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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Americans Refuse To Bow To White House Tyranny

The clerk in the oval office grows increasingly desperate. His favorite poodle is on the run.

There are roughly 120 days until the new Congress takes their place to compel the clerk to bow before the Constitution, and then plead for mercy. It is too late for this war criminal.

* * *

In typical Orwellian fashion, the oval office clerk points to an imagined threat, and asserts the Americans will not let it happen.

The clerk's claim -- "America will not bow down to tyrants" ref --is disingenuous. The lazy Republican leadership has done just that.

But they've gone further. They've groveled and called it freedom.

The Republican leadership wants the world to be a slave to White House tyranny.

There is something you can do: Remind the clerk and his cronies in the RNC, We the People have options: Here