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Monday, September 18, 2006

Iran: America Plans Illegal Blockade

It is a war crimes to interfere with international shipping.

* * *

The Chief of Naval operations has issued illegal orders. These orders ask American Naval personnel to prepare to implement unlawful orders. These are war crimes.

It is illegal to interfere with shipping.

There is no evidence America or the Security Council can point to justify the illegal blockade.

Iran is only at the 3% level for nuclear enrichment. The required level is well above 90%. At best estimates, Iran is 10 years away from that outcome.

Putting aside the illegal blockade, the Chief of Naval Operations is also involved in targeting non-military infrastructure. This is another war crime.

Personnel assigned to aircraft units with US Naval Carrier Groups well understand the laws of war. If you are involved in war crimes, you may lawfully be prosecuted for waging illegal war.

Iran has done nothing to justify illegal targeting, unlawful blockades, or the imminent military attacks. Iranian citizens, partisans, and unconventional forces may lawfully wage war against Americans worldwide.

The American civilian and military leadership has chosen an illegal plan. Iran and other nations may lawfully enter US airspace, detain and capture the American leadership, and may lawfully render the alleged war criminals to The Hague for war crimes prosecutions.

You wished this.