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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Isreali War Crimes: Evidence of NSA Contractor War Crimes

The White House and American government, by assisting Israel in committing war crimes, have risked revealing other war crimes-related evidence. This important evidence is linked to information the White House believes the American voter will never see.

This information cannot lawfully be suppressed. Americans have unlawfully engaged in grave braches of Geneva, war crimes and outrages committed by the American government against American civilans.

* * *

When reviewing the Israeli war crimes in Lebanon, it will be important to keep in mind the opportunities to discover evidence of American war crimes. Israeli war crimes prosecutions will lead to evidence linking the American NSA to war crimes. These war crimes prosecutions against the Israeli war criminals will reveal important details about the still hidden illegal domestic NSA surveillance activity.

International communication interception can confirm the NSA and Israel were cooperating to jointly engage in war crimes in Lebanon. There is a back door to the NSA through Israel. The NSA communicates with foreign nationals. It is illegal for the NSA personnel to cooperate with war criminals in Israel.

AMDOC, a firm associated with the AT&T/Verizon billing intermediaries, and other Israeli entities are known to have a connection to the alleged war crimes against American civilians.

The purpose of the AMDOCs involvement was to allegedly provide technical support to the NSA intermediaries, assisting in gathering information why they knew, or should have known, was illegally being used to abuse civilians in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

* * *

While the war crimes investigations, attorneys, and prosecutors gather the evidence related to Israeli war crimes in Lebanon, it will be important to note the ongoing assistance American firms and intermediaries allegedly gave to the Israelis to support this illegal effort. The conduct of American military personnel, contractors, and third parties is related to alleged war crimes.

Going backwards from Israel to the Untied States, it will be important to notice the lines of evidence which the NSA and White House have otherwise refused to disclose to prosecutors: Evidence of ongoing American-Israeli cooperation to commit grave breaches of Geneva and the laws of war.

As the investigators sift through the evidence in Lebanon and review Signals Intelligence [SIGINT] data, prosecutors and attorneys should keep in mind the American efforts to thwart lawful discover of war crimes evidence. However, it is not lawful under the laws of war, or when prosecuting war crimes, for the Americans to claim that the US-Israeli cooperating is a matter of state secrecy, privileges, or otherwise protected.

American State-Executive Privilege Waived

It is openly known and discussed that the Americans have provided allegedly illegal assistance to support Israeli war crimes in Lebanon. This amounts to an alleged war crime.

All evidence related to this ongoing illegal support between American entities/persons and Israeli cannot lawfully be classified.

Once information is revealed to third parties or is inadvertently disclosed, the Executive no long may claim executive privilege.

No American may lawfully interfere, obstruct, or refuse to cooperate with the ongoing war crimes investigation. It is not lawful nor a valid defense to claim that the activity is secret or that Americans are held to secrecy clauses.

Neither state secrets, classification, or executive privilege are enforceable. Under the rules of evidence, once there is criminal activity, no person with any top secret clearance may credibly claim that their classification, security status, or access to classified information is contingent upon silence related to alleged war crimes.

Under the laws of war and DoD 5100.77 Laws of War program, all personnel have a duty to report immediately war crimes information to proper authorities for investigation. If your commanders or investigating officials refuse to take your information and immediately investigate the evidence and allegations, they too could be prosecuted for war crimes.

It is a crime to obstruct, impede, or fail to stop war crimes. The possible penalty for participating in, supporting, or failing t stop war crimes can include the death penalty. This penalty can be applied to civilians, American contractors, military personnel, and senior American leadership.

All activities related to American support, cooperating, and active effort to prevent others from stopping Israeli war crimes are admissible.

The evidence of the American-Israeli joint cooperating relates to:

  • Signals Intelligence

  • Policy memos

  • Agreements

  • Embassy messages

  • Orders

  • Memoranda

  • Contracts

  • Status reports

  • Investigation reports

  • Audits

  • Or any other thing that communicates status, preparation, planning, support or other assistance.

    The above information is discoverable. There is no bonafide claim that any lawful court will recognize that will allow the above war crimes-related evidence to remain hidden.

    Once the information is reviewed, the joint Israeli-American alleged war crimes cooperation will broaden into other areas. The new evidence will substantially confirm the wider domestic American activity related to illegally gathering information, using illegally gathered information to target American civilians; and then using that illegally acquired information to engage in outrages against Civilians around the globe in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

    All standing orders, procedures, and legal requirements to maintain, store, and provide the above information shall be enforced. Even if NSA personnel, contractors, or other intermediaries may destroy this evidence, the subsequent evidence destruction shall be a subsequent evidence, and alleged effort to unlawfully interfere and obstruct a lawful war crimes investigation.

    If you are in receipt of any information related to American NSA and Israeli communications related to war crimes planning, execution, and cover-up in Lebanon, you are encouraged to voluntarily contact the appropriate authorities, and seek the advise of competent counsel.

    This information is intended for a general audience. You are encouraged to discuss your legal options with counsel before taking private action.

    Any claim by any American leader, senior commander, agent or contractor that you are to remain silent, not report, or otherwise not concern yourself with these alleged war crimes could be grounds for subsequent indictments. These orders are not lawful, and you have a duty to prevent, report, and otherwise stop any effort to destroy evidence or interfere with the ongoing war crimes investigation direct at Israeli government officials, private contractors, and NSA-related personnel and intermediaries.