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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Verizon Allegedly Supported War Crimes

The United States and Canada, working with other nations and contractors have illegally violated the laws of war. Verizon apparently has some of the answers how this illegal activity was planned, implemented, and hidden.

In a blow to the Department of Justice and White House, Vermont has permitted the public-plaintiffs to require Verizon to explain what data they have released in violation of the law.

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Verizon is a telecommunications firm under investigation by various states over allegations it illegally violated State privacy laws and permitted the NSA to access customer data without warrants.

The legal issue is larger. The question is how that data was used, and the connection Verizon has with the illegal detentions in Eastern Europe.

During WWII, IBM was complicit in the Nazi extermination of the Jews. IBM punch cards were used to organize the data to support train movements and schedules.

Verizon is allegedly linked with the illegal transfer of data; and the unlawful government use of that data for purposes of targeting individuals, kidnapping, and abusing them in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Verizon allegedly violated State privacy statutes and has been targeted with lawsuits, but Verizon's legal defenses have proven ineffectual. The NJ Attorney General, and the Vermont Public Service Board struck back at Verizon and DoJ, stating nothing prevents state officials from enforcing the law and investigating Verizon's alleged illegal activity.

It's unclear how many Americans have been illegally abused, rendered, and denied their rights in violation of Geneva on the basis of information Verizon provided to the NSA, or otherwise permitted the NSA to access.

Verizon's problem is the President's implicit admission that CIA detentions in Eastern Europe were illegal, requiring changes to comply with Geneva.
[To block investigations] The [US] government has also sued the states of New Jersey and Missouri, and on September 6, the Department of Justice sued a fourth state, Connecticut Ref
American contractors and CIA officials allegedly relied on Verizon customer data to carry out the illegal Geneva violations. The illegally captured information was used to target civilians for secret detentions.

The government decided who and when to target, then organize flight schedules, provide training to interrogators, and create false documents to support CIA interrogators in Eastern Europe. The illegal data collection included operations to target private attorney-client communications.

A similar set of information, planning, and support involves Abraxas, the firm which provided cover stories for CIA agents allegedly engaged in the Geneva violations in Eastern Europe.

The data transfers are multi-national. Canadian Mounted Police have provided inaccurate data to America, and these errors resulted in Canadian Maher Arar being tortured in Syria.

Also involved in the unlawful war crimes support is Fleishman Hilliard which allegedly used the illegally intercepted information to craft media messages to dissuade investigations into the illegal activity. The German Reich propaganda similarly appealed for illegal activity.

Members of Congress are individually complicit. Rather than investigate the illegal activity and Verizon's alleged involvement, they have attempted to retroactively change the law and prevent prosecutions. These Congressional bills illegally affect ongoing litigation, and unconstitutionally assert Article III powers. [See Precedents ]

The Vice President has illegally interfered with Congressional efforts to gather facts. Despite efforts to block war crimes litigation, the Congressional language would pay the costs to investigate and prosecute alleged American war criminals before international tribuinals.