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Saturday, September 09, 2006

War Crimes: Lawfully Seizing US Personnel and Assets

Now that the United States has admitted to violating Geneva, it's time to lawfully seize American troops, civil officers working for the state department, and contractors.

* * *

Extreme Interception of American War Criminals

The forum of the court is always preferred. Yet, the Americans do not favor the peaceful court, but choose to defy the law, ignore the courts, and wage illegal warfare. How much time should Americans be given to continue defying their courts and illegally defying the Conventions?

The rule of law prefers justice in the courtroom, but it also permits lawful retaliation on the battlefield. Americans, who do not assent to the rule of law, may lawfully be engaged on the battlefield. Is this what the American government would prefer, as opposed to peaceful resolution of these war crimes before The Hague?

Got your papers, American war criminals?

Could This Start Soon In Europe and America? It's up to Congress whether the individual Members of Congress agree to assent to the law, or continue waging illegal warfare. [Visit]

We look forward to your returning home safely, so that you can be put on trial for war crimes. It's not nice to violate the law.

* * *

The NSA and State Department can be presumed to have sent out message traffic confirming the problem. This message traffic can be intercepted.

The DoJ and Congress have already anticipated foreign litigation, and have in place plans to dispatch DoJ Staff Attorneys to attend foreign courts in Europe.

Encourage your friends to closely monitor American's statements when they travel overseas. Americans involved in the CIA's logistics support can be presumed to know something about the illegal war crimes.

Rather than let the Americans return to America and hide, it's appropriate that Americans abroad be lawfully detained and arrested pending outcome of the war crimes investigation in Europe, Iraq, and the illegal connection between the NSA surveillance and the war crimes.

It may be presumed that all NSA-related facilities are linked to the war crimes and that all American personnel, contractors and assets abroad are directly or indirectly linked with illegal activity and ongoing war crimes.

The problem the Americans have is that they are geographically stretched thin, incapable of moving quickly many personnel from all over the globe, and in no position to defend all personnel around the globe. Combat forces are currently concentrated in Iraq, far from Europe.

It should be presumed that the United States will attempt to delay the prosecutions of Americans until after the election. The American election timeline should be of no consequence to any nation or detaining party.

All Americans should be presumed to have engaged in belligerent discussion, and that their mere presence in a foreign country should not necessarily prove that they are a war criminal. However, it does appear that their presence overseas does support allegations that they were complicit in war crimes planning and participation.

No reasonable government employee could argue at they were just following orders, or that the information was classified. Rather, it is well known under ORCON that it is illegal to classify evidence of illegal conduct; and all personnel have a duty to remove themselves from illegal conduct.

Their oath of office is not to secrecy, but to the Constitution. Military personnel have an obligation, and have promised, only to follow lawful orders.

take note of the e-mail messages in and out of the Pentagon, and private conversations. Not closely the use of word related to violation of rights, tolerance of secrecy, or any language that amounts to assenting to illegal orders which violate Geneva.

"Secrecy," "national security," "war on terror," and "9-11" are merely excuses to engage in war crimes. Despite NSA illegal monitoring before 9-11, the US government failed to prevent the attacks. Rather, the US government was complicity in the illegal activity and war crimes tribunals may make adverse inferences that the post-2001 requests for military assistance were based on fraud, and that the current NATO deployments in Afghanistan are illegal.

There is no excuse for anyone violating the laws of war. Americans and private contractors around the globe have cooperated to violate laws and rights, and abuse power and their international prestige. Rather than rise to the reasonable expectations we might expect of a Superpower, the Americans have embraced the very abusive tactics derided in the Third Reich.

There is no excuse for Americans mindlessly responding to explosions with illegal activity, whether abroad or at home.

Americans have proven themselves to be arrogant, without regard for human life, or the rights of others. When challenged with factual allegations of illegal conduct, Americans have proven the arrogance by yelling, rather than silently accepting their punishment.

It makes no difference that the Americans have poor leadership who are incompetent supervisors. The ultimate leadership for American is not a man or a woman, but a document: The Constitution.

The State Department and Department of Justice personnel should be presumed to be complicit in war crimes. Be on guard when you are around them. They have already stood silent while their peers have taken the fall. it means nothing for them to witness others dying or being killed.

The lawsuits and indictments are already in the works. DoJ and Members of Congress well know the war crimes indictments are imminent.

Legal experts around the globe well know the US has committed war crimes. The President's public admissions do nothing to bolster any confidence in the Republican leadership. Rather, it sends a clear signal that the Republicans are unfit for any public trust, and cannot be afforded any deference or respect in or near the halls of power. They have defied their oath, and the international actors are fully prepared to prosecute American war criminals, whether they are in the State Department, CIA, Department of Justice, or in the Congress.

Any time an American leader exits American-controlled airspace, they should lawfully be forced to land, and detained, then transported immediately to The Hague. Any time an American-connected firm accepts an American contractor, that contractor should be lawfully detained for questioning.

All American contractors working worldwide should be contacted by local government officials that they are to retain all evidence, and any destruction of any evidence can be adversely presumed to be related to unlawful destruction of war crimes related information.

Requests for arrest warrants may lawfully be secured through any court. There is no single nation that has absolute control over whether someone is or is not given an arrest warrant. that arrest warrant can be issued in any country, and may lawfully be executed at any time around the globe. Any nation that refuses to permit the arrests of the alleged war criminals may be presumed to obstructing the lawful indictment, prosecution, and investigation of American war criminals.

No politician is immune to war crimes prosecutions. Policy makers in America including individual Members of Congress, have recklessly failed to ensure that the laws of war were followed, and cannot claim any legislative immunity. Nuremburg is precedent for lawfully indicting members of the legislatures and policy makers. In the American system of government, policy making is a shard power between the Executive and Legislative branches. Attached with that joint-sharing of power and authority attaches with it the responsibility to ensure the laws of war are enforced.

Individual members of Congress have failed in their duty, and are not immune to lawful prosecution under the laws of war.

It is appropriate that the laws of war be imposed on the very country that has arrogantly preached to the world that Iraqis must assent to American military power. This was done in the name of bringing law and order to the Iraqi people.

The world is prepared to do the same for Americans. The American leadership must choose: Whether it will freely assent to the rule of law, or be forced to assent through the lawful use of force. All threats of use of force against American leadership and military personnel are lawful, especially when the legal community in America refuses to compel civilian leadership to freely surrender to lawful authorities.

All message traffic related to the ongoing legislation and efforts to immunize Americans for war crimes is related to illegal activity, is publicly known, and is not protected by any claim of privilege or secrecy. It is not lawful to classify evidence of war crimes, nor may any Member of Congress expect immunity or privilege when the charges against them relate to war crimes.

The political leadership in the Republican party may be presumed to be complicity in the war crimes planning, and subsequent obstruction. Civilians may be prosecuted for war crimes. It makes no difference that someone is directly or indirectly involved in war crimes. The only issue is whether they refused to stop what they otherwise had the power to stop. This presents a major problem for the Republican civilian leadership not just in the national’s capital, but at all levels within the Republican party across the nation.

There is no basis to assert that Americans or their civilian leadership have acted in a manner consistent with any international norms. Rather than comply with these norms, this Congress chooses to immunize itself from its obligations. This is illegal and cannot and will not be recognized.

It makes no difference how many Americans the White House let die on Sept 2001. The only issue is whether Americans will freely assent to the rule of law, or through the lawful use of force, compelled to assent to a war crimes tribunal.

Regardless what accusations Americans may level at others around the globe, there is no excuse for war crimes. This problem attaches itself not only to the civilian and military leadership, but to the civilian contractors working directly or indirectly for the NSA and CIA around the globe. Because you have refused to freely assent to the rule of law and engage in only lawful combat, you are lawfully exposed yourself to lawful retaliation. You were well aware of the requirements, but have to date refused to remove yourself from the war crimes. If you do not stop your war crimes, you may lawfully be subject to lawful retaliation. This is not a threat, but a reminder of the laws of war. If you do not choose to cooperate with the law, then force may lawfully be imposed on you to compel you to do what you have otherwise refused to do. Despite your oath and promise to faithfully discharge your duties in a lawful manner, and obey the laws, you have recklessly ignored your oath, defied your Supreme Law, and have brought discredit upon yourself, your peers, and the United States of America.

There is no justification for any action, statement, excuse, or ruse which the American leadership, its agents, and contractors continue to peddle around the globe. It is meaningless what did or did not happen in 1776, or on the beaches of Normandy against Hitler.

Today is 2006, and the Americans are being held to account for their war crimes between 2001 and 2006.

It is time to end your dishonorable opposition to the Constitution. Peacefully surrender to the nearest prosecutor's office overseas. If you refuse to cooperate, forces around the globe may lawfully target you for lawful rendition to The Hague or other jurisdictions for war crimes prosecutions. You have no legal defense or justification. Surrender peacefully.

You wished this.