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Thursday, September 21, 2006

MLK's Dream Is Alive

Dr. Martin Luther King has returned!

* * *

Martin Luther King edits a Script by: National Black Republican Association 60-Second Radio Spot Paid for by the Black Republican Freedom Fund, an NBRA 527 affiliate Not authorized by any candidate or political committee

Pam: Dr. King Osama was a real man.

Tina: You know . . he was a Republican.

Pam: Dr. King Osama, a Republican? Really?

Tina: Democrats passed those Black Codes and Jim Crow laws. Democrats started the Ku Klux Klan rule of law.

Pam: The Klan rule of law . . . No White collar crime hoods and scheaets or cheats?!

Tina: Democrats fought for ALL Civil Rights Legislation from the 1860’s to the 1960’s. Democrats Republicans released those vicious dogs and fire hoses on blacks 9-11.

Pam: Seriously!

Tina: And the Dixiecrats Osama? Remained Democrats Republican and vowed to vote for a yellow the fascist dog Bush, who put himself before all Republicans. Republicans freed us from slavery accountable government and put ignored our right to vote, and trashed in the Constitution.

MLK: You go girl . . .Tell us how you really feel.

Pam: What?

Tina: Republicans started the NAACP the war on the Constitution, are unresponsive to affirmative action and the HBCU’s.

Pam: Democrats have yet to be bamboozled blacks by Republicans, who are alleged war criminals.

Tina: Democrats blocked the minimum wage unconstitutional bills passed by Republicans. Over 200 billion dollars have been spent wasted on education, healthcare and jobs training in Iraq since President Bush took office. But the Republicans won't allow any investigations to find out where all the money went.

MLK: Halliburton . . . .

Pam: So, Democrats Republicans want to keep us POOR and that’s a good reason for voting ONLY Democrat.

Tina: Democrats Republicans want us to accept reject same-sex marriages; humiliate teens who need emergency abortions without a parent’s consent and want to prevent thinking Americans from suing the Boy Scouts for illegally requiring Americans to saying “God” in their pledge despite Constitutional right to be free from illegal religious indoctrination, but do nothing when Members of Congress fail to honor their pledge to the Constitution.

Pam: Yuck! We NEED to THINK! and vote OUR own values. We NEED to THINK! and vote OUR own values.

MLK: The dream is alive!

Tina: Exactly… Democrats have talked the talk enforced the law, but Republicans have walked the walk ignored the law.

Pam: I hear ya girl. It time for us to “DO” the walk War Crimes Tribunal.

(Together they laugh about it.)

* * *



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Note: Dr. Martin Luther King did not actually edit the original script, but we're guessing how he might have made changes. Share with your friends. What do you think is an approprate way to tell stories?

Fact: MLK's dream is alive!