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Sunday, September 10, 2006

President Illegally Says That No Americans May Be Prosecuted For War Crimes

The President incorrectly stated that Americans may not be prosecuted for war crimes. The truth is the opposite. Any American can be prosecuted by any nation for international war crimes.

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Litigation Messages

This statement is misleading. No one in the American government should rely on this statement. The President of the United States has engaged in war crimes. He is a war criminal.

To defend himself before an international war crimes tribunal, the President is engage in pre-litigation media messaging. This is to be expected, and is part of war crimes litigation.

Misleading Presidential Statements Fail to Prevent War Crimes

Communicating that people cannot be prosecuted for war crimes does not send a message to anyone that the President is serious about enforcing the law or preventing war crimes.

As chief law enforcement officer of the Untied States, the President is charged with enforcing the law. The President took an oath to the US Constitution. His oath included a specific ministerial promise and agreement to faithfully enforce the Supreme Law, which includes the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions.

Under the laws of war, anyone who has committed violations of the laws of war may be indicted for war crimes. It is reckless and a subsequent violation of the law for the President to fail to prevent war crimes. This President has not only committed war crimes, but he is failing to prevent subsequent grave breaches of Geneva.

It is a war crimes to communicate to anyone that they will not be punished for committing violations of the Geneva conventions. Any American contractors, NSA intermediary, government employee, or US agent or contractor may lawfully be indicted for war crimes. Nothing the President says to the contrary will prevent the war crimes prosecutions, investigations and prosecutions.

The President has no power to immunize or pardon anyone for international war crimes. Even if Congress unconstitutionally passes legislation retroactively creating immunities for Americans, these immunities are not recognizable. Any nation may prosecute any American for war crimes. Congress has no power to thwart any prosecution, or make new rules saying that the Geneva conventions cannot be enforced.

Disingenuous President: The Rest of the Story

Let's pretend that the President is publicly saying what he really believes. The problem is that the President is privately doing the opposite of what he says.

While he illegally states that Americans cannot be prosecuted for war crimes, he is secretly in discussions with the Attorney General, US Attorneys, DoJ Staff, and Members of Congress to immunize himself and others. His goal is to secure agreements to protect himself and others from having to pay the costs of the war crimes investigation and prosecution.

If the President really believed that nobody could be prosecuted for war crimes, he cannot explain why the National Security Counsel has leaked information related to staff concerns with war crimes indictments.

Also, if there was no way that the President or any American serve member of contractor could be indicted, the President cannot explain why he and others are securing funds to provide for a war crimes defense. If there was no possible way that Americans could be indicted, there would be no reason for concern with the Department of Justice, NSA contractors, or the National Security. however, the concern is real because there have been grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions.

President's Motive Is Improper

There is no legal foundation for the President's words. Americans can be prosecuted for committing war crimes. It is a serious matter if you choose to continue following illegal orders despite knowing about these war crimes, but refuse t stop the illegal activity or continuing to participate in the illegal war crimes.

The President hopes to dissuade Americans from awaking to the war crimes. The evidence is clear that there have been grave breaches of the laws of war at the order of the President. The Joint Staff is complicit in refusing to prevent and by their refusing to disobey illegal orders.

American civilians, contractors, and NSA intermediaries are also complicit in the war crimes. Again, if there was no possibility that Americans could be indicted for war crimes, the contractors cannot explain their hurried message traffic communicating their alarm. These communications are known, have been revealed to third parties, and are now admissible in a war crimes investigation and tribunal.

American War Criminals Can Lawfully Be Hunted Down Worldwide For Eternity

There is no escape. Your communications can be intercepted, recorded, and monitored using third party intercept. The activity related to this war crimes planning, concern, and subsequent cover-up are post-decision commutations. These are not protected by any rule or claim of privileges. Rather, the evidence relates to war crimes information.

You can be found. Your job is to review with counsel the Geneva Conventions, and determine which evidence you have that must immediately be provided to the war crimes tribunals, attorneys, and prosecutors. If you fail to cooperate and provide your evidence as required, you may be indicted for war crimes. The punishment for war crimes can include a court-impose sentence of death.