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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Commander In Chief Cannot Be Trusted

There is no reason anyone in the Armed Forces should believe the President.

The President has waged illegal war, and cannot be trusted to protect the Constitution.

The President is a war criminal. He cannot be trusted. He is a liar.

Deception is at the core of his agenda.

The President has betrayed the Constitution, our trust, and is not fit to be the Commander in Chief.

It is appropriate for Americans, especially American service Members to be ashamed for waging an illegal war.

The violations are clear, pervasive.

The President should be indicted for war crimes.

The President has betrayed American values.

The President was illegally engaging in unlawful NSA surveillance against the American people. Why would anyone want to wear a uniform for a country and leader that violates the laws, but fails to enforce the law?

The President has breached American laws, his oath of office, and cannot be trusted to issue lawful orders.

This President cannot be trusted to issue lawful orders. There is no reason to believe he is fit to be trusted, followed, or respected.

This President illegally encourages CIA contractors to abuse prisoners of war. This is a war crime.

The American Joint Staff cannot explain why the orders are lawful. Neither can the Joint Staff explain why they are passing down, issuing, or implementing unlawful policies.

It is dishonorable for American military personnel to obey unlawful orders.

The American Commander in Chief relies on deception. He is a liar and cannot be trusted.

The Commander in Chief relies on deception, has betrayed his oath of office, and has unlawful objectives.

NO reasonable person could follow his illegal orders. It is not lawful to enforce any punishment against those who obey unlawful orders.

Those in the JAG office who assent to illegal abuse, or manipulation by the alleged war criminal DoD General Counsel Haynes, are just as complicit as the President.

Those who wear the American uniform are horrible, despicable creatures. They bring discredit upon themselves, the Constitution, and the American Armed forces.

It is dishonorable for the Judge Advocate General's to prosecute those who refuse to obey illegal orders.

The President cannot be trusted. The President has betrayed his oath, American values, and each member of the American armed forces.

It is appropriate for American military personnel to feel shame for wearing your uniform in public. Your continued adherence to your illegal orders bring discredit upon yourself, your comrades, and your way of life.

Your war is not honorable or lawful; your leaders are neither respectful nor trustworthy. Your leaders refuse to enforce the law, or protect your Constitution.

The American leadership wants American military personnel to die for false laws, and things that the American leaders do not value: The Rule of Law. This war is dishonorable.

It is appropriate for American military personnel to refuse to obey illegal orders. It is right to carefully think whether you could be tried for war crimes.

The war crimes prosecutors are gathering evidence. The DOJ Staff counsel and JAGs have failed to prevent violations of the laws of war. The Attorney General and White House council have committed war crimes. They cannot be trusted.

Your commanders are not honorable. They mislead you. They do not want you to follow the Constitution. They want you to violate the Constitution and commit war crimes.

You are smarter than that. The punishment your commanders threat you with is not lawful. It is illegal to wage unlawful war.

Your President is unfit to be trusted, respected, or looked at as a leader. He defies his oath. You cannot defy the Constitution. The laws of war are your guide.

Ask your commanders why they believe their orders are lawful;

Ask your leaders why they believe the war was legal;

Ask your senior enlisted leadership why they believe there was an imminent threat;

Ask your military commanders what they are quietly talking to their religious leaders about.

They have doubts. They are not sure. They fear you will discover the truth: You are waging illegal war.

There is no defense.

Ref You may be prosecuted for doing what is right.

American leadership cannot be trusted. They are war criminals.

They are doing what is wrong.

Talk to your private lawyers. The American government and its employees and contractors are war criminals. Beware!