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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Manufactured Crisis

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    Manufacturing success, but insufficient combat-support: Lack of food.

    This is manufactured "fog of war" to distract attention from what the fog really is: Smoke rising from the Constitution.

    #20 US/Israel have botched relatively low-risk intelligence-related issues in Cuba/Lebanon (that are close to each others' borders); no prospect the US has a clue of the real challenges in Syria and Iran.

    Cake walks are meaningless when the cake is on quicksand, and you have no troops to do the walking. The US is rushing into this (with Lebanon-Syria-Iran), without the means/credible plan to provide resources to sustain the operations, not just in Iraq, but the larger region. The world can see this: The US is merely making things worse. You'd think that when the problems first started, the US would adjust; not this crew. It's sticking with what doesn't work, despite having no resources to continue.

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    Ref War Crimes.

    Ref: They botched Iraq and Afghanistan, what have they planned to botch this time?

    Ref: US abuses rights to perpetuate a myth. Americans remain arrogant, and defiant of civilized norms.

    Well known disasters have escaped accountability or consequences. There's little incentive for the US leadership to suddenly care about world opinion, adjust, or be concerned with legal restraints. Gonzalez' response to Congress is confirmation that the DoJ legal community hasn't let the Hamdan requirements really set in; rather the only concern is with creating more (unconstitutional legislative) mechanisms to avoid consequences for what has already occurred

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    Ref: Too many people must know of the planned illegal activities to not provide evidence of what is going on. DoJ Staff Attorneys, who (they tell us, given they ignore the FISA court) work closely with the NSA, must know what is going on with the US involvement in, and support of Israeli war crimes in Lebanon.

    Consider the Downing Street Memoranda: It is well known inside NSA and DoJ what is really going on; these issues are well discussed within the senior leadership; the issues have been documented in meeting minutes; and there are multiple players who well know they are known to be linked with illegal activity. They have nothing to lose; there is no credible barrier to additional war crimes.

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    Ref: Pretexts to invade other countries. [ Revisit] More of article Comments

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    American Mob Rule

    Notice how the following factors fuel each other: The input and outputs are feeding off each other, input fuels the output -- and the output is fueling the input:

    Input: The Dynamic Trends

    (1) Propaganda: Fueling The Momentum Of Absurdity

    Ref: Moral outrage -- Israel’s issues, as was the excuse of 9-11, is a manufactured crisis to embark on illegal wars of aggression. They do what they do because their arguments are not valid. Invalid arguments, when hidden by the claim of "national security," are the excuse to bar Congressional Oversight when most needed, as we have seen with the non-sense over the NSA issue.

    (2) Eager Lemmings: Blind Deference By Majority To Myth, and Failed Leadership

    Ref: If PNAC does it, is it considered gospel? Let's find out how far along their war crimes defenses are.

    (3) Reckless Leadership

    Unchallenged initial failures fuel arrogance and deluded self-confidence. Despite many failures and setbacks, the leadership has no incentive to adjust. Lack of punishment is an incentive to keep doing what fails. They simply nod their head when reminded of the laws or need to adjust; but they do so without any intention to change.

    Ref: Revisit

    Outputs: Themes From The Nexus

    A. A love of non-sense and non-accountability;

    B. Explaining away reality with delusional talking points; and

    C. No credible catalyst to adjust momentum, or change failed approaches.

    This is fascism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, and the rule of the mob over prudence.

    The problem is that the US, despite no resources or competency, is accelerating it's momentum to do more of what has failed.

    The only way this can be sustained is:

  • Additional deception over reality

  • More manufactured crisis

  • New excuses to impose arbitrary deadlines on others for non-existent problems

    Normally, a system of checks and balances in Congress would interfere with this momentum by doing the following:

  • Shutting down funding for illegal war crimes and unlawful support for illegal things

    The US is relying on one set of myths to continue momentum along an agenda whose sole objective is to perpetuate a larger myth: The idea of America. The only way this can continue is if the American legal system is destroyed; and if the system of American governance and oversight ignored.

    This is the natural result of a system that is feeding off itself, and unresponsive to feedback that it otherwise needs to adjust, regroup, and reconsider its plans and objectives.

    Bluntly, the system of American governance has not only failed; but the system of checks and balances has failed to put the notion of order, rule of law, and prudent planning before all things.

    This leadership plans to continue to sacrifice the innocent and the naive; those who do not cooperate appear to be targeted with intimidation, and other activity that has nothing to do with credible arguments.

    This leadership like the Israelis has an arrogant attitude toward those who dare to refuse to cooperate with illegal activity. This leadership celebrates the killing of innocents in the name of "Democracy" and "freedom." The more this leadership is reminded that they are failing -- with either words or actual evidence -- the more they will move to silence then destroy any reminder of reality.

    The only thing that is going to change the momentum is what Americans respect: Brute force, and a requirement, without any other option, to assent to the rule of law. The US Congress and Executive have chosen to wage illegal war. The only thing that will stop them is defeat on the battlefield. Despite losing in Iraq, they plan to continue to lose worldwide.

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    The United States, Israel, and United Kingdom have no legal defense for their support of Aggression.

    The facts before us are clear: Israeli troops, in violation of previous agreements, illegally crossed into Lebanon, and were lawfully captured and detained as prisoners of war. The Israelis were not kidnapped; rather the prisoners, as those held in Guantanamo, are being detained until the war ends: Perhaps indefinitely.

    Israel then (apparently) "changed" the facts to make it appear as though the Lebanese Hezbollah had crossed into Israel, and then kidnapped the Israeli soldiers.

    * * *

    If the facts are as what they appear -- that Israeli forces were inside Lebanon when captured -- then there is a major problem for the Israelis, United States and United Kingdom: Illegal support of a war of aggression.

    Yet, the regional problems are only compounded. Syria is understandably concerned: What if Israel does the same on the Syrian border -- crosses into Syria -- Will the Israelis do the same as they did with Lebanon: Blame the Syrian-likely-response as a pretext to invade Syria?

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    Hitler on the even of the 1939 invasion of Poland took German prisoners, put them in polish Uniforms, then shot them dead inside Germany.

    Germany claimed the Poles had launched an attack, prompting WWII.

    * * *

    There is obvious confusion and need of fact finding over the issues of 2006. However, if what we have been led to believe is true -- that Israel was actually inside Lebanon -- then Lebanon had every right to do what they did: Detain the Israeli military personnel.

    We judge the following:

  • Israel has orchestrated an incursion to test the Lebanese, and was on an intelligence gathering mission, and are now prisoners of war;

  • Hezbollah has every right to apply the same rules to Israeli prisoners as have been applied against those detained by the US -- indefinite detention;

  • Regardless what the Lebanese did, the Israelis were going to engage in illegal combat operations;

  • The story about "kidnapping" of Israelis has been deliberately twisted to make it appear as though the Israelis were justified in taking action;

  • There is little difference between what the Germans did on the Polish border before WWII and what the Israelis did in 2006 on the Lebanese border -- the results are the same, the only real difference is the means by which the ruse was perpetuated;

  • The US renders (read="kidnaps") people and sends them to Europe is illegal and not protected. The US has a different standard when other nations lawfully detain people. The double standard inspires contempt of and for the United States and Israel;

  • The manufactured crisis gives some, who might have otherwise given Israel the benefit of the doubt, the maneuvering room to withdraw previously unquestioned support of Israel; and

  • This Israeli-US effort to prompt war with Syria and Iran will backfire, as has the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US and Israel do not have enough combat or reserve resources to sustain a credible campaign, not accomplish much more than the disaster in nearby Iraq.

  • These are planned war crimes. There is evidence backup up these claims. It is documented. The information relates to ongoing efforts to wage and refusal to stop illegal war.

  • The day to day commentary by the talking heads is trial non-issues. The larger, deeper issues are international law, war crimes and American legal community’s illegal assent and failure to prevent the larger illegal effort. The civilian population is being fed quite a bit of non-sense to induce them not to comprehend the gravity of the war crimes, and the needed grand jury investigations to review and document the illegal activity.

    * * *

    The issue: What resources are diverted from what higher priorities (Constitution, Congressional malfeasance, US war crimes); who benefits by the distraction and the manufactured focus (President).

    There is no credible basis for the US President claim that he is searching for a "fundamental solution" to something that he and the Israelis have manufactured. This is merely an excuse to delay decisions, and consume limited attention.

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    There have been many civilian deaths in Lebanon. Israel, despite knowing Lebanon was instable, has taken advantage of the world's trust. Now, the world has another reminder that Israel cannot be trusted.

    Syria provided stability to Lebanon for many years. The Syrians and the stability are gone.

    Israel appears to have mobilized its citizens to embrace a myth. Reserves are being called up. Israel is mobilizing for a war of aggression.

    Given US combat ineffectiveness, it appears as though the Israelis are the US proxy against the convenient scapegoat of the week.

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    It remains to be seen whether the US Congress plans to investigate, and find the real facts related to the events in Lebanon. This Congress, as it was after the events of Sept 2001, appears to be willing to embrace the popular, and not do fact finding.

    We've learned in 2006 that Congressionally-directed fact finding can prove to be a sham.

    It remains to be understood how Israel, through Congressional assent, will be given the green light to engage in more sham excuses to target Syria and Iran.

    * * *

    It remains to be determined whether Israeli forces were actually where they are said to have been. I remain open to more information as to where the Israeli troops were actually located.

    It is time to get some straight answers. This Congress is not prepared to conduct oversight or find facts.

    It remains to be understood how the failed Bush action in Iraq, and revelations over the Iraq WMD ruse has left the PNAC without any lawful options to advance its agenda. Given US combat forces are thinly stretched, and ineffectual it appears the PNAC approach has been to provoke a war between Israel and the regional actors.

    The problem is that Israel despite its nuclear capability, cannot forever mislead the world.

    The issue is whether the US Congress will comprehend what is happening: Israeli aggression appears to be a war crime; and US support of that action makes the United States complicity in that illegal activity.

    it is not reasonable, nor is it credible, for the US or anyone to say that Israel is engaging in "self defense" when its troops have crossed internationally recognized borders. Rather, Israel appears to have taken a cue from Hitler: Appeal to the sympathies of the bullies, then continue to ignore the laws.

    This conduct is at the heart of the US's so-called "outrage" over the abuses of WWII. The problem is when the US and Israel choose to rewrite history, pretend the facts are something else, then invoke the outrage of WWII as the justification to outrageously do the same in Iraq, Guantanamo, and Lebanon.

    This conduct is unacceptable. It inspires even the most ardent supporters of Israel to question this Congress and the means by which Israel appears to be using, or being used, to take advantage of what happened in WWII.

    A nation that is not willing to be civilized must be compelled. But a nation, however small, that abuses power, can be lawfully forced to assent to the power of the law and brute force. Israel’s actions, if what they appear to be, will simply inspire others, not just Moslems, to do more of what the US supposedly said it was fighting.

    Perhaps this, in the end, is what Americans really want: An excuse to use military force, even when it has no military reserve available. The world will not roll over to illusions. As with Iraq, the world will fight fire with fire.

    There is one small problem: The US and Israelis are outnumbered with finite, exhaustible resources. PNAC appears to look at impossible odds as a sign that it is correct. Hitler foolishly did the same: Sticking to an agenda, without the resources to lawfully finish it.

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    Ref: You'll enjoy this. After you read it, click through, and look the "original"-link at the bottom of the entry.

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    Arrogant people will wage a long, losing war.