ Staff counsel, and Members of the Executive Branch.

Details: Individual Members of Congress are liable for war crimes.

Action: Visit: What You Can Do

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Sample Letter

Jordan Paust,

Thank you for raising an important point: Members of Congress are individually liable for war crimes for failing to stop violations of Geneva. As you and others well know, the Tokyo War Crimes Trials indicted members of the Tokyo Cabinet for failing to prevent war crimes. Because of the shared ability to cancel funding for illegal things, both the responsibility and WWII precedent apply to Members of Congress.

Despite your well articulated reminder to individual Members of Congress on Geneva requirements, and the individual Member's legal responsibility to comply with Geneva, the Senate Judiciary Committee has passed out of committee a bill that will violate Geneva. This amounts to an unprotected legislative act and could subject the Committee Chairman to the indictment and prosecution you well articulated. The Geneva violations related to Rendition, and the illegal surveillance program are related: Failure to prevent violations of FISA permits illegal violations of Geneva, illegal abuse, and war crimes.

The fruits of the illegal domestic surveillance have been knowingly used in the domestic rendition program, and have resulted in further violations of Geneva. Congress has a duty to shut down funding for illegal activity, investigate, and prevent war crimes violations. There is no option, yet Congress cannot be trusted to embrace its Geneva Convention obligations.

In that spirit, please consider this draft war crimes indictment against Senator Specter; and a summary of the charges related to the illegal war crimes commission act of 2006 which both fail to meet the legal standard. Attached is a copy of the FOIA-related information which your peers in the legal community may find of interest for war crimes discovery. Included you will find a link to the alleged connection between the domestic FISA violations, and the illegal rendition efforts.

Also, Title 28 U.S.C. 530D is the Attorney General’s legal duty to report to Congress in writing his planned statutory and treaty violations to Congress. The Attorney General has allegedly conspired with individual Members of Congress to violate 28 USC 530D. The Attorney General, as evidenced by S.2453, has not complied with that reporting requirement, and Congress has not enforced that statutory obligation, violating 5 USC 3331.

If Americans are not willing to assert the rule of law at home, perhaps we may be guided by those who have learned, first hand the ravages of war crimes in Europe. The European Union continues to investigate the rendition violations. Perhaps others like you in the American Bar Association may cooperate with the EU, and seek indictments of the individual Members of Congress before The Hague. This would not come as a surprise to Individual Members of Congress. This Congress, on the pages 84-86 of the Military Commissions Act of 2006, drafted language permitting US obligations to support investigations and defense of US government personnel before international tribunals.

Jordan Paust, thank you for taking the time to publish your concerns. I would hope that you and others in the world legal community continue to work with international legal partners to lawfully compel the United States government, its elected officials, and agents to comply with and prevent violations of Geneva. The Rule of Law demands nothing less.

Respectfully and with best wishes,


- -

Attachments, Supporting Material

  • A. Ref Draft War Crimes Indictment [Senator Specter]

  • B. Ref Draft War Crimes Indictments against US officials (generally)

  • C. Ref Draft Indictment: Alleged FISA conspiracy

  • D. Ref Rendition War Crimes FOIA information

  • E. Ref Planned White House-Congressional Defense of DoJ Staff, US government officials, and Members of Congress before The Hague.

  • F. 28 USC 530D: Attorney General Obligation to report to Congress in writing planned DoJ violations of statute, treaty obligations, and other legal obligations [Was not fulfilled in re rendition, Geneva violations, abuse of prisoners, and FISA violations]

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    What You Can Do

    (1) Contact Your Favorite Attorneys

    Encourage American Attorneys to review their oath of office, and work with others in the international community to indict alleged war criminals in the US Congress.

    - -

    (2) Raise the Issue in the Blogosphere

    Ask here: Are the American lawyers going to blog, or issue indictments?

    - -

    (3) Contact The European Commission

    These are matters of international war crimes. Encourage the European Union and EU Commission to review the illegal activities, and issue indictments against the alleged American war criminals.

    The EU Commission is reviewing, but needs to hear your concerns about Members of Congress failing to enforce the Geneva conventions. Ref. [Fax, e-mails: Ref; "Torture prevention" or "Treaty office." ]

    - -

    (4) Contact the EU Ombudsman

    Encouage the Ombudsman can review the matter. Ask him to review the EU commission responses to the American Geneva violations. [Details: Ref ]

    In your letter ask what the EU plans are to review the matter.

    * * *

    Good luck in protecting the Rule of Law and American Constitution.