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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Karl Rove Reveals Shocking October Surprise

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Hide your children.

[You were warned]

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We Can Reveal ! ! !

Karl Rove Has Turned Into A Pumpkin

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RNC Data Mining: October Surprise

Here's what the RNC is doing: They're using a data mining system. They've deliberately directed you to the wrong Newsmax Article, the correct article is August 2006, page 42. The article is from the June Online version. [ Here are more details: Ref ]

What the RNC is doing is motivating the DNC, yes the DNC, to vote, and then they're encouraging the RNC Membership to personally visit those motivated DNC voters, to vote RNC. The DNC-voters are being targeted using data mining.

The polling isn't to assess who will or will not vote, but to find out which issues will spark the likely-DNC motivated voters to vote for the Republicans issues.

Read the full NewsMax Article in August.

Rove and Mehlman believe that they've found a way to motivate voters, based on issues which are planned to surface in October, and gain seats in the House.

Your job in the DNC is to personally contact neighbors friends who are RNC-voters, and get them to switch to the DNC-candidates. If you fail, this President is going to trash your Constitution.

Get ready for October: Don't react, move now and work to prepare for the war crimes indictments. The election isn't the only option. After 2006, there's another round of Senate elections, and the new Congress will not take their places until the first week of January of 2009. The President doesn't leave until three weeks later. That may be the next window to hold an impeachment hearing and conduct a trial before the Senate.

Keep your work up, and encourage your DNC leadership to learn about what Mehlman and Rove have been doing with the data mining.

There is an awful image which reveals the truth about Karl Rove, things his homosexual father would never mention.

The content below is possibly false:

White House Secrets Revealed.

Grand Jury Testimony Crompomised.

Classified Information revealed.

Grave attack on White House integrity.

Many Indictments. Indictment. Prison. Felony. Federal Prison.

Shame shame shame!

War crimes indictments.

NSA FISA Scandal.

NBA Football Scandal

PORN SEX War Crime Nasty Things It only gets worse.

Things that you never dreamed possible, not even in the backwards playing Grateful Dead Music.

Indictment Grand Jury Scandal. Convicted.

The above words are not true. There is an image you may find entertaining if you visit the site.