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Monday, August 07, 2006

NSA: Discuss Maryland Effort To Shut Off Power To NSA

It is illegal to spend money or do things which support illegal activity.

It is lawful for the states to protect the Constitution, and deny energy and power to a government that violates the Constitution.

* * *

Encourage your friends to contact the BGE and Maryland Public Service Commission [ 1-800-492-0474 ]. Encourage the State of Maryland to discuss the following issues:

  • NSA located at Ft. Meade near Baltimore, Maryland is engaged in illegal activity;

  • No commercial entity or state-level program in the State of Maryland should be able to continue to support what is illegal; and

  • All Baltimore, Maryland power support to the NSA should be shut off.

    * * *


    The Federal government may not violate the Constitution.

    It is illegal to classify evidence related to illegal activity.

    It is illegal for DoJ Staff counsel and members of Congress to not prevent violations of the law.

    The States continue to suffer ongoing damage to their guaranteed right to a republican form of government.

    This Congress and Executive branch have denied the states of their right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

    It is lawful and Constitutionally protected for the States and Citizens of the Untied States to lawfully shut off power to government entities that violate the law; refuse to protect the Constitution; and otherwise engage in illegal classification of illegal activity.

    * * *

    It is not lawful for the Federal Government demand that they be given support to continue illegal activity.

    The United States government continues to abuse legal and electric power. This Federal Government is unresponsive to reasonable questions. It lacks legitimacy. Rather, this government illegally asserts that the conduct is classified. However, it is illegal to classify information related to illegal activity.

    State officials in many states are illegally being thwarted from reviewing these matters. It is not lawful to hide unlawful conduct by classifying it. The DOJ Staff Counsel has failed to ensure the laws are followed. The DOJ Staff cannot lawfully compel any state official to "not review" these matters.

    The States may not be compelled to provide anything which supports illegal activity. The Constitution allows the States, when there is an ongoing emergency and actual attack on the Constitution, to form an alliance to protect this Republic and Constitution from enemies in Congress and the Executive Branch.

    However, Federal Government has not been cooperative. The DoJ Staff Counsel, Members of Congress, and Executive Branch personnel refuse to follow the law. They have failed in their 5 USC 3331 oath to protect the Constitution. In turn, the States may lawfully cooperate and agree to deny anything to the Federal Government. This alliance serves one objective: To compel the Members of Congress, DoJ Staff, NSA, and Executive Branch to assert their 5 USC 3331 and prevent further violations of the US Constitution.

    The United States government is powerless to stop efforts to prevent ongoing violations of the law. These state level efforts include measures to investigate, gather facts, and otherwise prevent the violations of the Constitution. The Federal Government is in no position to impose any term or require anyone to do or not do something when the purpose of that illegal activity is to avoid accountability for violations of the law.

    The American government is powerless. The US Government does not have the troops to enforce the continued illegal use of state resources, power, and other support; nor are there sufficient reserve forces for the President to nationalize to compel all states to do or not do anything. Rather, the evidence is clear that the State Governors have already chosen, and have jointly agreed, that they will no longer blindly provide national guard troops to the President.

    The DOJ Staff Counsel have violated the laws of war; continue to fail in their 5 USC 3331 obligation to protect the Constitution. The DoJ Staff has been unresponsive, and has failed to ensure that only lawful things are occurring.

    The DOJ Staff continues to block and obstruct lawful state-level efforts to gather evidence. The Illinois court dismissed the complaint against the US government.

    The abuses continue. To prevent these violations of the law which the courts refuse to prevent, the States and state officials have no other option than to compel the US Government to stop its illegal activity by actively denying to the US Government the means by which the illegal NSA activity is occurring.

    There is no legal basis for the US government to prevent the State Officials from jointly asserting their oath of office, and agreeing to prevent the President and other sin the NSA from violating this Constitution.

    * * *

    State Governors have already agreed not to cooperate in supporting illegal Presidential orders and directives. [ Ref ]

    Ref NSA using too much power; there is insufficient power to sustain NSA operations. Ref

    Ref: All NSA funds spent for the illegal surveillance activity is in violation of Article 1 Section 9. No State agency may lawfully receive funding from the illegally-related NSA activities.

    Ref NSA and Members of Congress have denied to the states their guaranteed right to a republican form of government which mandates warrants before searches. It is illegal for the NSA, DoJ Staff Attorneys, and the NSA Contractors to classify evidence of illegal activity.

    Ref States may enter agreements to prevent the Federal Government from violating the Constitution. When there is a long pattern of abuses and Congress and the Executive refuse to assert their 5 USC 3331 obligation to protect the Constitution, this amounts to an actual ongoing emergency, not just a speculative imminent threat. It is lawful for the states to take lawful action to prevent the Federal Government from violating the Constitution.