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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

DoJ's Anthony J. Coppolino Uses Absurd Logic Before District Court

Ref Anthony J. Coppolino of the Department of Justice has made an absurd argument before the Federal District Court, U.S. District Judge Gerard E. Lynch.

The Center of Constitutional Rights knows full well the Department of Justice is desperate. Let your friends in the Republican Party know: Anthony Coppolino apparently knows the President has a problem, but cannot explain his failure to perform his duty, and review how the illegally intercepted information was used to kidnap, render, and then abuse prisoners of war in Europe and Africa. These are war crimes.

* * *

Coppolino is a trained, highly experienced attorney with the Department of Justice. He's normally provided some very insightful comments, and well crafted work products.

However, his argument has been wholly discredited.

Coppolino is using the "ticking time bomb" scenario, arguing that extreme measures are justified when there is an imminent attack.

There's a major flaw with the argument: How does someone -- anyone -- know that the person they're holding has that information?

The correct answer: The person who is making the accusation -- in this case, Mr. Coppolino -- is the one that should be examined.

* * *

The detailed break down of the "ticking time bomb" scenario is here. I encourage you to consider the detailed arguments before proceeding. Ref

* * *

As you can see from the analysis, Coppolino's argument doesn't stand the logic test. There are too many holes in the assumption.

All Coppolino has done is use an inflammatory, speculative scenario that is outside the current problem: When is it permissible to violate the law? Again, applying this analysis, the answer is: The attention must be directed at those who are making the accusations: The US Attorneys' office.

Put the NSA-FISA issue aside. Let's focus on Rendition, and apply Coppolino's flawed argument. The problem with the US Attorney making accusations, and saying that the law should be ignored is the attention shifts to the US Attorney. Rather than discuss why habeas has been denied, and Brady ignored, the US Attorney's office likes to pretend it's someone else's problem. However, this is simply prosecutorial abuse, as explained in detail here: Ref

* * *

The real problem for the US Attorney is, as you can see above, not only are the DOJ arguments devoid of sound logic, but a closer examination reveals their greatest fear: The NSA illegally intercepted information has been used to commit war crimes. Not only is the President subject to impeachment, but he could lawfully be prosecuted while still President for war crimes and violations of State law. This is discussed in detail here: [Ref]

Coppolino is correct that the President is Commander in Chief, during times of war. But that is meaningless when we're talking about domestic surveillance against American citizens. FISA applies. It's not within the President's constitutional authority to violate the law, especially when engaging in abuse, torture, and other illegal activity is based on faulty premises, as is the "Ticking time bomb" scenario.

We really have to direct our attention elsewhere:

  • Why should we believe this intelligence;

  • What is the source of that information;

  • Who is telling us about the intelligence; and

  • Why isn't energy being directed to the source of the information, not the person who has been accused?

    Again, Coppolino's argument, as are the flaws with prosecutorial abuse in re Rendition, puts the spotlight on the US Attorney making the allegations.

    It's a clear sign that the DOJ has run out of credible arguments when they have to resort to inflammatory scenarios. Don't be fooled. The real attention should be put on the President, and the right people asking the questions are the State Attorney Generals. They could lawfully indict the President, regardless whether he is or is not impeached.

    The enemy wants to hit us where it hurts: At the foundation of the Constitution. Coppolino is part of the problem. He's defending a war criminal who has no option but to use absurd statements.

    It is true that intelligence gathering is important, but it must lawfully be done. Even if the President's veto could be overridden, it is meaningless when Congress is not given a chance to review the details of the illegal activity, and there is no initial Congressional vote.

    It's true the President doesn’t have to check with Congress -- he has to check with court, but he didn’t do that.

    Regardless what litigation consolidation may occur, until the final MDL consolidation order is issued there is nothing stopping Judge Lynch from ordering discovery into why the NSA was conducting illegal surveillance before Sept 2001.

    * * *

    If you have further questions for Coppolino, you may attempt contacting him here:

    Anthony J. Coppolino, Esq.
    Department of Justice Civil Division, Room 1084
    901 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20530

    [ ]

  • Can he account for the flaws in the "ticking time bomb" scenario?

  • What are his views on DoJ Staff counsel liability for war crimes, abuse, Brady violations as they relate to rendition?

  • What are his views on the prospects the President is successfully defended against State Attorney General prosecution for criminal conduct?

    * * *

    Draft Grand Jury Indictment

    Based on the above information, and the evidence related to rendition and the illegally intercepted information, there is probable cause for the State Attorney Generals to issue a warrant for Mr. Coppolino’s arrest. [ Ref]


  • Unlawful conspiracy to deny rights

  • Prosecutorial abuse, failure to engage in attorney due diligence

  • Failure to remove yourself from illegal activity

  • War crimes planning, organizing, and destruction of evidence

  • Violations of Brady

  • Conspiracy to violate rights; and

  • Obstruction of Justice

    Congratulations Mr. Coppolino, you are allegedly engaging in prosecutorial abuse; and are allegedly in receipt of information that shows the United States has illegally rendered individuals using illegally intercepted information. You are an alleged co-conspirator in the FISA conspiracy; and have allegedly failed to perform your specific, ministerial duties to review the information, and remove yourself from this illegal activity. These alleged acts of malfeasance are the basis to indict you for violating your US Attorney oath of office: To protect the Constitution against domestic enemies, even war criminals who pass wind in the oval office.

    Each of the above allegations, if proven true – as they appear likely – could be the basis to not only disbar Coppolino from the legal profession, but also indict him for war crimes, and lawfully subject him to a judicial finding that he has engaged in war crimes. These are serious issues. The penalty for attorney involvement in war crimes could include the death penalty.

    Your name is added to the draft Grand Jury Indictment, available for any of the fifty [50] state attorney generals to use when prosecuting you, your alleged co-conspirators, and the President of the United States.

    For planning purposes, you are also on the list of attorneys the JAGs may prosecute for war crimes; and on the potential rendition list, for delivery to The Hague. There's no statute of limitations on war crimes. You will be found -- this is an ongoing, international effort.

    Perhaps you have not noticed: Some nations do not take kindly to legal counsel that allegedly engages in war crimes. Ref For purposes of entering US airspace, here is his address: Ref Ref. Here is the combat support possible from either Cuba or Venezuela, which can lawfully enter US airspace, land, and provide support for your delivery to The Hague for your alleged war crimes involvement. [Ref]

    Similar aircraft and ground support vehicles and lawfully merge on these GPS coordinates: [ 38.879809,-77.118702 ], where Mr. Coppolino lived in 2003.

    Anthony, choose wisely. As a caution, for your own safety during your rendition to The Hague, you should not attempt any resistance. Those rendering alleged war criminals to The Hague are well trained: [ Ref ]

    You wished this.

    * * *

    Send word to the alleged co-conspirators in DoJ:

  • 1. You can be found;

  • 2. Peaceful surrender is preferable;

  • 3. No one means you any harm;

  • 4. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty;

  • 5. You are not being promised anything;

  • 6. How this ends is up to you; and

  • 7. There is no statute of limitation on war crimes.

    Good luck in your decision. We hope you are doing well and your family is doing fine.

    Take care.