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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Iran: American War Crimes Plans Involve Illegal Use of Nuclear Weapons

The American war criminals in the Pentagon, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff continue their illegal war planning including using nuclear weapons against non-military targets.

It's time to lawfully target all military personnel for prosecution for war crimes involvement. The Hague needs to be fully engaged to lawfully prosecute members of the American military and individual Members of Congress for failing to prevent war crimes.

* * *

The laws of war prohibit disproportionate use of force against non-military targets.

The Americans have been unable to find any nuclear weapons in Iraq. The Joint Staff cannot explain the military necessity of the targets they have chosen.

Arguably, all the STRATCOM force planners know they are involved in illegal war crimes planning against non-military targets.

These are not lawful orders.

* * *

War crimes are not inevitable.

The intelligence community, despite finding nothing in Iraq, has shifted its gears to Iran and still finds nothing.

The JCS and the President must explain why the information they use for targeting is different than the conclusions the IAEA has. IAEA reports there is no nuclear weapons program. JCS needs to explain how they plan to lawfully employ any weapon pre-emptively when the targets selected have not been linked with an imminent threat. It would be helpful of what plans the JCS has to defend America against an internal attack against similar facilities in the United States.

The initial plan to illegally attack Iran has been decided. All subsequent communications are post-decision-related and not protected by Executive Privilege.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has feigned concern the JAGs were arm twisted by the DoD General Counsel. The concern should also be directed at the JCS for similar arm twisting to violate the laws of war: What is the reason the JCS has no resigned?

* * *

Ref The Joint Staff has already threatened to resign.

Congress contemplates passing rules which would permit the use of inhumane treatment against POWs. Iranians may lawfully reciprocate not only against B-2 crews which may be shot down, but also the civilian members of Congress which the Iranians, working with Cuba and Venezuela, could lawfully capture for failing to prevent illegal war crimes planning.

* * *

The US plan incorrect assumes the Iranians will, after an attack, rally against their leadership. The Lebanese after Isreali attacks and the US citizens after 9-11 attacks rallied behind their leaders, not the attackers. Why would we not think the Iranians, similarly attacked, would not also unit against the Americans?

The theater of operations is not well defined, nor are the assumptions valid. What is the basis to conclude that Bahrain, and not Iraq where US troops are stationed, would be a primary combat zone for Iranian counter attacks?

The US statesments related to oil-interdicion is propaganda and disinformation. Putting aside the JCS planning to interdict oil supplies, what's the credibility behind arguing that the US wants to ensure the oil continues flowing by positioning NAVAL minesweepers?

Congress knows well of the illegal war crimes planning. When does the JCS plan to discuss with all members Senate-House Armed Services Committees the lessons learned from Iraq and what will be done to ensure the US does not commit war crimes in Iran?

Illegally activity cannot be lawfully classified, and is admissable in a war crimes trial. This leadership argues that pre-emptive action must be taken to prevent abuse of power. Similarly, other nations may pre-emptively wage legal efforts to prevent further war crimes planning. What is the plan for the US Attorney and International War crimes prosecutors to subpoena these illegal plans for purposes of prosecuting Members of Congress, the White House Staff, and JCS to prosecute these war crimes?

There's no evidence the flawed DoD-planning, which failed in Iraq, has been reformed, or that we can expecte different results in Iran. We've heard nothing about the resolution to what failed in the White House or Congress to ensure the plans in Iraq were linked with real evidence. What is the plan to ensure the US Congress and JCS to not engage in the same errors?