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Monday, September 18, 2006

American War Crimes In Iran Started

Ref Under the laws of war, Iran may lawfully reciprocate, and engage in like efforts in the United States.

* * *

How many American war criminals will Iran render to the Hague?

American War Crimes Planning

Ref Iranian nuclear power plant delayed, not yet built. Without a target, which innocent Iranian civilians does the US NAVY plan to attack?

Ref US plans to oppose French peace proposal for stupid reasons: "We can change the name to the Freedom Fries, Chirac!"

Ref US's Stuart Levey is an alleged war criminal, blocking funds to peaceful uses for Lebanon reconstruction and humanitarian assistance to the Palestinians.

Ref Iran threatens to shift funds out of US reserves, possibly aiding Cheney's EU investments.

Ref Markets not convinced US military has competence, plans, or resources to sustain long-term, successful attacks in Iran.

Rendering US Officials To The Hague

Ref Iranian President joined by Staff in North America, conducts dry run to render DOJ Staff to The Hague for war crimes.

Ref Alleged criminals hide using strange disguises.

Ref Precedent for citizens calling for President to be arrested, rendered for prosecution. Will American citizens speak out?

War Crimes: No Imminent Threat

Ref IAEA: US Congress report contains misleading fabrications, lies, and errors on Iranian peaceful nuclear energy efforts.

Ref IAEA inspectors dispute DC propaganda about Iranian nuclear development: There's nothing but a fabricated US report full of lies.

Ref US engaged in phony diplomacy, but plans to illegally attack Iran on any fabricated pre-text, as was done in Iraq.

Ref Israel involved in disinformation campaign against Iran.


Ref Venezuela and Cuba stand ready to support Iranian combat operations over North America in counter strike against DC.

Ref Israelis say tactical nuclear weapons may be needed. Indeed, perhaps Hezbollah should do the same on Tel Aviv?

Ref Non-Aligned Movement [NAM] joins forces to oppose US actions in Iran.

Ref Venezuela prepared to bypass US sanctions against Iran.

Ref Chavez Awards Medal to Iranian Leader.

American Joint Staff: Stupid, Isolated, and Weak

Ref The Joint Staff gets more news: Their Commander in Chief is retarded, unpopular, and a drunken fool.

Ref Bush's Favorite London Terror Plot Was Fabricated.

Ref President Bush admits different nations can achieve similar goals differently.

Ref Western nations disagree over how to discuss issues with Iran.

Ref Halliburton targeted for alleged illegal war profiteering.

Ref US arrogance means American corporations losing Iran contracts to Russians.

Ref Israelis vote to find out how Hezbollah kicked their a$$.

Ref Iranian President confirms Westerners are retarded and ignorant.

Iran: Distraction From Israeli Human Rights Abuses

Ref Israel supports illegal war in Iran to distract attention from Israeli war crimes in Lebanon.

Ref Palestinians denied funds Israeli has collected, refuses to recognize war criminals in Tel Aviv. Bush annoyed, to the delight of oppressed, innocents in Palestine.

Ref Protests over Israeli refusing to provide funds to Lebanon, using money on unneeded weapons.

Ref Israel starts acquisition programs on faulty premise of non-existent threat. Many lies are created to justify money which should be given to the Palestinians.

Ref Pope gives worthless apology, more than can be said of Tel Aviv.

Ref Israelis don war paint, prepare for battle.

Ref Judge orders release of Hamas fighters, Isreali govt appeals.