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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

War Criminal Blair On the Run

Tony Blair plans to flee into the British countryside. Blair's overnight stays aren't a public relations stunt, but an effort to hide from the War Crimes prosecutors. One striking building Blair may soon visit is The Hague.

Blair may visit hospitals and schools – turning a blind eye to the one's he's illegally bombed and destroyed in Iraq. He's not running for office, but running for his life. The lawful sanction for his war crimes is, if the court agrees, the death penalty.

* * *

Whether you are talking about history or his policies, Blair's legacy is reckless disregard for the rule of law. Ideas are on thing. Blair's actions and results command war crimes indictments Blair's focus has not been on good order, but war crimes: How to commit them, and then avoid consequences. War crimes has no statute of limitations.

For Blair, the starting line is a war crimes indictment. The finishing line is what The Hague decides to do. The only thinking Blair's been doing is deciding prison suit he'll be wearing: A lady's burka, or Her Lady's corset.

Personal relationships with Gordon Brown are only one of Blair's problems, the least of his worries. Blair's priorities may soon shift to domestic concerns: Which rendition team might drop down during Breakfast Time and scurry him off, spilling morning tea on his smoking jacket. If he isn't smoking yet, he soon shall be. Prison tends to bring out the worst in war criminals.

Blair is leaving on a low mark. The only triumphs Blair has made in destroying world respect for western democracy. At worst, he's incited within his own party the very forces he hoped to illegally destroy abroad.

Nobody should miss Blair. There's nothing more to want. He's no star. He's an alleged war criminal. It's not an issue of stepping down, but being rendered to The Hague for war crimes.

Of course his staff has loved working for Blair. They're not going to admit that they've feared The Hague, but gone along with the war crimes. Don't bet on any tough questions from Blue Peter, Songs of Praise, or the Chris Evans' shows. The euphoria isn't for what Blair has done, but that he's leaving the political stage.

This trip is Blair’s last goodbye to the nation and democratic institutions he's destroyed. Blair should be remembered for his crowning achievement: Doing what AlQueda was incapable of doing: Undermining western democracy.

When you're the leader of the most powerful rogue nation, next to the United States, the grandchildren will need a nice bed time story. The truth hurts, kiddies. Grand daddy Blair is a war criminal.

No matter the promotion, Blair remains an outlaw. Blair's future is in doubt.

  • Where will Tony hide, in Dick Cheney's underground bunker?

  • How will Blair explain his inability to complete job interviews?

  • How will Blair lecture from The Hague?

    It's time Blair reconnected with reality: War criminals can be hunted down, even if they are on Radio 5 Live's 606 call in. The only Song of Praise Blair hopes to enjoy is the Praise for having given up peacefully, and not launching another fool war in Iran.

    Ten years in power, even Hitler didn't last. Iraq isn't an elephant. It's a toxic circus, and that's not entertainment. Blair isn't interested in real life, but in real death. If Blair wants an open space, he needs to check himself into a drug rehab center.

    The war criminal will sure raise eyebrows. The energy he shows for criminal conduct is not matched by his desire to defend himself. Where will Tony find a prosecutor? Indeed, Tony admits he has much to say. But will The Hague tribunal let him?

    Blair's priorities are rewriting history. His future is in doubt. He wants a high note, but the fat lady is drunk. If Blair wants a traditional backdrop, he might visit William the Conqueror's battle site. The wind was cold, the children were fearful, but the dumplings were fresh.

    Blair has no authority. He's got public relations disaster. Whether Blair's supporters want to be drawn into hand to hand combat or not, The Hague tribunal can be ugly.

    Resign or render. Jeering the demise of Blair. Why start worrying about plans? The Iraq invasion wasn't planned or executed legally.

    Poll numbers are meaningless before a war crimes tribunal. Real people, striking pictures, and the lovely sight of Blair being marched before the Tribunal. What a lovely message: "Tony Blair: He's got a stool bucket for a friend." If only the Republicans in America were as honorable about admitting defeat.