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Monday, August 28, 2006

Judge Advocate General

If you are a JAG, Prissy would like to talk to you Ref: Prissy's Nag the JAG program.

Ref Haynes of DoD has been renominated.

Tip line: Ref

Prissy would like to know:

  • What is your plan to enforce the law?

  • What is your plan to work with your JAG-peers to ensure the laws of war are effectively enforced against a President?

  • Have you looked at the precedents which shows us that the Commander in Chief, because he claims to be a military leader, is subject to the US Code, and UCMJ?

  • Have you considered the precedents that show us that a sitting President may be lawfully prosecuted without an impeachment?

    Please write.

    * * *

    DoJ Staff Index

    How to find DoJ Staff Counsel Bar Admissions: Ref

    * * *

    JAGs And Enforcing the Law Against the President

    Ref Analysis of some of the changes to the POW trial procedures: Despite Hamdan, the White House still wants to hide evidence, violating Geneva.

    Ref Ref Ref Despite Hamdan, White House refuses to work with JAGs to create POW trial procedures, violating Geneva. ( Recall, Article 82 compels the militarylawyes to ensure the laws of war are followed; they cannot lawfully be excluded from the process.) If the President will not allow evidence (which most likely doesn't exist) from being heard at trial [a war crime], then there's no basis for holding them, and they should be freed from POW status.

    Ref DoJ General Counsel Haynes-name sent back to President; Senate refuses to confirm him to court. Will the President renominate Haynes during Senate recess, as he did with Bolton?

    * * *

    Finding Jags

    Here is a useful organization to find JAGs: Ref; JAG-stuff: Ref; and here are non-JAGs, who know JAGs: Ref


    Hmmm. . .Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref Ref

    DLSA: Ref Ref

    * * *

    State Prosecutions of President

    Ref NYT Analysis map of elections: Deciding which State you want, and ensuring the Governor might not pardon the DoJ Staff for violations of the law.

    Ref There's no excuse not to prosecute a fugitive in the White House. All precedents before all jurisdictions firmly establish that Federal Officials, like Judges, may be lawfully prosecuted, regardless whether Congress does or does not impeach. [See the notes.]

    Ref There is clear precedent to prosecute federal officials, even the President, without impeachment. Even heads of state, while they are jailed, can still retain title to their office. Prosecuting and jailing the President temporarily, would not amount to a removal from office, merely lawful punishment. Even Kings and Queens were jailed for violations, but they still retained title.

    Ref There is no credible excuse not to prosecute the President. All state attorney generals have the power to prosecute the President. The State Governors, working as a commander in chief of their state militias, have the power to compel Judge Advocate Generals working with their state militias to enforce the law. The State Governors and Attorney Generals should work with the JAGs to see that the president is timely prosecuted.

    Ref Individual Members of Congress upset at DoJ for thwarting state investigation and enforcement of Maine law.

    Isreal Illegal War in Lebanon Reminds Us Of War Crimes Liability

    Ref Ref Legal experts are subject of inquiry in Israel, similar to review done on German lawyers and prosecutors after WWII. . . or maybe not.

    - -


    Ref Criteria to evaluate whether Congress is or is not doing its job.

    Ref Entertainment: Ask for permission before violating the law.

    * * *

    What You Can Do

    Ref Demand a hearing -- Why are the States required to enforce the Constitution by prosecuting the President, and when does Congress plan to review these matters?

    Ref Contact the ACLU and other Constitutional lawyers involved in the NSA litigation. Let them know there is something the State Attorney Generals and JAGs can do: Prosecute the President for violating the law. The US Attorneys and DoJ Staff may not lawfully prevent the State Attorney Generals or JAGs from prosecuting the President.

    Contacting State Attorney Generals About DoJ Staffers

    Ref Focus attention on the States that are DNC controlled: Identify those states with DNC control, and find which DOJ Staffers are assigned to that state.

    Ref Discuss this with the state-level power regulatory boards reviewing the NSA-Verizon-AT&T litigation. Bring the precedents to their attention, and show the state level officials that the President and others may lawfully be prosecuted for violating state laws.

    Ref Contact your State Attorney Generals and Governors. Remind them that those DoJ Staff attorneys that are licensed to do business in your state can be disbarred for failing to take action against this President's crimes.

    Ref Remind your state officials and legislators that your state may lawfully work with your State Judge Advocate Generals, assigned to your state militias, to bring charges against the President, and lawfully prosecute him, without going through Congress or following the impeachment process.

    Ref Sample letter. Use your own words based on what you have learned above.

    Ref Another sample letter. Tell your elected officials that you want your State Attorney General and JAGs to work together to prosecute the President, and disbar DoJ Staff attorneys for thwarting the Constitution.

    Ref Let your Member of Congress know that you have learned about precedents which says the President can be prosecuted for crimes. Ask them when Congress plans to make public statements on these judicial proceedings. Remind your Members of Congress that these precedents make it illegal for Members of Congress individually, or Congress has a group, to pass any law that might interfere with the State Attorney Generals or Judge Advocate Generals from enforcing the law, and lawfully prosecuting the President outside Congress.

    Ref Contact the JAGs individually and ask them if they are aware that they, as Constitutional officers, have the power and duty to Prosecute the Commander in Chief when he violates the law. Congressional inaction on impeachment is no bar to, inter alia, the JAGs :
    - Prosecuting the President for war crimes;
    - Working with State militias to gather evidence of Presidential crimes; or
    - Gathering lists for the State Militias, Attorney Generals, and other state officials to lawfully disbar those state-licensed DoJ Staff Counsel and US Attorneys who refuse to enforce the law, and otherwise should be disbarred from their respective state attorney bars.

    Ref Share this post with your state officials and ask them: What is their plan to investigate at the state level the DoJ Staff assigned to their State Bars, and disbar them so they can never become a judge?

    Ref Modify these posters to tell your blog readers that you want your state attorney general to prosecute the President in the Supreme Court; and you want your State AG to investigate the DOJ Staff assigned to your state attorney bar, and disbar them for refusing to enforce the law. There is no reason your State AG has to do the work of the DoJ Staff. It is a waste of your state's resources.

    Ref Contact your local mayors, and encourage them to monitor these Mayors' actions: That local officials in your town should learn from their example, and take action to enforce local laws against the President. Encourage your city and municipal officials to discuss prosecuting the President, and encourage them to speak out about the need to enforce State Law, especially when the Congress refuses to protect the Constitution.

    Ref Review this guide for ideas of what you and your friends can do.

    Ref Get in touch with this organization. Learn what you can do.

    - -

    Identifying Which State The DoJ Staffers Are Assigned

    A. Goal: Find out which State the DoJ Staff attorneys are originally licensed to practice law; then notify the State Attorney Generals that you want the specific named DoJ Staff and US Attorneys assigned to that State's attorney bar investigated for failing to investigate and prosecute the President for crimes.

    B. Here's how to spread the work among your friends in other states:

    Encourage each of two states to take a single letter of the alphabet; then review all names on the DoJ Staff list starting with that letter. For example Rhode Islanders and Mainers could take the letter A; and Floridians and Texans could take the letter B. [The rest of the states are assigned below.]

    C. Consolidate the results to a single list, then have the citizens from those states forward the names of those DoJ Staffers assigned to their state to the State Attorney General for review, and possible investigation, then disbarment for malfeasance.

    * * *

    Phase I: Finding DoJ Staff Names, and States Where They Are Licensed

    Step 1: Find the names of the US Attorneys and DoJ Staff. Ref

    Note: The Attorney List in Martin - Dale only shows 1000 names; the entire DoJ Staff listing is over 2000; we'll have to break the lists into their divisions. They're all subject to investigation as they all have peer-reporting requirements to the DOJ OPR for severe violations of the law.

    [List below: Highest to lowest priority]

  • US Attorneys Ref

  • Attorney General Office Ref

  • Criminal Division Ref

  • FBI Ref

  • OLP Ref

  • OLC Ref

  • Solicitor General Ref This is the DoJ Litigating Team. The State Attorney Generals will end up having to litigate against -- the primary litigators for the President.

  • EOUSA Ref -- This division is the one that conducts the video training for all US Attorneys [ Justice Legal Education Institute, and Attorney General’s Advocacy Institute]. The key question: Why was DoJ training incapable of getting the DoJ Staff counsel to learn about the Constitution, and importance of protecting it from the clerk in the oval office?

  • OPR Ref -- These are the good guys, the ones the President has blocked from doing their job. They have files and detailed records of which DoJ Staffers and US Attorneys have or have not reported peer misconduct/malfeasance, as required.

  • Justice Management Ref

  • Legislative Liaison Ref

  • DoJ Civil Division Ref Ref

  • Tax Division Ref

  • Anti-Trust Ref

    Step 2: Find which letter of the DOJ Staff list your state has been assigned. (See state-DoJ Staff Attorney Charts below0

    Step 3: Decide which end of the list (top or bottom) you are going to start working for each letter.

    Draw and Imaginary line horizontally, half-way beween the north and south of your state. If you are above that line, then work from top to bottom in the list for each letter; if you are below the line, move from bottom to top in the following list for each letter: Ref

    Check the State Where they went to law school, this may be where they have decided to practice law. Here is the list of US Attorneys and DoJ Staff: Ref

    [ Other names: Ref Ref ]

    Step 4: Find which State Attorney Bar that specific DoJ Staffer is licensed to practice law. It is either a state, or the District of Columbia.

    Step 5: Share your results: DoJ Staff/Attorney Name; which State they are licensed to practice law. Link back to this URL: This one.

    Phase II: Contacting the States with Attorney Names

    Step 6: Find the names from the consolidated list that are assigned to your state, and contact your State Attorney General, and state officials to have them start reviewing the names of those attorneys.

    * * *

    Finding Which State Your Have Been Assigned To Review

    Ref [Click on: "Which Party has Control"-button, at bottom of US Map] Focus attention on the States that are DNC controlled: Identify those states with DNC control, and find which DOJ Staffers are assigned to that state.

    If your state is assigned to a letter that has no DoJ Staff, then pick another state. Here are the assignments:

    Staff Where you live: Direct Link
    Letter State Assigned [Click the Letter]

    A Rhode Island, Maine Letter A
    B Florida, Texas Letter B
    C Oregon, Georgia Letter C
    D Kentucky, California Letter D
    E Wyoming, Vermont Letter E
    F Connecticut, Nevada Letter F
    G Idaho, Tennessee Letter G
    H North Carolina, North Dakota Letter H
    I South Dakota, South Carolina Letter I
    J Illinois, Utah Letter J
    K Ohio, Mississippi
    L New Mexico, Nebraska
    M Delaware, Oklahoma
    N Hawaii, Indiana
    O Massachusetts, Minnesota
    P Missouri, Virginia
    Q Montana, West Virginia
    R Colorado, New York
    S Alabama, Arizona
    U Michigan, New Hampshire
    V Arkansas, Alaska
    W Maryland, Iowa
    X Washington, Nebraska

    Reverse Assignments

    Your Job: Look up DoJ Staff/US Attorneys With this Last Letter

    Your State

    S Alabama,
    V Alaska
    S Arizona
    V Arkansas,

    D California
    R Colorado,
    F Connecticut,
    M Delaware,

    B Florida
    C Georgia
    N Hawaii,
    G Idaho,
    J Illinois,
    N Indiana
    W Iowa

    D Kentucky
    A Maine
    W Maryland,
    O Massachusetts
    U Michigan,
    O Minnesota
    K Mississippi
    P Missouri,
    Q Montana,

    X Nebraska
    L Nebraska
    F Nevada
    L New Mexico,
    U New Hampshire
    R New York
    H North Carolina,
    H North Dakota

    K Ohio,
    M Oklahoma
    C Oregon

    A Rhode Island,

    I South Dakota,
    I South Carolina

    G Tennessee
    B Texas
    J Utah
    E Vermont
    P Virginia

    X Washington,
    Q West Virginia
    E Wyoming

    3. Post Your Results

    4. Link Back Here

    5. Share with Your Friends.

    * * *

    Current, Former DoJ Staff Atty Names Assigned To States

    [Names of Current, Former DoJ Staff, known to be assigned to a specific state]

    CA Haas Ref
    CA Kenneth W. Starr [Former Prosecutor]




    MI Todd Aagaard Ref

    NC Wendy Ke fer

    NY DENNIS L. PHILLIPS Ref NY Procurement: Need an explanation on the NSA subcontractors: How explain deployment of a system that violates the Constitution, but no internal controls to detect and ensure compliance; what failed in the reporting to Congress, contract language, and ongoing DPRO reviews at the NSA primes and subcontractors?

    Eliz beth Api son- C rmen

    PA Yoo
    Dennis L. Phillipps PA [See also NY]

    TX Gonzalez [ Alberto R. Gonzales ]

    VA Adddington
    VA M. Casey Mattox, [DoJ?]

    * * *

    DoJ Staff: Names Not Assigned To States

    [DoJ Staff names available, not yet determined which State they are licensed to practice law]

    [Some names below may not be in the DOJ Staff, nor ever assigned]

    Steven H. Aden, Esq
    Tracey Ambeau
    Elizabeth App isson Ref
    Tiiothy K. Armstrong

    Ashley N. Bailey
    Daniel A. Ball
    Jason R. Baron
    R. Joseph Barton
    Robert S. Bennett
    Michael S. Becker
    Peter J. Biersteker
    Benjamin D. Brown

    Jill Canfield
    Christopher A. Cole
    David K. Colapinto

    Gregory M. Cork
    Howard M. Crystal
    Paul D. Cullen, Sr.

    Lisa J. Danetz.
    Kenneth M. Davidson
    Rendell A. Davis, Jr.
    Nicholas J. DiMichael
    Jennifer Di Toro
    James W. Draughn,
    Thomas H. Dupree

    Ethan Carson Eddy
    Edward J. Elder
    Marion EM Erickson, Esq

    SHARON Y. EUBANKS [ DC Bar No. 420147, DOJ Tobacco Litigation ] Resigned from DoJ: DoJ Sr. Management, Keisler, refuse to support her, reducing the financial settlement. As with the litigation against the New Jersey Attorney General in attempting to enforce state law, Keisler has a habit of targeting the wrong party and abusing his authority in court. [ Ref Sealed court documents available to multiple parties; Keisler fails to prove who leaked the material.]

    Alec W. Farr
    Robert Faulkner
    Alan J. Favish, Esq.
    Lawrence M. Frankel
    Gony Frieder

    Paul B. Gaffney.
    Richard E. Gardiner
    Allan Gerson, Esq.
    David M. Glass
    Eric Glitzenstein
    Michael L. Goldberg (
    S. Jay Govindan
    Theodore S. Greenberg
    Joel M. Gross
    L. Marie Guillory

    John H. Harwood II
    Judith L. Harris
    Michael D. Hausfeld
    Gene Healy
    T. Christian Herren, Jr.
    Paul R. Hitchcock
    Joan Hogan
    Joseph E. Hunsader

    Samir C. Jain

    Neai Katyai
    Larry Klayman
    James R. Klimaski
    Stephen M. Kohn
    Daniel B. Kohrman
    J. Robert Kramer

    Eliot Lauer
    Mary Lou Leary
    William J. Lehrfeld
    James H. Lesar, Esq.
    Lee Levine
    Michael D. Lieder
    Abbe David Lowell
    George Lyon

    Marcia T. Maack
    Christopher D. Man
    Robert A. Matthews
    Paul J. McNulty
    Andrea J. Meneker.
    Manish K. Mital
    James A. Moody
    Alan B. Morrison

    Scott L. Nelson,

    LISA A. OLSON [Delaware]
    Paul J. Orfanedes

    R. Hewitt Pate.
    Charles A. Patrizia
    Robert S. Peck.
    Thomas J. Perrelli,

    Anthony R. Picarello, Jr.
    Saul M. Pilchen
    John W. Poole,
    Trevor Potter.
    David A. Price

    John R. Read
    Jonathan M. Redgrave
    James E. Rooks, Jr.
    Jeffrey A. Rosen
    Jonathan L. Rubin

    Claude F. Scott, Jr.
    Giovanna Shay
    Timothy Simeone
    Arthur B. Spitzer
    Mary Gabrielle Sprague
    Paul C. Sprenger
    Steven M. Sprenger
    Peter J. Shudtz
    Bruce L. Stern

    Michael E. Tankersley
    Kathryn E. Taylor
    George J. Terwilliger III
    Jennifer Toole.

    Alan Untereiner

    Martina E. Vandenberg.
    Daniel R. Vice
    David C. Vladeck

    Ronald J. Wiltsie, II
    Christopher Wolf

    * * *

    Removed From List

    DC Lawrence J. Joseph Ref: Private Practice, not related to DoJ. DC Bar No. 464777; [NY Bar only has Lawrence A. and Lawrence M.] Ref