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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Constellation: Haas Enters Venus Fly Trap Orbit

Haas is with the CA Bar. What he didn't count on was the Venetian gravity waves.

* * *

Nuremburg: Attorneys may be indicted and prosecuted for illegal conspiracies to engage in, plan, failing to stop, or hide evidence of war crimes and illegal activity.

1. Haas California Bar number is 220932 Ref

2. Haas is a recognized legal scholar having published many law review journals. Haas is a well paid attorney, having provided substantial funds to his Law School Alma Mater.

3. Haas is aware, of should be aware, of ORCON rules which prohibit classification of illegal activity.

4. Haas as a member of the Justice Department knows, or should know, of the DoJ OPR requirement and ministerial duty on DoJ staff counsel to report evidence of peer misconduct. Ref

5. Haas as a DoJ Staffer was formally rebuked in writing for engaging in a course of conduct in Maine that attempted to interfere with State-level proceedings into matters of state enforcement: [a] Attempting to interfere in state level proceedings; [b] Using open media to influence state-level fact finders and raise public questions and doubts about the merits of the litigation; [C] Engaging in a course of conduct that hoped to intimidate state level officials from exercising their lawful duties to investigate illegal violations of the law by Verizon; [D] Interfering in a matter where the Department of Justice has no standing and has not been recognized as a lawful party in a dispute between the Citizens of Maine and Verizon; and [E] Not following the Maine requirements to properly ensure service of all parties to the dispute.


Count 1 Conspiracy

Haas has under the CA Bar rules a requirement that he avoid illegal acts. CA rules specifically state that it is not lawful for CA Bar licensed attorneys to engage in any conspiracy to violate federal laws. [ Ref ]

Count 2 Advising Illegal Activity

Haas while on the DoJ Staff was personally involved in the effort to thwart discovery of, participated in, ad was instrumental in supporting and advising DoJ Staff and the Asst Attorney General [ Ref ]

Count 3 Suppression of Evidence

In contravention to DoJ OPR mandatory reporting requirements, Haas allegedly conspired with others in the Department of Justice to hide, conceal, or otherwise report evidence of Attorney Misconduct, war crimes, and planning related to illegal violations of FISA and Geneva Article 3. Ref

Count 4: Violation of 5 USC 3331

Haas failed to perform his ministerial duty to report to DoJ OPR evidence, knowledge, and information related to illegal activity that Haas knew, or should have known, violated Federal and State law and the Geneva Conventions.

Count 5: Violation of State Law, Conspiracy to Deny Rights 18 USC 241, Violations of State Utility Requirements To Comply With State Attorney Standards of Conduct.

Haas has failed to exercise attorney restraint and has unlawfully hoped to influence the state level proceedings. His course of conduct in Maine has materially affected and violated other state laws including Missouri which prohibit any public comment by attorneys on the merits of a case. Maine and Missouri both have state-level laws mandating that all attorneys appearing or submitting material in the open media must ensure that those public statements are free from any appearance or actual appearance of a desire to affect the proceedings. Maine, Missouri and other states also have within their state-level requirements before the Utility Commissions requirements that Attorneys meet state-level attorney standards of conduct. Haas has failed to demonstrate that he is fully complying with the state level requirements on attorneys in many states including Maine and Missouri. Haas in issuing public statements and documents has substantially violated State Bar Disciplinary requirements which the Utility Commissions may lawfully enforce against Haas.