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Sunday, September 17, 2006

GOP Selected War Criminals

The Nuremburg indictments included many statements related to war crimes, and a common theory of governance.

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It's important to compare this section of the Nuremburg Indictment [ MEANS USED BY THE NAZI CONSPIRATORS IN GAINING CONTROL OF THE GERMAN STATE] with the information we have about the GOP operations and recruitment.

Ref: How Bush Rules. These links here show how the common ideology was perpetuated, and why the war criminal were able to continue their unlawful conduct. [Hat Tips: #33, Dr. Levinson; # 28 Wallen ]

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The PNAC document is important: It outlines the common ideology.

The Bybee Memo outlines how the GOP ignored the laws of war.

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What we know of the GOP conspiracy, and how the GOP approach to fascism matches the abuse of power in Nazi Germany:

[ Format: Statements are generalizations about GOP 2001-2006. Quotes are from this record of Nazi Germany, 1930s-1945 ]

There was screening of public officials. [See: "Candidates for teaching and other public positions were required to have "proved themselves" in the Hitler Jugend (2451-PS; 2900-PS)."]

They illegally violated Geneva, and induced others to ignore the laws of war.

The President refereed to the US Constitution as just a piece of paper.

The President and others outlined their unlawful plan to impose, using illegal force, external governments on other people using illegal war, fabricated evidence, and abusive means. They failed to plan for lawful resistance to the illegal use of force; and left the Iraqi countryside in shambles.

Addington and Cheney looked at the Geneva Conventions as Quaint. Perhaps other nations should ignore Geneva and lawfully prosecute the Vice President and his chief of staff without regard to due process.

The President and others created sham evidence against Iran, and illegally denied Iran the right to develop nuclear power. The Iranians are far from posing any threat, only producing Uranium at 3%, far below the 90%+ required for nuclear weapons.

The leadership in the GOP used excuses to violate the laws, and not enforce them. Rather than submit to lawful investigations, the Congress did nothing to enforce the law, or block appropriations.

The GOP moved without regard to the laws of war, or other international obligations when planning illegal wars, or gathering information from the oil industry to further their illegal plans.

The selective twisting of the law and legal justification for executive abuse of power was discussed in the Iran-Contra Minority Report.

The GOP leadership has failed to investigate, provides excuses to permit violations, and is not serious about enforcing the law, protecting rights, or ensuring that the violations of the Constitution are prosecuted.

The GOP used slogans like "freedom" and "democracy" knowing full well they would have to rely on illegal methods, unlawful war, and other unlawful conduct to impose force on others.

American doctors and scientists were hired to put their skills to unlawful ends, supporting abuse, and waging illegal war.

In the name of "protecting" the nation, the GOP leadership waged illegal war, and abused those within the GOP and Executive branch who opposed the unlawful methods.

To impose discipline within the DOJ, the President abused those who questioned him; denied the right and access to anyone to discuss lawful plans; and discredited those who pointed out his flaws or illegal plans and methods.

DoJ Staffers were encouraged to say before Congress the President was always right, even when he was violating the law. ["The Fuehrer is always right." (1814-PS)]

Those who criticized the illegal methods were labeled terrorists or traitors. When this absurdity was pointed out, fools like Senator Lieberman called others liars, even though they were telling the truth.

The GOP used a method of a secret covenant, a promise to their peers, with higher regard than the Constitution and Rule of Law. The Iran-Contra Minority Report, invoking Jefferson, built on this illegal violation of the oath.

The GOP used propaganda to discredit valid comments, concerns, and fears of a dictatorship. Yoo claimed that power must be concentrated to support illegal activity.

Military personnel, when they refused to follow illegal orders, were prosecuted.

The GOP used memorial services to rally the nation's support for illegal wars.

The RNC planning guide used slogans like "Islamic Fascism," even though this term applies to the GOP: Fascist.

The White House e-mail system has evidence of the illegal crimes used to discredit those who spoke out about the illegal wars.

The GOP used public smearing of judicial officers to intimidate them. The President said the courts were wrong, even though he has the duty to respect the courts; and Yoo says that Hamdan was incorrect, even though it is the Supreme Law, and word of the Supreme Court. Who made Yoo Supreme Idiot?

The GOP used domestic propaganda, media messages, and other things to manipulate the media, place messages, and excite the public to support illegal things.

The GOP leadership was not serious about the law, or conducting real investigations.

The Congressional system of rule making was corrupted, and legislation passed without debate, or the opportunity to review bills. Congress became a rubber stamp for the Executive, and the courts were denied the ability to review the illegal activity.

The GOP looked at rendition, abuse, and torture as a means to target innocents, demonstrate power, and encourage disregard for the law.

The GOP appears to have attacked its own campaign office before November 2004 to stifle opposition and spread fear within its ranks.

Working through the JTTF and DHS, GOP officials attacked demonstrators and other people lawfully engaged in peaceful opposition to the illegal war of aggression in Iraq.

Contrary to the laws of war, the GOP officials planned and did unlawfully change the government of another sovereign nation, and removed from that land innocent civilians, in contravention to the laws of war.

The Watergate and Iran-contra co-conspirators were prosecuted and convicted, the pardoned.

The Congress illegally passed the unconstitutional patriot act which violated the Constitution, and GOP officials rely on unlawful search warrants [ NSLs] to harass innocent civilians.

Without any public notification in early 2001, well before the events of Sept 2001, the illegal surveillance started, and NSA was unlawfully violating the privacy of private citizens. Despite this illegal activity and monitoring, the government was unable to defend the nation, as required, under the Constitution.

After Sept 2001, innocent Arab Americans were unlawfully abused, mistreated while in American prisons under the "witness protection program" [ referred to as "protective custody". (2324-PS; 2573-PS; L-83)]

The GOP-led Cabinet planned well before 2001 to unlawfully invade Iraq based on pre-text.

The GOP illegally stated the only options were war or the threat of more attacks. The lawful option of dialog, continued search for evidence of an imminent threat was ignored. The Senate Intelligence Committee concluded in 2006 that there was never any imminent threat, nor was there a lawful basis to start combat operations in Iraq on the grounds on an imminent threat from WMD.

The Percipient’s signing statements substantially asserted illegal power to violate or not enforce the Article I powers and tools of Congress. [See: "The national laws enacted by the Reich Cabinet may deviate from the Constitution so far as they do not affect the position of the Reichstag and the Reichsrat."]

Without adequate consultation with Congress, or judicial review, the Attorney General created secret procedures to violate the Constitution, then illegally claimed these unconstitutional activities could not be examined.

Private property was seized on the basis of assertions, using secret evidence, and not subject to judicial review.

Despite threats of punishment against amorphous wrongdoers, the GOP did not voluntarily apply this standard to its membership.

The DoJ Staff Counsel viewed their work products as above judicial review, and threatened State Attorney Generals with prosecution if they attempted to enforce state laws against illegal acts of the President, DoJ Counsel, or Executive Agencies.

Rather than submit to the law, the Executive Inspector Generals took a lackadaisical approach to oversight, and with few exceptions failed to provide meaningful oversight of the agencies.

The GOP effectively abrogated the Constitution, ignored the legislature and judicial branches, and unlawfully enacted illegal policies which violated the laws of war and Constitution.

Rather than relying on the veto, the President illegally modified the language of the Congressional enactments. [See: "the Reichstag would be permitted to enact only such laws as he, in his own judgment, might deem appropriate for Reichstag legislation. (2018-PS)"]

The oath to the US Constitution was largely meaningless, and was not enforced.

To block investigations of illegal activity, the President ordered investigations shut down. There was no meaningful Congressional action to review the matters which the Executive refused to investigate.

Rather than have public trials against political enemies, people were detained, abused, and subjected to punishment without trial, taking us back to the Pre-Magna Charta days, similar to the Inquisition.

Judges were selected, appointed, nominated not on the basis of their legal expertise, but because of their shared love of GOP power, and desire to put the Executive above judicial review.

There was no comprehensive review of the illegal conduct, abusive detentions, or unlawful violations of Geneva. [See: "imprisoned in concentration camps without any type of hearing"]

Judges were targeted not on the basis of illegal activity, but for their opposition to the illegal activity.

Attorneys representing the accused had to be screened and permitted to access classified information. This was a method of screening out uncooperative attorneys.

The GOP discredited scientific thinking, relying on political alliances, not merit to award contracts or recognize scientific accomplishments. Those who did not comply with the GOP edicts or raised unpopular theories about the explosives in the WTC centers were targeted for expulsion and denial of tenure.

Abuse of civilians in Iraq was explained away as collateral damage. Troops trained in terror were reunited with their home police units in the US, but inadequately supervised. Civilians were subjected to unreasonable intrusions on the basis of pre-text, phony charges, and fabricated evidence. JTTF and DEA created a network of informants who fabricated information without judicial consequences. Law enforcement used the private informant network to retaliate against those who knew of, reported, or spoke out about the illegal government activities.

The President announced he was violating the law to protect Americans. [See:"I was responsible for the fate of the German people"] [See: "concealed their real intentions under a cloak of apparent respect for its rights and protection of its activities."]

Military personnel who were unwilling to follow illegal orders were illegally prosecuted. Military personnel who called for the targeting of civilians were not disciplined.

Iraqis who were abused by "mistake" were released without compensation, explanation, or resolution.

FISA violations were never investigated by Congress, but new bills were issued permitting the illegal activity. [See, emphasis added: "They enacted a law in February of 1933 providing that violations of privacy of postal, telegraphic, and telephonic communications were permissible beyond legal limitations"]

Well financed informant programs were never effectively directed against the GOP. [See: "maintaining close surveillance over the daily activities of all people in Germany"]

The NSA monitored attorney-client communications without lawful warrants. [See: "This information service reported on the activities of the people"]

The American military, DoJ, and Executive illegally detained, punished, and refuse to permit the prisoners from having access to the courts. Despite the Supreme Court ruling that the prisoners were entitled to rights, the GOP leadership called these judicial decisions treasonous, and the President and academics labeled the judicial decisions as wrong. [See: "Without judicial process, the Nazi conspirators imprisoned, held in protective custody and sent to concentration camps opponents and suspected opponents"]

The CIA was given the power to secretly arrest anyone domestically without a guarantee of timely judicial review. [See: "authorized the Gestapo to arrest and detain without recourse to any legal proceeding"]

The notion of pre-emptive war and pre-emptive arrest fell into fashion. [See: "takes the necessary police preventive measures against the enemies of the State "]

Without evidence, or judicial review, the basis for the detention, monitoring, arrest, and abuse was arbitrary and secret. [See: "orders set forth no further details concerning the reasons therefor"]

Contractors were hired to abuse prisoners, violate Geneva and engage in illegal activity. [See: "permitted organizations and individuals to carry out this system of terror without restraint of law"]

The President called the CIA and contactors "honorable people," but their work was not reviewed by the courts. We learned there were war crimes. [See: "Acts of the Gestapo were not subject to review by the courts"]

The Senate passed bills which did not enforce the law, and did not find the reasons that the law had not been enforced. The President's illegal conduct was not investigated or prosecuted. The President said that his secret orders and reviews were sufficient, and that no court could interfere with his power. [See: "orders in matters of the Gestapo were not subject to review of the Administrative Courts. (2107-PS)"]

Rather than permit the public to review the illegal conduct and unlawful abuse, the President hide misconduct behind secret trials. The goal of trials was turned upside down. Courts were not seen as a forum to check government power, but a means to hide evidence of wrong doing, and thwart public oversight of illegal abuse of power. [See: "proceedings against an employee of the Gestapo accused of torturing, beating, and killing of inmates of a concentration camp were suppressed"]

Rather than reward JAGs who were asserting the rule of law, the DoD General Counsel intimidated the JAGs to sign statements that were contrary to law, and in support of war crimes. [See: "In June 1935 twenty-three SA members and policemen convicted of the beating and murder of inmates of the Hohnstein concentration camp were pardoned (786-PS). The prosecutor was forced to resign from the SA. (784-PS)"]

The system of pension guarantees was gutted. The Securities and Exchange Commission was managed by GOP operatives who were not serious about enforcing the law or preventing fraud.

University professors and Non Official Cover Status employees who opposed the illegal activity were targeted.

Defense contractors were subject to abusive inspections as a means to maintain loyalty to illegal warfare. [See: "security and peace in the factories has been guaranteed, not only in normal times, but also in times of the most serious crisis. disturbances such as the munitions strikes of the traitors Ebert and confederates, are out of the question."]

Churches and social organizations were investigated under threat of losing tax-free status if leadership spoke about the illegal activity. [See: "All influences which might impair or damage the leadership of the people exercised by the Fuehrer with the help of the NSDAP must be eliminated."] [See: "Any public appearance in groups, all sorts of political activity. Any public sport function including public hikes and establishment of holiday or outdoor camps."]

GOP advocated teachings which were contrary to the Rule of Law, Constitution -- promoting things like unquestioning devoting to secrecy, regardless the illegality; and blind faith in leadership, despite no evidence of imminent threat. The NAVY ordered combat forces to Iran despite no legal foundation to enforce a blockade. [See: "The Nazi conspirators promoted beliefs and practices incompatible with Christian teachings."]

"Freedom" and "democracy" were asserted as the basis to wage illegal war. The principles were asserted like a religion, but the opposite was put into effect: Abuse, intrusion, arrogance, and disregard for novel approaches to thinking and living. [See: "The more accurately we recognize and observe the laws of nature and of life, the more we adhere to them, so much the more do we conform to the will of the Almighty. The more insight we have into the will of the Almighty, the greater will be our successes." (D-75)"] [See: "resorted to assurances of peaceful intentions"]

Gays were targeted at all level of society.

People were detained, questioned, lied to, without a warrant or reasonable suspicion. Promises to investigate were not fulfilled. [See: "protective custody"]

Secret orders were issued directing civilians and foreign nations be targeted, despite no connection to criminal activity. [See: "secret decree"]

TV broadcast reports reporting on the Israeli war crimes were shut down. [See: "suppressed religious publications"] [See: "non-German newspapers be requested to have express permission of the State to be published."]

GOP targeted Muslim centers of worship [See: "suppressed religious education"]

Comments and suggestions were solicited and encouraged. Those who attempted to make improvements, report problems, and outline improvements for supervision were targeted for having relied on those requests for input. Principles of excellence, responsibility, leadership, accountability, and supervisory control were given lip service. ["Any complaints, if they were to be replied to at all, should be answered with a statement that these measures are being executed in a general plan of reorganization and that similar things are happening to other faculties"] [See: "violation of their assurances and agreements"] [See: "Believers were encouraged, and sometimes intimidated, to repudiate their faith.] [See: "petitions and protests made by the Bishops to the Ministries have been foiled"]

FISA violations were ratified with phony promises to enforce new violations. [See (emphasis added): "passed a number of laws, under innocent-sounding titles, designed to reduce the Evangelical Churches to the status of an obedient instrument of Nazi policy"]

The Republicans rebelled against the President, but refused to investigate war crimes, or hold up funding. [See: "adopted a dilatory and obstructionist policy toward complaints"]

The American legal profession, like the German priests, were seen as a force to manipulate, and then control to ensure GOP freedom to violate the law without accountability. The GOP refuse to enforce the State Disciplinary system, and DoJ Staff counsel which violated the laws of war were rewarded with seats on the Federal bench.

The DOJ Staff used the legal process to stifle public and legal oversight of unlawful abuse of power.

Gonzalez and the President refused to discuss the details of the illegal activity in public or in secret meetings. [See: "It would be in every respect premature now to work out and publicly discuss plans to achieve more than can be achieved for the time being."]

Because of a manning shortage, civilian contactors were hired to engage in abuse. ["The conspirators also anticipated the conquest of territories in Eastern Europe inhabited by large numbers of Jews and the impossibility of forcing largescale emigration in war-time."]

The GOP pointed to "Islamo-fascists" and threatened to punish those who did not embrace their hatred. [See: ''appealed to foreign nations to forget "ideological differences" and unite against the "real enemy," '']

The GOP leadership invoked myths of history to secure compliance with illegal policies. Despite abusing power, Cheney continued to state the Executive was under attack after Watergate and Iran-Contra. [See: "the subversive elements that caused the defeat of Germany in World War I, the shame of the Versailles Treaty"]

The President referred to the illegal wars as a clash of civilizations. ["there will be a generation which by a suitable education will be ready for the final and ultimate decision on this globe. The nation which enters first on this course will be the victorious one." (404-PS)" ]

Private contractors were paid to place media messages for domestic consumption in violation of the Smith Act. [See: "To direct, supervise and synchronize propaganda within the Nazi movement."]

Contract terms included requirements to measure whether the domestic propaganda was or was not succeeding in gaining support for illegal, intrusive, and abusive activities. [See: "investigate the effectiveness of Nazi propaganda"]

GOP lawyers were used to write absurd legal arguments in the open media which argued for abuse of power, assent to tyranny, and secrecy surrounding illegal activities. [See: "A large organization of faithful Party followers was recruited to discharge the manifold functions of the Propaganda Ministry"]

The DOJ OPR refused to discipline DOJ Staff counsel who were in support of war crimes, illegal violations of Geneva, or unconstitutional conduct. ["The punitive powers included, expulsion from membership, which was tantamount to the loss of livelihood."]

Film was used to spread messages of democracy, and ignore abuses under democracy. [See: ''lift the film industry "out of the sphere of liberal economic thoughts" '']

The State national guard was Federalized without Governor permission. Citizens were called to arms for illegal wars, and they blindly obeyed. [See: "Sa was used to provide pre-military training at a time when the Reichswehr was legally limited to a strength of 100,000 men."]

After Katrina, the President said, "You're doing a heck of a job." [See: "After the victorious termination of the campaign in Poland, I cannot but convey to you my sincere thanks fro and unreserved recognition of the help rendered by the Reich Labor Service in the carrying out of the operations of the Luftwaffe. In guarding Army airfields, in clearing and quickly repairing former enemy airports, in road construction and in bringing up supplies, everywhere your men have done a real job and have thus contributed considerably to the successes of the German Luftwaffe." (2807-PS) ]

KBR civilian contractors were told they had to waive the right to sue before being awarded the civilian service medals, for suffering wound while under fire. [see: }Not seldom did they have direct contact with the enemy- their losses in deed and wounded and the Iron Cross awards are heroic proof of that. While, as the foremost construction workers of the German Reich, they had already proved their worth when building the West Wall, they were now able to perfect what they had learned in the fight against the British world enemy."]

The US Navy issued orders to blockage Iran, despite no evidence of illegal activity. [See: "Only now we have succeeded in setting before us the great tasks and in possessing the material things which are the prerequisites for the realization of great creative plans in all fields of our national existence. "]